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Student Report Writing Program

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Author's Toolkit

Author's Toolkit is a writing skills program designed to encourage students to explore new writing styles and instill confidence in writing for individuals with a developmental disability. Its objective is to help student's generate ideas and assist students in reviewing and editing their work. On screen prompts guide the user through each stage of the writing process. The prompts are tailored toward the specific type of writing that is being done, whther it be journal, short story, research pap

Diagnostic Articulation Analyzer

Diagnostic Articulation Analyzer is a student report writing program designed to produce a summary report of performance for most means of sampling articulation. After test results are entered, reports of pre- and post-test articulatory ability are produced. Sound errors are listed in order of developmental age and word position, and are categorized according to articulatory features. COMPATIBILITY: For use on Apple IIc, Apple IIe, and Apple IIGS computers. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Two 5.25-inch dis

Diagnostic Report Writer

Diagnostic Report Writer is a student report writing program designed to produce reports on children with communication disorders. The program solicits answers to multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions. These answers are used to produce three-page detailed diagnostic reports. COMPATIBILITY: For use on Apple IIc, Apple IIe, Apple IIGS, and IBM PC computers. SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: A printer is required.

Parrot Easy Language Sample Analysis (Pelsa)

PESLA is a student report writing program designed to do a grammatical analysis of a language sample. The user types and translates a language sample of up to 100 utterances. The computer then analyzes the sample and provides the following analyses: percentage correct of specific demonstratives, locatives, pronouns, articles, conjunctions, prepositions, possessives, comparatives, superlatives, copula be, modals, past tense markers, and present progressive markers. In addition, the user is provid


PEPPER: Programs to Examine Phonetic and Phonologic Evaluation Records is a series of speech analysis programs designed to examine phonetic, phonologic, and prosodic aspects of normal and disordered speech. Speech transcripts can be entered using broad (IPA) or more narrow phonetic transcription systems for single or multiple samples. Ten analysis programs provide quantitative profiles of consonants, vowels, and diphthongs by segment, word, position, feature, and phonological process. Flexible o

Salt (Systematic Analysis Of Language Transcripts)

SALT is a language tutorial program with many coding and analysis options that can be selected and combined to meet each user's specific needs. Options are available for either a standard set of analyses or user-created analyses. Standard SALT performs over 50 analyses of language samples of any length or number, with flexible transcript coding and editing. Analyses include summaries of: total, complete, and incomplete utterances; total words, root words, TTR and MLU; Brown's stage and related n

Special Education Manager

Special Education Manager is an individualized education plan (IEP) program designed for use by teachers of children with disabilities. This software provides the user with tools to manage the paperwork required for special education students. It features a complete tracking and reporting system for the IEP, BIP (Behavioral Intervention Plan), ITP (Individual Transition Plan), and Texas Public Education Information Management System (PEIMS). The program includes more than 110 interactive forms.

Team Up With Timo: Vocabulary

Team Up with Timo: Vocabulary is a vocabulary enhancement program designed for use by children who are deaf or hard of hearing, or who have apraxia, autism, or other language learning delays. This computer-based instructional program uses a three-dimensional animated agent, a talking head called Timo, to help children practice identifying, hearing, and saying new words. Timo engages each student in conversation and addresses them by name as he takes them through personalized, interactive lessons

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