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Feeding Bottle

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Degree Feeding Bottles

Degree Feeding Bottles are designed for use with infants and children with swallowing and eating disabilities. This botle features an angled neck to permit nursing in an upright position, providing better control of swallowing.

Feeding Bottle With Flexible Tube

The Feeding Bottle with Flexible Tube is designed for use by children and adults with swallowing and eating disabilities. It holds eight ounces of liquid and features a tube that extends from the bottom of the bottle out through a screw cap to control fluid intake. The bottle is also graduated in ounces and milliliters to aid in dispensing measured amounts of liquid.

Respironics Pigeon Specialty Feeding Products

The Respironics Pigeon Specialty Feeding Products is designed for babies with special feeding needs. The Cleft Palate Nipple is designed to feed cleft palate infants and infants with poor sucking strength. The Y-cut nipple has a thick and thin sidewall with a one-way valve that prevents excessive air intake and allows milk to flow only when sucked by the baby. Food Feeder Bottle is squeezable with an attached spoon to assist with weaning or to use with babies who have difficulty feeding.

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