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Power Assist for Wheelchair

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Alternately-Propelled Mechanical Wheelchair

Alternately-Propelled Mechanical Wheelchair (APMW) is a modified wheelchair that incorporates a superior braking system and eliminates complete hand-to-rail contact when moving forward. By incorporating a clutch system engaged by air cylinders, the user can apply a relatively small amount of force to travel further than a traditional wheelchair. The APMW is designed for a range of users, including children of eight years and older, people of diminished upper body capacity, and individuals seeki


The Buzzy is an add-on power unit designed for use with a manual wheelchair. This motorized tow device provides powered mobility for shopping and recreation without requiring the user to transfer. The user wheels up to the unit, grabs the handlebar, and pushes the thumb throttle. The unit has variable speeds. The Shopping model, which is intended for use in supermarkets and other stores, has a lower top speed than the Recreation model. An on-board microprocessor allows the user to reset the top

Dane Wheelchair Mover

The WheelChair Mover uses a simple hand lever design that activates secure hitching to the frame of the wheelchair. The ergonomic design of the machine allows the user to control the speed with easy and controlled throttle acceleration. With the unit securing the frame at a low center of gravity, turning the wheelchair in a circle is smooth and effortless. Compact and quiet, the Dane WheelChair Mover is the ideal device to fit within hospital rooms and halls while meeting the objectives of safe


E-Motion is a power assist for wheelchairs designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. This unit can be retrofitted to most manual wheelchairs simply by replacing the existing rear push wheels with the e-motion wheels and installing a universal bracket on the wheelchair frame. The quiet brushless, gearless electric motors are located in the wheel hubs. The unit offers three different levels of power that can be selected at the touch of a button. Stage 1 offers a 30 percent power

Independent Wheelchair Assistant (IWA)

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of an electric power assist unit for a manual wheelchair for individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury so they can independently access their local communities safely and easily. The Independent Wheelchair Assistant (IWA) design utilizes the user’s own wheelchair, acting as a true assistant and eliminating the need to constantly transfer between other devices like scooters or power chairs. The user atta

Levered-Power Wheelchair

The Levered-Power Wheelchair is a prototype designed for individuals with mobility disabilities. This device includes a hand lever that activates secure hitching to the frame of the wheelchair. It allows any wheelchair to be powered in a rowing motion.

Tailwind Power-Assist Wheelchair

Tailwind Power Assist Wheelchair is designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. It is a manual wheelchair that provides on-board power when you need it. The Tailwind Power Wheelchair is designed to help users safely navigate terrain with discreet electronics that direct quiet motors to provide either a smooth boost of power or gentle breaking as required. It can be used uphill, downhill, on carpet and on uneven surfaces. POWER: Rechargeable battery, Dry Cell, NiMH 8.4 Ah. SIZES:


Viamobil is an attendant operated wheelchair brake and power assist designed for use by caregivers of individuals with mobility or severe hhysical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This pushing and braking aid is used exclusively by the person escorting the occupant of the wheelchair. It assists the caregiver to push and brake the wheelchair, and can overcome slopes of up to 18 percent. The unit is attached to the bracket on the wheelchair. The caregiver presses the drive lever to commence dri

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