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Lamp Module

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Home Automation Modules

The Home Automation Modules are environmental control switch modules or lamp modules designed for individuals with speech or communication disabilities and severe neurological or physical disabilities. Intended for use with ComLink communicators (see separate entries) with integrated environmental control software. These modules communicate with the ComLink to control items in the user's home. For example, appliance modules can be used to turn on or off fans or other appliances. Lamp modules con

Large In-Line Switch

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable an individual with upper extremity disabilities to oprate a lamp. A small stained and varnished wooden box was built to contain two electrical boxes. One electrical box is for a large rocker switch and the other box is for a regular 120- volt receptacle. It is connected to a three-wire supply cable complete with plug, recycled from an old refrigerator. The wiring is arranged so that the rocker switch controls the power to the receptacle. The wooden box

Remote Control Outlet (Set Of 3)

The Remote Control Outlet (Set of 3) is a lighting control system designed for use by individuals with mobility or fine motor disabilities. This system is useful for operating small electrical appliances such as lamps, etc. for instant light at night, or where the electric plug socket is located in a difficult to reach place. It works on virtually any electrical device that can be plugged into a standard outlet. This set includes three plug-in receivers and two hand-held remote controls. With a

Superremote Home Automation Kit

The SuperRemote Home Automation Kit is a cordless remote control switch system for lights, television, VCR, and other appliances, designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. This three-piece home automation kit can control lights and appliances through an X10 remote control. The kit includes one Universal UltimateREMOTE (model UR19A), one Transceiver Module (model TM751), one Lamp Module (model LM465), and an instruction manual.

X10 2-Way Appliance Module (Model Am14A)

The X10 2-Way Appliance Module, model AM14A, is an environmental control interface module designed for use by individuals with mobility or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This module allows remote control of appliances such as fans, air-conditioners, dehumidifiers, coffee pots, stereos, and TVs, and enables the user to determine automatically which X10-controlled appliances are turned on and which are turned off. The module is designed for use with X10-compatible computer int

X10 Lamp Module (Model Lm465)

The X10 Lamp Module, model LM465, is a lamp module designed to control incandescent lamps by a switch for individuals with physical disabilities. This lamp module responds to X-10 (sold separately) command signals which originate for environmental control units and other rmote controls. It plugs into an AC outlet and allows the user to dim and brighten lights.

X10 Wall Switch Module (Model Ws467)

The X10 Wall Switch Module, model WS467, is a lamp module designed to control indoor and outdoor lights through switches or environmental controls for individuals with physical disabilities. The module responds to X10 (sold separately) command signals which originate from environmental controls and other remote controls. This module replaces existing wall switch and installs like a regular dimmer. It can be dimmed and brightened.


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