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Men's Vest

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Adult Bib Short Vest

The Adult Bib Short Vest is a clothing protector designed for use by individuals with eating, fine motor or upper extremity disabilities, cerebral palsy, or spinal cord injury. With the look of a regular vest, the Adult Bib Short Vest provides a dressier alternative to the standard terry cloth bib. Made of 100% cotton, this reversible adult bib has a Velcro tab closure and waterproof stitched lining.


AffloVest is a vest therapy which utilizes High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation, and is intended for use by people with respiratory disabilities. The vest is lightweight and runs off of battery, dc outlet, or ac outlet power. There are no hoses or carts, so this oscillation vest leaves the user fully mobile during treatment. The vest uses percussive forces transmitted to the lungs in order to mobilize secretions, but instead of using the traditional single waveform, AffloVest generates 8 wavefo

Fun And Function Weighted Compression Vest

Fun And Function Weighted Compression Vest is for steady input and body awareness for kids and adults on the autism spectrum, with sensory processing disorders, or hyperactivity. It encourages calm, focus, and concentration for learning. Soft neoprene shell for comfort, air-conditioned mesh sides, and pockets to place adjustable weights. Includes hook and loop closures on sides and shoulder for easy size adjustment.

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