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Racing Wheelchair Transfer Aid

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Bottoms Up Bar

The Bottoms Up Bar is a transfer aid designed for people with lower extremity and mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury and lower extremity amputees. It allows a person in a wheelchair to transfer to a seated position on the ground or floor and from the floor or ground back into the wheelchair. The Bottoms Up Bar attaches to a wheelchair's frame with two collar clamps that are fastened to the front of the frame. The width of the Bottoms Up Bar is adjustable to accommodate multiple wheelcha

OPair Wheelchair Bike

Racing Wheelchair Stabilizer

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To facilitate transferring a child to a racing wheelchair. The unit has a plywood base with a pipe frame at the front to hold the front wheel; the front wheel is further secured with a Velcro strap. This stabilizes the racing wheelchair for ease of transfers in and out with one person assisting. The half-inch thick plywood base is made to the size of the wheelchair, and excess material is removed to create a lighter weight base. The pipe frame consists of one-in

Tidis-B: Wheelchair-To-Bed Transfer System

Tidis-B (Transport of Individuals with Disabilities into Bed) is an assistive device designed to move a person from a wheelchair to a conventional bed, as well as from a conventional bed to a wheelchair. The device is intended for use in homes and is able to transport a person who weights up to 300 lbs. In addition, the device requires minimal physical assistance by caretakers, which can help prevent back injuries. The device is designed so that the person being transported is comfortable and sa

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