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Accessible Kitchen Components

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4-in-1 Multi Jar Opener

4-in-1 Multi Jar Opener is a kitchen aid designed to be used by individuals who have limited mobility or arthritis. The product has four different opener sizes that can fit around bottle caps. It provides an easy grip surface for opening bottles. 

Accessible Living Collection - Accessible Cabinets

The Accessible Living Collection - Accessible Cabinets are accessible kitchen components designed for use by wheelchair users. These base cabinets for the kitchen feature countertops low enough to be accessible to wheelchair users, toe kicks allowing for wheelchair access, and wheelchair reachable storage options. Cabinets in the collection include an Accessible Tambour Base Cabinet, an Accessible Base Lazy Susan, an Accessible Base Cabinet with Pullout Table, an Accessible Dishwasher Base Cabin

Ada Series Classic Design

ADA Series Classic Design is a kitchen with accessible components designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities, spinal cord injury,short stature, or other physical disabilities. This compact adjustable kitchen system includes an under-counter refrigerator, cooktop, oordinated finishes, and storage space for dry goods and cooking supplies. The Adaptable Sink Base easily converts to meet Americans with Disabilities Act specifications and the folding design stores c

Ada Undercounter Refrigerator (Model 6Ada)

The ADA Undercounter Refrigerator, model 6ADA, is a below counter refrigerator designed to be accessible to wheelchair users. This 5.4 cubic foot capacity refrigerator fits under a 34-inch high countertop. It has two easy-pull wire shelves with safety stops to prevent spillage. The top wire shelf has a 6.5-inch flip-up section to allow the user to store tall items underneath. Other features include an automatic interior light and full auto defrost. OPTIONS: Stainless steel door panel. DIMENSIONS

Approach For The Cabinet

The Approach for Cabinets are motorized adjustable kitchen components designed for individuals who use wheelchairs or who cannot reach standard cupboards. This motorized wall cabinet adjustment system uses a powered push button system to raise and lower kitchen cabinets (cabinetry not included) through a 20-inch height adjustment range. DIMENSIONS: Fits W3030 to W4830. WARRANTY: Two years.

Approach For The Sink & Approach For The Cooktop

Approachfor the Sink and Approach for the Cooktop (sold separately) are accessible and adjustable kitchen components designed for use by individuals who use wheelchairs. These motorized counter systems enable push-button height adjustment of kitchen sinks and cooktops. A flexible drain line is required and available for the sink system. INSTALLATION: Can be installed into a 36 to 48-inch wide cutout by any experienced contractor. DIMENSIONS: The height adjusts from 28 to 36 inches. WARRANTY: Two

Assist Food Cutting Board + Food Scoop

Assist Food Cutting Board + Food Scoop is a kitchen aid that helps with cutting. It is designed to be used by individuals with limited mobility. This product is lightweight and can be picked up with one hand using the bar. This product includes a 6 cup food scoop that can be used with one hand to quickly transfer cut food from the board to a plate, bowl, or pot. 

Dwyer Ada Kitchen Series - Elevated Refrigerator Design (Models Sae0735Bhr, Sae0765Bbr, Sae0795Bbr, Sae0825Bbr, Sae0855Bbr, Sae0885Bbr, Sae091Bbr, Sae0945Bbr, & Sae0975Bbr)

The Dwyer ADA Kitchen Series - Elevated Refrigerator Design, is an accessible kitchen with an elevated refrigerator, designed for use by individuals with arthritis or other disabilities that make it harder to bend over to reach lower shelves. The standard unit includes upper and lower cabinetry with bail style handles, post-formed laminate countertop, built-in upright refrigerator/freezer, 2-burner Ceran cooktop, range hood, drop-in stainless steel sink and Dwyer limited swing faucet. Except in

Dwyer Signature Ada Series

The Signature ADA Series is a kitchen with accessible components designed for use by individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities, spinal cord injury, short stature, or other physical disabilities. This kitchen system includes a large-capacity, frost-free upright refrigerator; electric surface burners; sink bowl; single- lever faucet; and exhaust hood. The Adaptable Sink Base converts to meet Americans with Disabilities Act specifications and the folding design stores components an

Electric Can Opener And Knife Sharpener

The electric can opener and knife sharpener is a kitchen tool for teens and up, who have a hard time using a regular can opener. This product would be ideal for those who have a disability that affects their motor skills and for persons with arthritis. Twist-Off cutting lever for easy cleaning. Built-in manual knife sharpener. Cord storage. Opens cans up to 6 ½ inches height. COLOR: White. DIMENSIONS: 8 ½ inches height x 4 3/8 width x 4 5/8 depth.

Fox Cabrail System

The Fox CabRail System is composed of adjustable cabinet units for kitchens, offices, bedrooms, and other applications requiring adaptable and accessible cabinetry. Available units include office desks and computer stands, file cabinets, oven units, stovetop cooking units, night stands and vanities, countertops, stackable drawer units, closet systems, and bathroom sink and vanity units. The units are designed to make efficient use of space while still making the cabinet contents accessible. For

Kinsman Weighted Dining Kit, Model 555651

Kinsman Weighted Dining Kit includes the basic dining products for persons with Parkinsons disease and other illnesses that cause tremors. It includes solid stainless steel KEaterly utensils, an insulated weighted bowl and insulated weighted cup with no-spill lid. It should not be used in microwave as steel weight has been internally added to the bowl and cup.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories.

Kitchen cabinet accessories. Combination pull out cutting board and drawer with slits for knives. Base cabinet with extra wide drawer unit with 2 side out trays. Divided pot lid slide out basket. Utility, vegetable slide out basket drawer. Cutlery tray with wooden dividers in drawer. Back of the counter storage space with tambor roll up door. Complete line of base cabinets designed for use by handicapped individuals using wheelchairs. Toe space height has been increased to clear wheelchair foot

Lazy Susan / Corner Susan

The Lazy Susan/Corner Susan is a lazy susan for cabinets designed for use by individuals who have difficulty reaching to the back of shelves. This revolving, three-quarter round pie-cut tray has a non-slip surface and can hold 35 pounds per shelf when the weight is evenly distributed. It is available in shelf-mounted or post-mounted versions for framed or frameless cabinets in the manufacturer's Arena Champagne cabinet accessory collection. DIMENSIONS: Tray diameter is 24, 28, or 32 inches.

Marsh Handicap Furniture

Marsh Handicap Furniture includes kitchen and bathroom cabinets, desks, and bookcases designed to be accessible to wheelchair users. Toe kicks beneath cabinet floors are higher and deeper to allow for passage for wheelchair users. Hinges open 180 degrees for barrier free access. Cabinet heights are customizable. Furniture is available in many styles and finishes. DIMENSIONS (HxD): Toe kicks are 8.5 x 6 inches.

Multi-Function Food Preparation Board

Multi-Function Food Preparation Board is an adapted cutting board designed to assist those with weak hand function and mobility disabilities. The rubberwood lid features four spikes to keep fruit and vegetables in place for peeling and cutting with one hand, assisting the user is slicing, peeling, grating, and preparing food.

Nemco 55100E 1/4" Easy Dicer Two Way Vegetable Cutter

The Nemco 55100E 1/4" Easy Dicer Two Way Vegetable Cutter is a product designed for those individuals with upper extremity disabilities to safely handle food preparation. Its two-way cutting action dices and slices at once, to minimize handling and provide cleaner cuts. In seconds, the Nemco Easy Dicer provides uniform, precision dicing in one operation. This consistent output increases yield and reduces food waste. The Nemco 55100E is equipped with stainless steel blades that stay sharp and tau

Passport Series Cabinets

Passport Series Cabinets are accessible cabinets for the home office and kitchen designed for use by wheelchair users and individuals of short stature. This universal design series combines traditional cabinetry with features such as low countertops and drawers.

Supreme Modules Adjustable Counters

Supreme Modules Adjustable Counters are accessible counters designed for use by individuals with mobility disabilities. The patented motorized lifting mechanism enables the stovetop or sink to be lowered up to six inches for wheelchair access.The plumbing, electrical system and lifting mechanism are built in to the unit which repaces existing counters. The counter supports up to 250 pounds and can be raised or lowered as needed using the push button on the front of the unit or with the included

Tomato Slicer Helper

The Tomato Slicer Helper is a kitchen aid to help individuals who are blind or have limited mobility to slice tomatoes. The user places the tomato in between the two clamps and then cuts through the slots. The tomato slicer has slots that the knife passes through.

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