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Mobility Light Probe

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Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlight (Model Sl-20X)

The Streamlight Rechargeable Flashlight, model SL-20X, is a low vision light designed for use as night vision aids by individuals with low vision, including night blindness. This high-intensity, rechargeable professional flashlight has a 10 watt tungsten filament halogen lamp with a peak beam intensity of up to 30,000 pre-focused Candela, 200 lumens. POWER: Uses 6 volt, 2.4 amp-hour, 1/2 D nickel cadmium rechargeable battery. DIMENSIONS: 13 inches long. WEIGHT: 1.9 pounds. COLOR: Black.

Wide Angle Mobility Light

The Wide Angle Mobility Light is a low vision light designed for use as a night vision aid by individuals with low vision. This hand-held high intensity wide angle beam lantern is designed primarily for use as a night travel aid by individuals with constriction of the visual field and night blindness. The light comes with a shoulder strap to allow the light to be carried at waist height, leaving the hands free. POWER: Includes an AC recharger. Intensity of the beam is 1400 candle power. WEIGHT:

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