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One Hand Cutlery Set

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Ableware One-Hand Cutlery Set (Model H746100000)

The Ableware One-Hand Cutlery Set, model H746100000, is designed for persons with the use of only one hand. This combination knife and fork can be used with either hand. When pushed down onto the food, the four-tined fork retracts up inside the three-sided box knife. The knife then cuts a bite-sized piece of food. When pressure is released, the spring-mounted fork emerges from the knife with the food. A raised lip guard on the fork section protects lips from the knife edges. All parts may be dis

Fork Aid And One Hand Cutlery

The Fork Aid and One Hand Cutlery is an eating utensil designed for persons that have a disability that hinders their ability to feed themselves. It is a stainless steel automatic serving fork and its design is such that when the user puts food in their mouth, as the user pulls the fork back out of their mouth, the food on the fork is pushed off the fork. Ideal for one-handed users as well.

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