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Syringe Filling Device

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Insul-Cap (Part #ic200S) Insulin Bottle Accessory

The Insul-Cap stores, identifies insulin bottles, and helps load syringes. There are two different colored Insul-Caps: the orange cap has guides to allow the visually impaired to identify different insulin types.

Prodigy Count-A-Dose

The Prodigy Count-A-Dose is a syringe filling device designed for use by individuals with diabetes who are blind or have low vision. This product consists of two parts: a rectangular base into which the user places a syringe and a T-shaped bar that holds one or two vials of insulin. The user secures a syringe in the rectangular base with the plunger pushed completely in the syringe. Then the T-bar with the vial(s) is fastened to the base so that the needle is inserted into a vial. The user then

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