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Stroller Attachment for Wheelchair

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Cursum Stroller

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a stroller adapted for a wheelchair to be used by individuals with lower extremity and mobility disabilities, spinal cord injury, and others who use wheelchairs. The Cursum stroller, a wheelchair adaptive stroller, is designed to be used in tandem with a wheelchair. It connects to the front of a wheelchair. Swivel wheels, complete height adjustment, attention to comfort and visibility, and advanced safety features give parents with disab

Cursum Stroller

The Cursum Stroller is a baby stroller for wheelchair users by designer Cindy Sjöblom, designed to overcome the added challenge a mobility disability adds to early parenting in the first stages of infancy. The Cursum stroller concept aims to make life a little easier by adapting to use in tandem with a wheelchair. Swivel wheels, complete height adjustment, attention to comfort and visibility and advanced safety features give parents added security and a little independence to an already challeng

Device To Attach Pram (Child's Stroller) To Wheelchair

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To design and build a removable device which would lock a pram (child's stroller) into position at the front of a wheelchair for a person with paraplegia. Several ideas were considered but the final solution involved lifting the back wheels of the pram off the ground and putting the weight on the front pram castors and the front wheelchair castors. Lightweight 16-millimeter square steel tubing was used to build a frame which clamps in place on both wheelchair and pram

Easy Stroll

The Easy Stroll is a universal Connector that links a Wheelchair and a Baby stroller. It is designed for individuals with mobility disabilities, walking disabilities, or lower extremity disabilities who use a wheelchair to travel outdoors independently with their child. This small rod-like device has locking clasps on either end - one to clasp the bar between the front two wheels of the parent’s wheelchair and the second to clasp the bottom bar located on the back of the baby’s stroller. Once se

Wheelchair Baby Carrier

Wheelchair Baby Carrier is designed for parents and caregivers with limited mobility as a result of a spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury or a stroke who need to transport babies from 4-5 months of age.   It is a baby carrier that attaches to a manual wheelchair.   The carrier has its own single wheel providing support and stability. It uses a universal fitting that allows it to be attached to all manual wheelchairs, both traditional and lightweight styles. The carrier is free standing wh

Wheelchair To Stroller Linking Device

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a customized linking device between wheelchair and stroller for an individual with spinal cord injury. While the individual could push the stroller and use her wheelchair in tandem for short distances, this configuration was not idea for various surfaces and/or travel over long distances. The individual obtained a stroller that has swiveling wheels at the front and fixed wheels at the back. An adaptation using the stroller was created takin

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