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Communication Display

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Choiceworks Visual Support System

Choiceworks is a personal skills tutorial program designed for use by children with communication, cognitive, or emotional disabilities disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder. This system is designed to help children complete daily routines and understand and control their feelings and waiting skills. The companion books (included) help teach children about their daily schedule, dealing with transitions and managing their feelings, making choices and demonstrating

Communication Bib Or Bolo

“DO IT YOURSELF” ENTRYPURPOSE: To create a communication bib and bolo that a parent or service provider can wear for use with a child with intellectual and communication disabilities. The bib and bolo are made from material that accepts hook Velcro. Pictures or symbols are backed with the Velcro and attached to the bib or bolo. To construct the bib, round off the four corners of a piece of material and fold the material in half vertically. Cut a slit approximately 2 inches into material at the

Communication Can

“DO IT YOURSELF” ENTRYPURPOSE: To create a communication can for use with children with intellectual and communication disorders. Pringles Torengos (potato chips) come in a triangular shaped can. Empty and clean the can and remove the label. Cut a piece of self-stick felt (available at most craft stores) to cover the outside of the can. This creates the communication device or choice board. Attach two-inch communication symbols (made with Boardmaker software; see entry) with Velcro hook attached

Cork-Tabbed Multi-Page Communication Book Secured To Lap Tray

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- DESCRIPTION: A vinyl communication book attached to the wheelchair lap tray with U-bolts. Staggered corkboard strips separate the pages. The user flips each page over the front edge of the lap tray until the desired pages is found. PURPOSE: To stabilize and facilitate easy page selection and page turning of a communication book for individual who have poor arm and hand coordination. The system described here is very durable, to accommodate a particular in

Friendship Farm: Who Is Being Friendly?

The Friendship Farm: Who Is Being Friendly? is a game intended especially for children ages 4 to 10 who are medically autistic, have any form of autism or who have any significant neurological impairment,to help them develop social skills. Children ages 4-10 work to build a social themed puzzle. The back of each puzzle piece features a question designed to stimulate social conversation. To play, children pick a puzzle piece, answer its question, and then turn it over to build a puzzle. Once the

NOVA chat 8

NOVA chat 8 is designed for use by individuals who are not able to use their natural voice to communicate as a result of stroke, cerebral palsy and neuro-genetic disorders that impact speech.  It offers the Chat software on an Android platform.  NOVA chat 8 is portable and offers an 8 inch display.  Some of the features include switch scanning, Social Chat, and IVONA speech synthesize.  A variety of vocabulary configurations provides options for each individual that uses our "Chat" systems. NOVA

Ola Mundo Socky

Ola Mundo Socky is a pictures-based Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) mobile app designed for children with autism who are non-verbal. This messaging app has a vocabulary of symbol keys that the child can use to create messages. He or she can either send the message to someone else (e.g., a parent or friend) through the Socky app, or have the message read aloud to the recipient using the app’s speech synthesizer. In the message box, the child’s messages and the messages of those w

Portable Choice / Display Board (Model 032025)

The Portable Choice/Display Board, model 032025, is a communication board designed for use by individuals with autism, communication disabilities, or speech disabilities. The board has Velcro-friendly fabric on one side and nylon on the other side. Pictures with Velcro backing are placed on the Velcro-friendly side of the board, and the user points to a picture to communicate a message. A reversible Velcro closure allows the board to stand upright or with its sides angled forward. The board has


QCharm is a cueing and reminder charm bracelet designed for use by individuals with cognitive disabilities or autism. Cues slide onto the elastic bracelet and may be referred to by user to provide reminders of scheduled activities or other information. The kit includes two wristbands, two keychains, which can also hold charms, 30 icon charms, three reward charms, and a portable carrying case. COLOR: The charm bracelet is yellow and the charms are yellow with black designs.

Sign Voice Language Translator

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype communication device for an individual who is blind or has low vision and an individual who is deaf or hard of hearing to communicate with each other. As one individual cannot see sign gestures and the other cannot hear voices this makes communication between these two disability types very difficult. The Sign Voice Language Translator (SVLT) is a portable device that can translate sign language into speech and speech into displayed text. T

Table Top Communication Display

---- “DO IT YOURSELF” ENTRY --------- PURPOSE: To create a simple tabletop display to provide an accessible communication alternative for an individual with intellectual and/or communication disabilities. Lay a four-sided grater on the Velcro sensitive fabric on its side. Trace the outline of both the wide & narrow sides of the grater. Cut two of each size to cover all four sides of the grater. Glue the fabric to the grater with hot glue. If the communication symbols are not mounted on tag b

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