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Adaptations For Independent Use Of Cassette Tape Recorder/radio By High-Level Quadriplegic Patients.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Mouthsticks and adapted holder for cassettes to allow a C-3 to C-5 quadriplegic to operate a tape recorder/radio in order to listen to music independently. This adaptation needs two mouthsticks made of metal, plastic or wood: one about 50 cm long with a friction tip (i.e., a dowel and and a pencil eraser), and one that separates into two 9 cm "fingers" with 1 cm projections to fit into the holes in the cassette; a cassette holder tilted at a 70-degree

Artist Mouth Operated Brush/tool Holder.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Holder overcomes difficulty of gripping and manipulating brush or tool with hands and fingers. An ordinary plastic or rubber kitchen mixing tool is adapted to serve as a means to grip and manipulate the artist's brush using the teeth. Rubber or plastic tubing can also be attached to the brush to enhance ability to grip and manipulate it using the teeth. COMMENTS: For further information contact developers: National Institute on Art and Disabilities, 55

Bendable Telescopic Mouth Stick (Models 538201, 538202, 538203, & 538204)

The Bendable Telescopic Mouth Stick, models 538201,538202, 53803 and 538204 is a mouthstick designed for use by individuals with cerebral palsy, spinal cord injury, or neurological, severe physical or upper extremity disabilities. The mouthstick has an adjustable angle for better visibility. Models 538201 and 538202 are designed to hold implements such as a pen, pencil or paintbrush, and models 53803 and 53804 can be used as a keyboard pointer or page turner. The telescoping end makes it easy to

Dynamic Protractible Mouthstick.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Lightweight protractible mouthstick operated by the tongue, intended for use by persons with no active neck motion. Describes fabrication of a mouthstick that would allow a person with high level quadriplegia to operate pushbutton devices. Materials include angle aluminum, rigid plastic tubing, a hose clamp, aluminum bushing, Plastisol and a rubber band. The mouthpiece is measured to fit the individual patient. Includes diagrams, a photograph and refer

Grasp Without Hands.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Forceps modified to be mouth operated by a quadriplegic client, allowing items to be picked up. Used to operate stereo controls, cooking, doing jigsaw puzzles and picking up small items (i.e. taking cookies from a jar). Describes modification to surgical sponge forceps, including a molded mouthpiece made by a dental technician from an impression of the client's teeth made by a dentist. Also describes a holder for the "mouthforceps." Includes photograph

Jastick Mouth Stick

The Jastick Mouth Stick is a prosthesis that is held by the teeth and used by people with sever physical disabilities to perform such actions as computer keyboarding, painting, and lifting small objects. Works on Smart Phones, Tablets, Computers, Touch screens, Magazines, Books, Very Lightweight, Very Stiff and Strong. Rubber tip. Can be custom-made. Can be made in any length, any angle for custom setups. This stick is made of durable material, does not have a flimsy mouthpiece. Efficient. Light

Mouth stick

The Mouth stick is designed for users with severe physical disabilities. The device features a mouthpiece made of rubber and the tip is used as a typing stick for electronic devices. The hole of the mouthpiece is 10 millimeters (not accounting for tolerance).


--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Special purpose mouthstick for manipulating and lifting small object. A hollow aluminum arrow shaft is mounted in a mouthpiece of dental acrylic. The mouthpiece can be shaped to the individuals mouth contour much as an athletic mouthpiece is custom formed. a the other end of the shaft is a small suction cup. SKILLS REQUIRED: Dentist. AUTHOR: Wichita REC TITLE: Problem Solving With Rehabilitation Engineering: REC Tech Brief, Spring. REF:Book: Cerebral P


--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Allows an individual with no hand use to move objects, turn pages, use a paint brush, etc. 16 variations of mouthstick adaptations are described with a sketch of each. Plastic rod with rubber eye-dropper tip; custom plastic teeth impressioned mouth grip on aluminum 1/4 inch OD tube; stainless steel clips to hold implements; small rubber heel with slit to hold implements; tapered wood dowel with pencil eraser tip; dowel with mouth grip and erase on tip;

Mouthsticks (Models 5380-14, 5380-16 & 5380-18)

Mouthsticks models 5380-14, 5380-16, and 5380-18 are maulsticks designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities, spinal cord injury, and severe physical disabilities. The three model mouthsticks all have a V-shaped mouthpiece that allows tongue movement. The Wand Mouthstick has a rubber tip and can be used for typing or page turning. Clamp-On Mouthstick holds a pencil, pen, or brush. The Vertical Pincher Mouthstick has a tongue-controlled pincher at the end which can be used to

Touchtec Multi-Function Capacitive Touch Screen Mouth Stick

The TouchTec Multi-function Capacitive Touch Screen Mouth Stick is a mouthstick for a touchscreen or tablet computer designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities, spinal cord injury, or severe physical disabilities. This lightweight mouthstick allows the user to work, create or navigate on all devices with a touchscreen with his or her mouth. The mouthstick can be operated with light pressure, even at extreme angles. The device comes with two replaceable mouth bites made of

Vacuum Wand

The Vacuum Wand is a mouthstick designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities, spinal cord injury, and severe physical disabilities. Made of aluminum and plastic, this device is designed for turning book or magazine pages. Features include a suction cup tip and two interchangeable ends that can be cut to the desired length. DIMENSIONS: The shaft is 18 inches long.

Vertical Pincher Mouth Stick

The Vertical Pincher Mouth Stick is a tongue-controlled pincher used to insert paper into a typewriter or printer, designed specifically for individuals with upper extremity disabilities. This device can also be used to lift heavier objects using a replaceable rubber band. The Vertical Pincher Mouth Stick contains latex.

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