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Junior Walker

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Adolescent Walker (Model Ad-1)

The Adolescent Walker, Model AW-1, is an adjustable walker designed for teens with balance or walking disabilities and other teenagers who need extra stabilization. Features include an adjustable arm reach, adjustable crotch support, padded and removable scissor board, padded balance ring and handle bars. The frame is made of nylon coated steel tubing with a foam and naugahyde sling seat. DIMENSIONS: Patient approximate height requirements are 36 to 56 inches; frame base (LxW) 40 x 33 inches; ba

Deluxe Folding Walker, Two Button V-Brace (Models 10200Dx-2 & 10201Dx-2)

The Deluxe Folding Two Button Walker with V-Brace is a folding height-adjustable walker designed for use by individuals with walking or balance disabilities. The walker is constructed of one-inch anodized, extruded aluminum. SIZES: Junior and adult. DIMENSIONS (HxW): 32 to 39 x 23 inches (model 10200DX-2) or 25 to 32 x 23 inches (model 10201DX-2). CAPACITY: 375 pounds. WEIGHT: 6.5 pounds (10200DX-2) or 6.3 pounds (10201DX-2).WARRANTY: Limited lifetime warranty.

Deluxe Trigger Release Folding Walker (Models 10224-2, 10224Gy-2, 10225-2, & 10225Gy-2)

The Deluxe Trigger Release Folding Walker is a height-adjustable folding walker designed for use by individuals with walking or balance disabilities. It features trigger release levers enabling the user to fold the walker without letting go of the handles. SIZES: Junior and adult. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 32 to 38 x 18 x 24 inches (models 10224-2 and 10224GY-2), 25 to 32 x 18 x 24 inches (models 10225-2 and 10225GY-2). CAPACITY: 300 pounds. WEIGHT: 6 pounds (models 10225-2 and 10225GY-2) or 6.5 poun

Double Button Folding Walker (Models Pc1767Ys & Pc1789)

The Double Button Folding Walker, models PC1767YS and PC1789, is a folding walker designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. Features include a push button adjustable frame, vinyl hand grips, two front castors, and two rear rubber leg tips. Other features include a raised front crossbar that permits use over a commode. Model PC1767YS is for use by children and Model PC1789 is for use by adults. DIMENSIONS: The height adjusts from 32 inches to 36 inches. The width between hand g

Junior Walklite Walker (Model 6300-Jra)

Junior WalkLite Walker, model 6300-JRA, is a folding, height-adjustable wheeled walker with seat designed for use by individuals with balance, lower extremity, or walking disabilities. Designed for larger children or smaller adults, this walker has a lightweight aluminum frame with a flexible backrest and an ergonomic dual-paddle folding mechanisms. Other features include a flip-up seat, fixed front wheels, rear spring-loaded SureGlide brakes, a built in carrying handle, and adjustable seat-to-f

Kaye Posture Control Walker & Kaye Posturerest Walkers

The Posture Control Walker is a child's walker designed for use by children 18 months of age through adolescence with mobility disabilities. Available in six sizes, these reverse walkers are designed to make walking less energy consuming and improve rhythm and timing. The walkers have folding anodized aluminum frames and most models are available with two wheeled front legs and two rear legs with crutch-style tips to create friction with the floor and slow walker speed, or with four wheels. The

Litegait Jr. (Models Jr 150 & Jr 200)

The LiteGait Junior is a suspension ambulation aid and gait trainer designed for use by larger children with lower extremity, mobility, neurological, or walking disabilities. This unit provides supported gait training for ambulatory pediatric users, and can be used to help improve gait patterns, posture, balance, muscle strength, and overall endurance levels. The unit comes with a harness that fits girths from 17 to 33 inches (model Jr 150) or 22 to 45 inches (model Jr 200). Locking straps allow

Pony By R82

The Pony is a child wheeled walker with a seat designed to provide support while walking for children with developmental delays. Available in two sizes, this walker features an arrow-shaped base with five wheels, a J-shaped padded seat, a padded rear support, a padded chest support, and padded handle bars. Positioning can be adjusted for optimum use within 40 degrees from vertical. OPTIONS: Hip supports, abdominal support, and vertically adjustable hand holds. DIMENSIONS (WxL): Size 1 is 27 x 28

Rifton Pacer Gait Trainers

Designed for a wide range of individuals with varying abilities, the Rifton Pacer gait trainers are created to be durable and flexible.

Safe T Fold Walker (Models 7749 & 7750)

Walker without wheels for youth. Folds easily for storage. Has no pinch folding braces. Contoured vinyl coated nonrotating hand grips. Child (model 7749) adjusts 24 to 28 inches, 4 pounds. Toddler (model 7750) adjusts 20 to 24 inches, weights 3 1/2 pounds. Accessories wheeled attachments for front legs with 3 inch wheels. Extensions for extra weight are available.

Walkabout Iii

The Walkabout III is a junior walker designed to provide a standing opportunity for juniors and adults with muscle weakness, atypcal postural reflexes or limited active range of motion disabilities. As the user steps foward, the stander provides spring-assisted lift while allowing forward movement. It can also be positioned in front of a table and locked, while providing the opportunity for active flexion and extension with spring assisted lift. The Walkabout is tension adjustable to graduate no

Youth Walker (Model Yw-1)

The Youth Walker, model YW-1 is a junior adjustable walker designed to assist pre-teens with balance and walking disabilities to move around effectively and comfortably. The walker features a steel non-tipping base and a padded balance ring that is height adjustable. It also comes with handle bars. DIMENSIONS: Patient approximate height requirements are 34 to 54 inches; frame base (LxW) is 34 x 31 inches; balance ring height adjusts from 22 to 35 inches; ring opening is 12 x 10.5 inches. WEIGHT:

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