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Diy Mouse From Wii Remote

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---- DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --------- PURPOSE: To create a do-it-yourself mouse for individuals with hand disabilities. First the Wii remote needs to be disassembled in order to reach the button actuators in which to solder the ADSL cable. Step 1: To disassemble the remote: (1) Dismount the battery cap you will see two screws, (2) with the screw driver (a special one bought on eBay for one dollar was used) unscrew the screws, (3) this will allow the remote to be taken apart, (4) the golden circles are where the ADSL cable will be welded on. Second, the Bubble Wrap keychain needs to be disassembled in order to reach the button actuators in which to the solder the ADSL cable. The keychain popping buttons will be an extension of the Wii remote buttons. Step 2: To disassemble the keychain: (1) On the back of the keychain are two screws, unscrew these and dismantle the keychain; (2) dispose of the battery (it is not needed); (3) the golden circles are where the ADSL cable will be welded on. Step 3: What to do with the ADSL cable. The ADSL cable will make an extension of the Wii remote buttons: (1) Weld cable by cable, at the golden ports on the disassembled Wii remote (each port will have two cables); (2) Each port of the remote will need to match with a port of the keychain (Only buttons “A”, “B”, “1”, “2” were paired). Step 4: Assemble the remote, keychain and head-mount. The process of assembling the device is the same as disassembling except a small hole needs to be drilled at one side of the remote case and the keychain in order to have a place for the cable. Isolating tape is used at the button golden ports to prevent them from making contact with the original plastic carbon buttons. The final step is to attach the remote to the head-mount. TOOLS: 1 Wii remote (from Nintendo), 1 Bubble Wrap keychain (from ThinkGeek), 30 centimeters of ADSL cable (from eBay), 1 Bluetooth adapter for computer (from eBay), 1 plastic headset or similar (from eBay), 1 wireless Wii sensor bar (from Nintendo), cable scissors, soldering equipment, isolating tape, and small drill. SKILLS REQUIRED: Ability to assemble and disassemble electronic devices and knowledge of soldering techniques. AUTHOR: beackmaniax. TITLE: Mouse for people with hand disabilities. WEBSITE: Instructables. REF: http://www.instructables.com/id/Mouse-for-people-with-hand-disabilities.


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Diy Mouse From Wii Remote

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