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Ambulation Pattern Trainer

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The AutoStep is a gait trainer designed for use by children with lower extremity, mobility, or walking disabilities. This unit cues proper stepping patterns for individuals with high or low function. The unit attaches to many walkers, including all Rifton Pacers (not included; see entry) and most LiteGait models on and off the treadmill, and provides a constant symmetric cue for the user to achieve a more symmetrical gait pattern. Adjustable tension bands attach to the user's feet to accommodate

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InsoleX is a wearable monitoring product that consists of smart insoles that can be place in shoes and a data analyzer. They are connected via wireless communication protocols so that the activities of users can be monitored in real-time. As a wearable product with smart textile sensors, the insole allows for measuring high-resolution under-foot pressure distribution, based on which a number of healthcare applications (for example, gait analysis, sport risk prevention, and physical rehabilitatio

Large Moxie GT Gait Trainer

Rapid Rehab Smart Insole

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype "smart" shoe insole for individuals with prosthetic legs or individuals undergoing rehabilitation after hip fracture or replacement to correct their gait. University of Utah engineering professor, Stacy Bamberg, has developed the Rapid Rehab smart shoe insole to correct the gait of people who have prosthetic legs or people in rehabilitation after hip fracture or replace. The Rapid Rehab insole consists of a custom gel insole embedded with f

Rifton Pacer Gait Trainer Small (Model K501)

The Rifton Pacer gait Trainer Small, model K501, is a gait trainer designed for use by children with walking and balance disabilities. This gait trainer features five supportive prompts that provide weight-bearing assistance and alignment. The prompts mount on the top bar with clamps, and can be removed when they are no longer needed. The basic unit is a lightweight aluminum frame with a stable U-shaped base with four large-diameter caster wheels. The casters have separate control features for b

Robotic Corbys Platform Orthosis

-- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of a powered orthosis designed to move a stroke patient's legs in response to feedback from the brain. Stroke treatment often includes therapists retraining a person's body by repeatedly lifting his or her legs, guiding them through a proper walking pattern. The European Union funded the CORBYS project, which aims to make such therapy easier by developing a powered orthosis to move the stroke patient's legs in response to feedback from the br

Rolyan Parallel Bar Glider

The Rolyan Parallel Bar Glider is an ambulatory pattern trainer and a suspension ambulation aid designed for use by individuals with trunk weakness, balance disabilities or hemiplegia. The transitional ambulatory device allows users to balance their upper body on device, positioned on a set of wheels between two 24 inch parallel bars, and push the Glider forward. The unit provides a full view of the lower legs and may negate the need for two-person support during early parallel bar work for cert

Sit And Ride

The Sit and Ride is an ambulation pattern trainer designed for use with children with developmental delays and adults with mobility disabilities. This device permits practice while seated of such ambulatory patterns as smooth reciprocal leg movements, heel strikes, and coordinated knee fexion and extension. The unit has a lightweight plastic base equipped with casters suitable for use on hard floors and most carpeting. A height-adjustable sling seat is suspended between the two arms of the base,


These Sliders are patches of material that slide on the floor for engaging in ambulation training or for users to work on motor skills. They can be used for increasing flexibility, shaping, and general conditioning, and for strength and flexibility drills. A pair can be used to practice powerful lunges and scissor kicks, for example.

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