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Gear Selection Extension Lever

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Drive Master Left Hand Gear Selector (Model D8)

Aluminum extension lever to enable driver to operate gear selector with left hand instead of right hand.

Drive Master V28 Powered Gear Selector

Powered gear selector allows driver with upper extremity disabilities to shift gears with toggle switch. Toggle switch positioned according to client needs but usually on Command Post Console (see separate entry). Push/pull switches available as option.

Driver Master D14 Gear Shift Extension

Gear selector extension lever provides more leverage for disabled persons in shifting gears. Left hand extension lever attaches to conventional gear shift at 90 degree angle on left side slightly above factory installed directional signal. Approximately same size as standard gear shift or directional signal. For vehicles with automatic transmission only.

Extension Control Park Brake Extension (Model 3542)

The Extension Control Park Brake Extension, model 3542, is a gear selection lever for use on vehicles with automatic transmission designed to accommodate and provide extra leverage for persons without the use of either their right or left hand or arm. It attaches to the right or left side of the steering wheel.

Gear Shift Adapter (Model 107)

The Gear Shift Adapter, model 107, is an extension lever that allows the gear selector to be operated from the left hand side. The unit will not interfere with the normal operation of factory installed right handed gear selector. Mounting tools are included.

Quad Gear Shift Extension (Model 119)

The Quad Gear Shift Extension, model 119, is an extension lever that attaches to the factory installed gear shift lever to enable persons with limited strength or range of motion to shift gears on an automatic vehicle. The device adds six inches to the original lever.

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