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Home Emergency Monitoring System

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Alarm Pager with Adjustable Alarm and Flashing Light


BeClose is an aging in place technology designed to help residents, families and caregivers stay in touch. Using discreet wireless sensors placed in the home, including a wearable alert button, BeClose tracks your loved one's daily routine. You'll know they are okay because you will be able to check on them at any time using a private, secure web page. And, if there are any disruptions, you will be alerted in real time by phone, email, or text message. Because everything is wireless, the system

Closeby Network

The CloseBy Network is an emergency alert system with monitoring service and home emergency monitoring system designed for use by individuals with disabilities or seniors who are at risk for medical emergencies. The system includes activity monitoring and direct caregiver access to monitoring through the Internet. The system monitors daily activity through motion detectors strategically placed in areas such as the bathroom, meal preparation areas, entry way, and bedroom. For example, motion sens


FamilyLink is a tablet computer with a touch screen with an attachable keyboard and a home emergency monitoring system designed to provide the means for a child or caregiver to monitor remotely a person with a cognitive disability or a senior. The FamilyLink is a tablet computer that is pre-loaded with a suite software of software that allows a person to communicate with and monitor a person from a distance. The FamilyLink requires a wireless internet connection and a subscription to the FamilyL


The HomeSaver is a home emergency monitoring system designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities, hearing disabilities, and seniors. This multi-zone remote property monitor and controller allows users to remotely monitor and control systems from any telephone, anywhere. Also serving as a freeze alarm and a high or low temperature alarm, it can interface with and monitor temperature sensors, door switches, motion detectors, heating and cooling systems, freezers and refrigerated spac

Life Warning Home Based System

The Life Warning Home Based System is an emergency alert system with monitoring service designed for use by seniors or individuals with balance or mobility disabilities or who are at risk for medical emergencies. The system includes a console that calls a professionally monitored central station when activated by a wireless pendant transmitter. Two versions of the console are available - one requiring a landline and one that uses a mobile wireless telephone connection. Both consoles have a speak

Simplyhome System

The SimplyHome System is an electronic caregiver monitoring device. By communicating with multiple sensors to observe activities of daily living, the SimplyHome System alerts caregivers and family members of changes in a patient's behavioral patterns. Text, email or phone alerts can be generated by a single event, an intersection of multiple events or by inactivity. Various accessories are able to be connected to the monitor such as an emergency response button, a medication dispenser, etc.The d


SoundAlert is an emergency alert system designed for people who are deaf or hard of hearing or have other communication disabilities. The SoundAlert system consists of a base station; two sound detection modules; one motion sensor module; and a wireless handheld personal digital assistant (PDA), which uses the Microsoft Pocket PC operating system. The sound detection modules are placed in locations where they can detect critical sounds (such as a fire alarm or door bell) and transmit a signal

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