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Hand Propelled Bicycle

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Amtryke Therapeutic Tricycle (Models Am-12 50-0210 & Am-16 50-0411)

The AmTryke Therapeutic Tricylce, models AM-12 50-0210 & AM-16 50-0411, is a pediatric tricycle designed to be driven by both arms and legs to improve motor skills and strength development for children with physical disabilities. It benefits children with low tone or paralysis of lower extremities and those who need to build up normal muscle tone and control. Standard features include a four-way adjustable frame that dismantles for transport; four-way adjustable seating (up/down and in/out)

Counterpoint Opus Iv & Cl Semi-Recumbent Tandems

The Counterpoint Opus IV and CL Semi-Recumbent Tandems are specially designed to accommodate a wide range of riders including paraplegics, quadriplegics, seniors, and young children. These two wheeled cycles have a racing style seat for the driver (rear rider) and a semi-recumbent seat for the front rider. Both riders may pedal independently. Complete forward visibility is featured for both riders. The cycles have a stainless steel rear crank boom with a folding front boom, rear rider steering,

Freerider Bicycle

The Freerider Bicycle is a hand-propelled bicycle designed for use by individuals with neurological or lower extremity disabilities, cerebral palsy, or spinal cord injury. This hands only, two-wheel, human powered vehicle has retractable outriders to maintain its balance. The user steers left and right by moving the handles forward and back. The wide seat is at wheelchair height to aid in transfers and can be adjusted forward and back or angled up and down. Other features include a back support


The HandBike is a hand-propelled bicycle designed for use by individuals with lower extremity disabilities or spinal cord injury. This bicycle has outriggers that prevent it from falling over if its speed becomes too slow for stability. The frame is made from high strength 4130 chrome-moly and the seat, leg rests, and outriggers are made from 6061 alloy. Other features include Sun CR18 wheels with 451 alloy rims and IRC 1-1/8 inch road tires; Shimano Ultegra rear hub and Sram (Sachs) 3x7 front h

Varna 1

The Varna 1 is a hand propelled three wheeled human powered vehicle designed as a recreational and commuting vehicle for both athletes and amateurs who have a lower limb disability. It is especially suitable for amputees. FRAME: The frame is made of chrome-moly. The footrest to seat distance is adjustable and the leg to seat surface angle varies. Measurements are 66Lx 24W x 30H. Ground rail height is 6 inches. STEERING: The steering is controlled by leaning the torso left and right, tipping the

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