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Dispenser Aids

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Ableware 764302000 Easy Shampoo Basin by Maddak

The Easy Shampoo Basin is a tool for caregivers to assist with washing patients' hair. The simple, easy-to-use, inflatable tray comfortably supports and cushions the head, neck, and shoulders during the shampooing process. The unique double-tube design prevents splashing and spilling. Users will also appreciate the drain hose that conveniently removes soap suds and water for easy clean-up.

Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

The Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser, model 8360, is a liquid soap dispenser designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. As the user places a hand under the unit's plastic dolphin, a photocell detects the hand and the dolphin automatically dispenses a predetermined amount of liquid soap. Red eyes on the dolphin light as soap dispenses. Made from ABS and PP plastic, the unit has a skid-free base and is wall mountable. It holds up to eight ounces of standard liquid soap. POWE

Autosqueeze Eyedrop Bottle Squeezer

Autosqueeze Eyedrop Bottle Squeezer is a designed for use by individuals with decreased hand strength and manual dexterity. The enlarged levers help to make bottles easier to squeeze by providing extra leverage.

Coloplast Triad Hydrophilic Dressing, Model1964

Coloplast Triad Hydrophilic Dressing absorbs excess exudation while retaining moist wound environment. It is designed for people with disabilities or that need to recover from accident. It is a Zinc oxide-based hydrophilic paste gently adheres to moist wound beds. Sterile, non-adhesive dressing gently covers moist, weeping wounds, and spreads evenly over entire wound area. Helps maintain an optimal wound healing environment to facilitate natural auto-lytic debridement. Ideal alternative for diff

Container Aids

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable an individual with Friedrich's ataxia to dispense various items that come in spray containers requiring a button to be depressed with the index finger. Purchasing spray bottles with trigger levers, which can be filed with body spray, hairspray, conditioner, etc. for easier application. MATERIALS: Trigger spray bottles. AUTHOR: Labbe, A. TITLE: Quest Extra: Doing It Yourself. JOURNAL: Quest. WEB SITE: http://www.mda.org/publications/quest/extra/qe14-5

Device To Operate Spray Cans

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual with arthritis to operate spray cans. This device slips over the top of the can and is secured with an aluminum band and tightened with a wing nut. A handle is attached to one side of the band, and a separate trigger mechanism is atrtached at 90 degrees to the handle. The trigger mechanism requires minimal pressure to release the spray. To TITLE: Kill Them Flies. JOURNAL: TAD Journal. REF: Vol. 12 no. 1, Autumn 2001: p. 17. PAGES (including cov

Diy Talking Shampoo Or Conditioner Bottle

---- DO IT YOURSELF ENTRY --------- PURPOSE: To create a do-it-yourself auditory alert for a shampoo or conditioner bottle for the elderly and/or individuals with visual impairments. The bottle plays an auditory message (e.g., "shampoo" or "conditioner") when the lid is opened. The message is intended to help someone differentiate or identify bath products when in the shower or bathing. Step 1: Record a message onto a recordable greeting card. Open and close the card to check that the message h

E-Pill Station

The Automatic e-pill® Station is a locked medication pill box system that automatically puts the user’s medicine in a dispensing cup. This device is intended for those with dexterity problems, past medication errors, and complex medication regiments. At each scheduled time, the alarm sounds and the inside tray rotates to make the next set of medications available. If medications are left in position when the next scheduled alarm time is reached, they will be rotated away (this is how the e-pill

E-Z Spray Handle

The E-Z Spray Handle is a spray can dispenser lever designed for use by individuals with arthritis or other disabilities of the hand. This lightweight adapter fits most personal care and household spray cans. The unit can be transferred from one can to another and features a large handle and push-down trigger lever to activate the spray.

Easy Open Pill Bottle

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Aids in the inability to open a standard, twist-cap prescription pill bottle. Sugru molding rubber adheres to the bottle's cap making for an ergonomic pill opener. COMMENTS: For those with motor issues, such as arthritis, this modified pill bottle can help one open pill bottle more easily.

Easy Out Tube Squeezer

The Easy Out Tube Squeezer is a tube key designed to enable individuals with upper extremity disabilities to dispense toothpaste, lotions, salves, and household products from tubes. The tube is placed in the device and the top of the device is depressed to dispense. The tube is squeezed from the botom up and a unique feature enables the last drops of product to be squeezed out after the tube has been expelled up to the collar.

Itouchless Towel-Matic Ii Automatice Paper Towel Dispenser

The iTouchless Towel-Matic II Automatic Paper Towel Dispenser is designed for use by individuals with limited fine motor or hand dexterity due to arthritis or Parkinson’s Disease. This product utilizes an automatic proximity sensor to dispense a pre-determined length of paper towel for cleaning up spills, drying hands and more. Hygienic and smart, this handy appliance is effortless and economical, ensuring your paper towels never unravel or tear midway. The built in optical scanner identifies t

Kitchen Liquid Measure For Blind

The Kitchen Liquid Measure is a tool designed for low vision or blind cooks. The device allows precisely one tablespoon of liquid to be poured at a time.

Lavatory Mounted All Purpose Soap Dispenser (Model 0332)

The Lavatory Mounted All Purpose Soap Dispenser, model 0332, is a pump-top soap dispenser designed for use by individuals with grasping or fine motor disabilities. The unit's corrosion-resistant valve dispenses viscous lotion soaps and synthetic detergents. Polyethylene globe fills from the top and holds 20 or 34 fluid ounces. The free turning spout and stem are stainless steel with bright finish. The escutcheon is chrome-plated brass. The adjustable threaded shank allows for installation in cou

Liquid Soap Caddy

DO IT YOURSELF ENTRYPURPOSE: To provide a stable holder for liquid soap pump bottles used by people with upper extremity, grasping, or fine motor disabilities, arthritis, or use of one hand. This artzicle, part of a chapter entitled "Bathroom & Washing Up," provides illustrated step-by-step instructions with a detailed materials list for making a simple holder to enable the user to dispense liquid soap from a pump-style container without holding or grasping the bottle. MATERIALS: 1 x 3 inch

Mechanized Drinking Aid

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Aids in the inability to drink independently. A retracting arm, tubing, adhesive and a tennis ball make up the drinking aid which fits onto a wheelchair. COMMENTS: This mechanized drinking aid is designed for someone who has severely limited hand/upper extremity use (such as those with muscular dystrophy or ALS) and couldn't normally drink independently.


The MED-E-LERT is an automatic pill dispenser. The device is intended for users with mental illness, vision loss, or those with complex medication regimens. Features include:

Pill Dispenser

The Pill Dispenser is a electronic device that enables individuals with limited movement to take pills independently. This product can run on a web server, which is used to setup dose times. Internet connection may be used for time synchronization. Doses can also be controlled by button display.


The Tricella Pillbox is designed to for users who need assistance detecting if they forgot to take their pills or took the wrong ones. The pillbox tracks the users progress history log through an application that sends notifications of what pills to take, missed pills, or wrong ones. The smart sensors on the device detect when users are taking their pills and informs the app. 

Roll A Lotion Massager And Lotion Applicator

The Roll a Lotion Massager and Lotion Applicator is a dual functioning device designed to enable individuals with mobility and upper extremity disabilities to simultaneously apply lotion to difficult-to-reach places while massaging their muscles. Fill the Roll a Lotion Massager and Lotion Applicator with moisturizer, oil or foaming bath gel. Then the 19 rolling balls will begin to soothe and invigorate muscles as they work to evenly massage in the liquid. The extra-long removable handle makes re

Sensor Soap Pump

The Sensor Soap Pump is a liquid soap or lotion dispenser designed for use by individuals with neurological, upper extremity, or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. This automatic unit dispenses soap touch-free when the user places a hand under the sensor. An LED light timer blinks for 20 seconds to indicate how long to lather for germ-free hands. Four volume settings allow the pump to dispense preset amounts of soap or lotion. The unit holds 14 ounces of soap or lotion. POWER: U

Shampoo-Aide Shampoo Tray-Wire Extender

The Shampoo-Aide Shampoo Tray-Wire Extender makes shampooing more comfortable and less messy. Provides comfort for any seated individual because of its complete adjustability to fit various body types. It rests comfortably on the shoulders, eliminating the discomfort of leaning over a sink or lying back in a shampoo bowl. The trays raised edges channel water into the sink keeping the floor dry. Fits most kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room sinks or shampoo bowls. The hinged center allows for hei

Shaving Foam Dispenser.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Device to allow a shaving foam (or any aerosol can) to be operated by pushing down a handle. Useful for those with limited hand function. Aerosol can dispenser made with a 4 by 6 inch wooden base, a 1 by 1 inch upright fastened to one side drilled with several holes to correspond with the heights of various cans, and a cross handle 2 by 1 by 6 inches with a 1 inch U cut to fit around the upright. The handle is fastened to the upright with a wing nut at

Sluice Pouring Aid

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: Sluice prototype allows individuals suffering from arthritis or having limited upper body strength to easily dispense beverages without supporting the full weight of the liquids in their containers. Designed to accommodate a variety of standard containers from cartons to 2 liters to gallons jugs, Sluice was developed through extensive prototyping and user testing.

Spray Can Aid.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Device that allows a spray can to be operated by a pushing motion of the hand. Device made of a wire loop bent into a U attached to a metal strip using a smaller metal strip bent in half and pop rivets. The wire is fastened to the can with a size 40 hose clamp. The metal strip is bent to go over the top of the nozzle of the can then down, so that pressure on it forces the nozzle down. SKILLS REQUIRED: Assembly. AUTHOR: Independence Factory TITLE: Make

Spray Can Extension Aids.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Devices to allow persons with weak hands to use spray cans. Diagrams and photographs of simple devices made of 1/16 inch hard aluminum to make it easier to operate two types of spray cans. SKILLS REQUIRED: Metalworking. AUTHOR: Bhatia, L; Hoover, G TITLE: Spray Can Extension Aids JOURNAL: Canadian Journal of Occupational Therapy REF: Vol 48 no 2, Apr 1981: p 90 PAGES ( including cover): 2 1981.

TheraSIP Thera Straws Set for Swallowing Trainer

TheraSIP Thera Straws are swallowing trainers designed for people with palsy and other mobility disabilities. They are designed with a  decreasing interior diameters and restrict bolus size and maximize safe intake of thin liquids, a safe method for keeping individuals on thin liquids. They can be shaped (bent) by placing in a microwave, shortened as needed, and cleansed after each use. Recommended for individual use only.

Toothpaste Dispenser (Model 3348)

The Toothpaste Dispenser, model 3348, is a countertop dispensing aid. It is designed to dispense the correct amount of toothpaste unto a toothbrush from a 4.3 or 4.6-ounce stand-up pump style canister for people with the use of only one hand. Once the user places the pump in the plastic countertop dispenser and aligns the toothbrush with the guide underneath the nozzle, all he or she has to do is press down on the dispenser lever with one hand or arm to dispense the correct amount of toothpaste.

Touch 'n' Brush Toothpaste Dispenser

The Touch ‘N Brush Toothpaste Dispenser is a toothpaste dispenser designed for use by individuals with fine motor disabilities, limited hand strength, arthritis or individuals with the use of only one hand. This wall mountable unit secures to a wall's surface with two suction cups (included). The user can press on the suction cups, insert any size toothpaste tube with the end that dispenses toothpaste pointing downward and slide on the cover. Toothpaste is dispensed when the user pushes the end

Tube Roller

The Tube Roller is a tube key designed for use by individuals with fine motor or grasping disabilities or arthritis. Wrapping the bottom of a toothpaste or ointment tube around the unit enables the user to turn a knob to squeeze the last of the contents out. SIZES: Small or large. DIMENSIONS: The small roller fits tubes up to 2.25 inches wide and the large fits tubes up to 2.75 inches wide.

Tube Squeezer

The Tube Squeezer is a tube key designed for use by individuals with arthritis or other disabilities of the hand. The unit consists of a base into which the bottom of a plastic or metal toothpaste, ointment, or other tube is placed. Turning the key on the side dispenses the product. As the tube empties, it wraps around the key.

Tube Squeezer (Model Ha-4211)

The Tube Squeezer, model HA-4211, is a tube key and toothpaste dispenser designed for use by individuals with use of one hand. It has a thumb rotator screw to put prussure on toothpaste and similar tubes. DIMENSIONS: 55 millimeters diameter. WEIGHT: 27 grams.

Vtuber Tube Squeezer (Model Ts11)

The Vtuber Tube Squeezer is a tube key designed for use by individuals with minor arthritis or other disabilities of the hand. The user slides the squeezer on the tube to push contents toward the nozzle. The squeezer locks on the tube to prevent backflow and keep the contents ready for dispensing. With a light squeeze, the user can dispense precise amount with less effort. DIMENSIONS: The slot accepts tubes up to 2.5 inches wide.

Wired Bandage

The Wired Bandage was designed as a bandage that can give the user the correct dosage of medicine. The Wired Bandage is made of electrically conductive fibers coated in hydrogel. It can be set to trigger medicine to release by smart phone or to release by itself. An attached microcontroller (about the size of a postage stamp) sends voltage through select fibers at select times. When it does so, those fibers heat up, also heating the gel that covers them. This causes the gel to release the medica


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