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Below Knee Training Prosthesis

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APOPPS (the Adjustable Postoperative, Protective and Preparatory System For Transtibial Amputees) is a below-knee training prosthesis designed for use by individuals with lower extremity amputation. This adjustable postoperative or preparatory protective socket protects against injury during both early and preparatory stages of rehabilitation, while providing access to bandages and dressings for wound care. It features an adjustable design to accommodate compression and swelling of the wound are

VariLeg 2

The VariLeg 2 is a powered exoskeleton prototype for the knee to improve the lives of paraplegics by allowing them to walk with greater freedom than with current assisted walking devices. With the VariLeg 2 there is no restricted joint mechanisms that would make it difficult to walk in other a straight line. It mimics the natural behavior of knee movement during gait more accurately because of built in variable impedance actuators that continuously change the knee stiffness so it can adapt to ir

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