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Sign Language Translation Device

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My Voice

-- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of an American Sign Language (ASL) translator that uses video to capture and then interpret a person's sign language movements. Students at the University of Houston designed a device called MyVoice, an ASL translator that uses a video camera to capture a person's sign language movements. MyVoice is a portable device that incorporates a microphone, speaker, soundboard, video camera, and monitor. The device has a stand on the back that folds

NOVA chat 8

NOVA chat 8 is designed for use by individuals who are not able to use their natural voice to communicate as a result of stroke, cerebral palsy and neuro-genetic disorders that impact speech.  It offers the Chat software on an Android platform.  NOVA chat 8 is portable and offers an 8 inch display.  Some of the features include switch scanning, Social Chat, and IVONA speech synthesize.  A variety of vocabulary configurations provides options for each individual that uses our "Chat" systems. NOVA

Sign Language Glove

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of a sign language interpretation glove that allows individuals who are deaf or have hearing disabilities and use sign language to communicate with people who can hear and do not understand sign language. Cornell University engineering students Ranjay Krishna, Seonwoo Lee, and Si Ping Wang with the assistance of Jonathan Lang, created a device to close the gap in communication between hearing people and those with hearing disabilities who u

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