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Wheelchair Control Switch Assessment System

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Joystick (& Mouse) Trainer

The Joystick (& Mouse) Trainer is a wheelchair control switch assessment program designed to enable users to learn the skills necessary to operate a powered wheelchair without the risks associated with operating the chair itself. This program begins at a very early motor and cognitive level with simple exploratory activities for gross movement and cognitive awareness, moves through initial proportional path-oriented tasks, and graduates to maze games for fine control. As the user's skill le

Motorized Wheelchair Trainer (Model 1520)

Motorized wheelchair trainer is a wheelchair control switch assessment designed to provide assessment of user's perceptual skills prior to purchase of a powered wheelchair. The device contains four directional arrows which light up and sound a beeper in response to the direction of the joystick. In use, the teacher or therapist stands behind the client who is seated in a conventional wheelchair. By watching the indicator arrows on the device, the teacher can push the wheelchair in the direction


Wheels! is a video game designed for use by children with cognitive, sensory, or motor disabilities. This game can be played as a game or it can be used to teach wheelchair control skills. This three-dimensional video game has players fight evil clowns and mad robots with pie guns that "cream" the monsters with lemon meringue pies; the monsters fight back with pie guns that fire blueberry pies. The game uses easy-to-follow mazes set in a familiar school setting with familiar objects. Each maze o

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