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Knee Ankle Foot Orthosis

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Ankle Foot Calf Orthosis

The Ankle Foot Calf Orthosis is a knee ankle foot orthosis designed to provide temporary immobilization of the leg. Made of perforated foam-lined polyethylene plastic, this orthosis provides rigid, cast-like protection and features six adjustment straps and a padded anterior tongue, and permits radiographic examination. Two presewn cotton stockinettes are included. This orthosis can be modified with heat gun and cast scissors. This orthosis is available in models for the right or left leg. SIZE

Pediatric Tibial Fracture Brace

The Pediatric Tibial Fracture Brace is a knee ankle foot orthosis designed for use with children and adults with lower extremity fractures or disabilities. Avaiable for the right or left leg, this prefabricated functional brace is made of lightweight thermoplastic and can be modified with a heat gun. The design allows for dorsiflexion/plantarflexion of the ankle. The included shoe insert has hook-and-loop attachments for precise fitting and adjustable hook-and-loop straps on the remainder of the

Primacare Padded Cardboard Splint, 12 Inch

The Primacare Padded Cardboard Splint, 12 Inch is an arm and leg splint designed for use by individuals with upper or lower extremity disabilities. Designed to conform to the contours of the limbs, this splint allows fractures to be splinted in one step. This splint is made of corrugated cardboard with half-density cushioning foam, three-quarter inch punch holes for tie down, and permanent padding that eliminates the need for additional fillers. The orthoses is lightweight and radiolucent and MR

Scott Craig Paraplegic Orthoses.

Bilateral knee ankle foot orthosis. Features thigh and knee support straps, medial and lateral metal supports and rigid shoe/ankle component. Design features include a rigid shoe/ankle component for one fixed point of balance (the floor reaction force will not be dissipated at the ankle joint); adding slight dorsiflexion of the ankle so that hip hyperextension is necessary to maintain balance, stabilizing hips to alleviate the need for hip joints and a pelvic band. Criteria for prescription: ade

Scott-Craig Adjustable Training Orthoses (Model Sc100-105)

Ankle foot orthosis or knee ankle foot orthoses. Adjustable orthoses designed for use in rehabilitation department with a variety of patients. May be used in determining if patient is a candidate for orthotic treatment. Use as ankle foot orthosis or knee ankle foot orthosis. Features offset drop lock knee joints, strutted stirrup, solid adjustable ankle joint, full spring steel sole plate, transverse steel metatarsal bar. Adult size measures 26.75 to 36.5 inches from bottom of foot to top of thi

Theratogs Ultra Lower Extremity System (Models Gle201, Gle301, Gle401, Gle601, Gle611, Gle621, Gle701, Gle711, Gle721 & Gle731)

The TheraTogs ULTRA Lower Extremity System, models GLE201, GLE301, GLE401, GLE601, GLE611, GLE621, GLE701, GLE711, GLE721 AND GLE731, is a knee extension orthosis, knee ankle foot orthosis, and an above knee training orthosis system designed for use by children and adults who have alignment and functional deviations of the knee joints, developing femurs, and hip joints as well as balance, walking, neuromuscular and lower extremity disabilities. It is made with GoldTone material that has stretch,

Wheaton Bracing System

The Wheaton Bracing System is a knee ankle foot orthoses designed for use with children with metatarsus adductus/varus, clubfoot, or tibial torsion. This thermoplastic brace is equipped with touch fasteners and allows for growth in leg length. This brace applies direct corrective, rotational force on the tibia without torque on the femur or hip. The lower component is availabe to hold the ankle at 15 degrees plantar flexion or 90 degrees dorsiflexion (neutral position). The upper section keeps t

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