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Endoskeletal Pylon and Ankle

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Airlite Monolithic Prosthesis (Models Ab1, Ab2, & Ab3)

The Airlite Monolithic Prosthesis is an endoskeletal below-knee prosthesis designed for use by individuals with lower extremity amputation. This endoskeletal prosthesis is made from a braided carbon fiber material that produces a plastic stronger than steel when combined with resin during the fabrication process. The prosthesis includes a carbon composite ankle block with a fixed ankle (model AB1) or an alignable ankle (models AB2 and AB3). The model AB2 alignable ankle incorporates the same lam


---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a prosthetic leg that addresses the unique needs of women with leg amputation. Outfeet is a prosthetic limb designed to replicate the look and workings of the female silhouette and muscle structure. Outfeet aims to be not only a medical device but a fashion accessory as well. The leg has bones and flexible skins that can be stretched onto its carbon fiber body. The body gives Outfeet the volume and silhouette of a leg without compromisin

Pyramid Perfect System

The Pyramid Perfect System is an endoskeletal pylon and ankle designed for use by individuals with lower extremity amputation. The system is machined from solid titanium billet with non-corrosive fasteners, and allows the use of a larger diameter clamping screw to prevent stripping or breaking. Components include a tube clamp with fixed carbon or aluminum pylon, a demountable tube clamp, and a Sach foot adapter. OPTIONS: Components can be purchased separately. Demountable Tube Clamp, $77.95; Tub

Pyramid Plus Transtibial System (Models Pps1, Ppbk2, & Ppbk3)

The Pyramid Plus Transtibial System is an endoskeletal pylon and ankle designed for use by individuals with lower extremity amputation. With this system, adjustments for slide, rotation, and angulation can be done externally and independently of each other, allowing them to be made without removal of the prosthesis. The system can be used for both thermoplastic and laminated socket applications. Model PPS1 features a demountable clamp coupler with a heavy 12-inch carbon pylon and a carbon compos

Seattle Ankle (Models Sas210 & Sas211)

The Seattle Ankle is a lightweight, endoskeletal pylon and ankle combination designed to provides plantar and dorsi-flexion for indiviudals who have a lower limb amputation. It is available with or without the watercut and provides excellent resilience without transmission of shock for a smooth dynamic gait. This particular ankle prosthetic meets the endoskeletal setup requirements of the Seattle Foot, Seattle Lightfoot and the Seattle Natural Foot (see separate entries). DIMENSIONS: Foot Size R

Seattle Dynamic Pylon (Models Sdp250, Sdp257, Sdp260, Sdp267, Sdp270, Sdp277 & Sdp280)

The Seattle Dynamic Pylon is an endoskeletal pylon and ankle prosthesis designed to create a smooth, dynamic gait for individuals of all activity levels who are lower extremity amputees. They combine strength of carbon with the flexibilty and low shock transmission of nylon. Designed to be used with the Seattle "Light" Limb System, the dynamic pylons are lightweight and can be adjusted both proximally and distally using Seattle Titanium Clamp Adaptors (see separate entry). These pylons are ideal

Seattle Select Flared Pylons (Model Ssl250-A)

The Seattle Select Flared Pylons are endoskeletal pylon and ankle prostheses designed to multiaxial flexibility for individuals who have lower extremity amputations. They are made of flexible carbon blend composites and provide six performance options to customize for each patient. The pylons feature angular adjustment at the distal foot interface and eliminate the need for additional attachment devices. Flexibility is optimized when used with the Seattle Foot, Seattle LightFoot, and the Seattle

Seattle Select Pylon (Model Ssl250-P)

The Seattle Select Pylon is an endoskeletal pylon and ankle prostethic designed to provide a smooth dynamic gait for individuals with a below hnee or above knee amputation. They are made of a carbon composite featuring a flexible, dynamic carbon ankle system. The Select Pylons are strong yet featherweight with six different performance options, or "flexes" to provide optimal flexibility and strength for a wide spectrum of patient weights and activities. Using the Seattle titanium or stainless st

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