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Stair Climbing Powered Wheelchair

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CARRIER Wheelchair

Designers Julia Kaisinger, Mathias Mayrhofer and Benesch Xiulian worked together to create the CARRIER Wheelchair to insure the user is completely independent and capable of traveling over any terrain and in any situation. The “Galileo Wheel” adds climbing traction to climb the stairs. The standing position allows the user to be at eye level of other people as well as adding the ability to reach things that previously could not reached from a seated position. Another design element would elimina

Carrier Wheelchair

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To develop a prototype robotic wheelchair which allows individuals with mobility disabilities and wheelchair users greater independence and the capacity to traverse any terrain and situation. Developed as semester project at the University of Applied Arts in the Studio Industrial Design 2 Esslinger (www.creativednaaustria.com). The CARRIER wheelchair’s frame is specifically shaped to maneuver over a commode and adapted with a “trap door” allowing the user to us

Robot Wheelchair

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a robotic wheelchair that can climb over steps for individuals with mobility or lower extremity disabilities or spinal cord injury. A group of researchers from Chiba Institute of Technology led by Shuro Nakajima have designed a robot wheelchair that is capable of climbing over steps. The robot wheelchair has four-wheel drive and five axes to overcome a previously insurmountable obstacle for regular wheelchair users. The user navigates wi

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