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Water Temperature Control

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Grohmix Concealed Thermostat

Thermostatic and pressure balanced water valve for bathtub or shower. Safety stop at 100 degrees fahrenheit.

Heatguard Tmv3 Shower Valve (Model Dc153)

The Heatguard TMV3 Shower Valve, model DC153, is a a water temperature control valve designed to prevent scalding of individuals with cognitive or severe physical disabilities or Alzheimers disease. This shower valve contains a single-piece thermostatic cartridge with a temperature sensitive element that expands and contracts depending on the temperature of the water flowing past it. This changes the size of the openings through which the hot and cold water enter the shower, and balances the tem

Magic Faucet

The Magic Faucet is an electronic faucet designed for use by individuals with fine motor, grasping, or upper extremity disabilities. This faucet allows an individual with limited use of the hands to control water flow and temperature by touching the tap fitting or by moving the hand into the vicinity of the outlet (a distance of approximately two centimeters). The flow of water is ended by removing hands or by moving the hands or fingers through the flow of water. The faucet comes with 10 progra


Valve for showerhead or tub spout. Volume and temperature setting operate independently. High temperature limit stop standard on all units. Pressure balance operation.

Safetemp Ii Pressure Balance Valve (Model Gs-105)

The Safetemp II Pressure Balance Valve, model GS-105, is a temperature control valve that maintains shower or bath water temperatures within a comfort zone by equalizing hot and cold water pressure. This is a washerless rough-in valve with maintenance stops, made of rough brass. WARRANTY: Limited lifetime warranty.

Scald Guard

Valves only, or tub spout and shower head combinations. Can be set not to turn past hot temperature limit. Pressure balance available. Most have integral volume flow control.

Shower Sentry System

The Shower Sentry System is a shower and water temperature control system designed to prevent scalding for those with reduced sensation or slower reaction times. The system reduces the volume of water required for an effective shower and automatically shuts off when the water temperature reaches 115 degrees Fahrenheit. This enables the user to take a hot shower, but prevents scalding caused by the excessively high water temperatures produced by hot water heaters typically set at 140 degrees or h

Tub Modifications

DO IT YOPURSELF ENTRYPURPOSE: To make bathing safer and more accessible for individuals with mobility disabilities and seniors. This section of a chapter entitled "Bathroom and Washing Up" provides a selection of suggestions for simple ways to make bathtub use safer and more accessible. Included are discussions about installing a hand-held showerhead and grab bars, purchasing and using a bath or shower bench or chair, ensuring sufficient lighting, installing anti-scalding devices, and adapting s

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