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Crutch Holder for Scooter

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Crutch Bag For Scooter

The Crutch Bag for Scooter is designed for use by people with lower extremity, walking or mobility disabilities who use crutches and a scooter. This bag, which is available made of nylon, sunbrella, or cordura, provides the means for transport a pair of crutches while seated in a wheelchair. The bag attaches to the back of a scooter using a bungee tie (included) and fits one pair of crutches in an upright position. It has an outer pocket for additional items and a flap with a Velcro closure. DIM

Crutch Carrier

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a customized crutch carrier for a scooter used by person with post-polio syndrome. This device is created by cutting two 30 centimeter lengths of PVC tubing that are large enough in diameter to accommodate the lower part of the crutches while holding them firmly in position. Two tube clips are used to hold each piece of tubing in place, and are screwed through into the frame of the scooter seat back. TITLE: Carrying Crutches. JOURNAL: TAD Journal. REF: Volu

Diestco Fabric Cane And Crutch Holders (Models B6213 & B6313)

The Diestco Fabric Cane and Crutch Holders are cane or crutch holders for wheelchairs or scooters side pouch designed for use by individuals with mobility, walking, or lower extremity disabilities. Made of water-resistant nylon, this carrier is shaped similarly to a golf bag and is available with a mounting system for use on captain-style scooter seats or wheelchairs without push handles (model B6213) or on wheelchairs with push handles (model 6313).


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