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Travel Cane Accessories

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Fleece T-handle Cane Grip Cover

The Fleece T-handle Cane Grip Cover by MaxiAids is an accessory for a T-handle cane. The cover goes completely over the cane tightly and attaches on with self-adhesive Velcro.

Ambutech Mobility Cane Tips

The Ambutech Mobility Cane Tips are white cane tips designed for use with rigid and folding travel canes by people with blindness or low vision. The High Mileage Tip is marshmallow-style tip moded of highly abrasion-resistant polymer for long life. This tip is available in an eyelet style or a slip-on style. Available in eyelet-style, slip-on style, or threaded tip for RNIB Canes, the Pencil Tip is molded of nylon. The Marshmallow Tip Cap slips on over the pencil tip, converting it to a Marshmal

Body Buddy

-DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY ----- PURPOSE: To aid children and adults with blindness and low vision in learning to use a long white cane safely and correctly. One of the most important things to learn is to keep the cane in front of the body, a difficult skill to master because the natural tendency is for the dominant arm to drop to the side of the body, causing an awkward swing with reduced protection from obstacles. The article describes a soft pillow that is carried by prssing it between the body a

Cane Helper

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY" ----- PURPOSE: To assist individuals with low vision or blindness in learning to use a cane. This device is designed to aid mobility and orientation instructors in teaching proper cane movements without having to bend over. This device is equipped with a loop that fits loosely over the student's cane enabling the instructor to guide cane movements. To make the device, put together two or three sections (depending on the height of the instructor) of a broken folding cane. Gl

Flashing Cane

DO IT YOURSELF PURPOSE: To provide greater visibility of people who use white canes at night or in low light. Red flashing "cat's eye" reflector lights designed for bicycles can be attached to support or folding canes with the included clamps. The reflectors are available in a variety of sizes and can be set to different flashing modes or as a steady light. TITLE: Flashing Cane (in Springboard). AUTHOR: Bill Rudkin. JOURNAL: RE:view. REF: Vol 34 no 4, Winter 2003: p. 170-171. PAGES (including co

Travel Cane Splint

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY ----- PURPOSE: To temporarily repair a travel cane when it breaks at the joint. This splint is designed to be carried in a pocket, purse, or brief case for use when needed. Mark the top and bottom of a length of half-inch diameter CPVC pipe (used for hot water) into quarters. Using a table saw, cut out one quarter of the circumference of the top and bottom for the length of the pipe. Cut the pipe into as many four-inch long sections as the pipe length permits. Smooth the rou

Travel Cane Training Aid

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY" ----- PURPOSE: To assist in teaching proper use and positioning of a travel cane. This aid can be used when the student is first introduced to the long cane and is learning the constant contact diagonal technique or for teaching the proper width of the arc to students learning to use a cane with a roller tip. To prepare the teacher's guide cane, affix three strips of self-adhesive rough or hook Velcro around the lower shaft near the tip and three strips around the tip. For

Weighty Tip

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY ----- PURPOSE: To provide weight to keep a travel cane tip on the ground, increase arm and hand strength, and increase awarness of tip orientation. Weight the tip of a travel cane with one or two large, metal nuts. A marshmallow tip will keep them in place and allow for quick adjustments in weight. AUTHOR: Wheatly P. TITLE: A Weighty Tip. JOURNAL: RE:view. REF: Vol. 34 no. 2, Spring 2002: p. 73. PAGES: 1 2002.


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