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Rotary Van Lift

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Drive Master Swinger Lift (Model V1A1)

Fully automatic rotary lift; operates from switches on chest high security rail with optional switches on van console or outside switch box; automatic safety stop; constructed of aluminum and steel; operates from van battery; requires less than 3 feet outside clearance. Dimensions of lift at largest point are 24 by 34 inches. Lift can be used on side of van only. Safety backup system. VA accepted.

Front And Rear Post Swing-A-Way Lifts

Fully automatic rotary lift moves platform from the van interior to the ground. The post features a gravity down operation and can be ordered for the front or rear side of the door opening. With the front post the wheelchair is loaded facing the front of the van, with the rear post the wheelchair is loaded facing the rear of the van. Hand pump for emergency backup system. Platform size: 29 3/4 inches wide by 35 inches long. Fits full size Ford and Chevy slide door or swing door vans, and full si

Pilot Lift

The Pilot Lift is an exterior seat lift designed to adapt to a variety of transportation and mobility applications. It features three-way directional movement that allows comfortable access to a full 360 degrees and a compact mounting system. The user has easy control of the lift from a hand-held control. The lift has a variety of applications including farm tractors and harvesters, small lawn tractors, pick-up trucks, airplanes and boats. There are three different variations of the Pilot Lift.

Swing Out Lift

The Swing Out Lift is a rotary van lift designed to lift individuals in wheelchairs into vans. Minimal space is needed between parked vehicles to operate the lift with side entry. Controls are mounted on a safety bar and the lifts have a safety backup system and beltless drive. The lift has an integral Electro brake mechanism. The unit is completely assembled and wired at the factory. The installation is such that it may be done by the owner. OPTIONS: There are models with sliding side doors or

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