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Signal Beacon

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Aud A Find Beacon & Aud A Ball Beacon (Model 1922 & 1923)

Beacon mounted in a small black box. Beeps at specified intervals between 2 and 20 seconds. 100 foot range. Beacon mounted in 4 inch foam ball available. Rechargeable.


Beeper device emits directional beeping signal of 2900 HZ or 68 to 80 decibels. Device is 13 inches long and contains beeper connected to tubular sound chamber. Powered by 9 volt battery. Hearing range up to 500 feet, changes of direction heard up to 50 feet away. For cycling, back packing, skiing, etc. Unit is attached to leader and sound is followed by an individual.

Portable Sound Source Iii (Model 1-03040-01)

Portable Sound Source III, model 1-03040-01, is a signal beacon designed for use by children who are blind or have low vision in orientation and mobility (O&M) training and playground games. The beacon produces an audio tone that provides directional cues. The beeping tone has a rate of 36 to 360 pulses per minute, with a pitch of 600 hertz to 1200 hertz. It can be used for teaching sound location skills or for marking locations in playground games. The unit has a large built-in speaker and

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