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Anti Skid Tape

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3M Durapore Silk Cloth Hypoallergenic Tape, Model-1538-0

3M Durapore Silk Cloth Hypoallergenic Tape is a silk-like tape with hypoallergenic adhesive that offers high strength and adhesion for secured dressing. It's adhesion provides security for critical taping situations and is excellent for securing regular and bulky dressings, tubing, and immobilization. Adheres well to dry skin.

3M Medipore Soft Cloth Tape

3M Medipore Soft Cloth Tape features easy-tear perforated rolls. It's designed for people with skin injuries or extremity disabilities. It is a latex-free and hypoallergenic tape that offers adhesion but is also gentle to reduce risk of skin irritation. Cross and diagonal stretch, accommodates moderate swelling or movement. The tape is water resistant, porous, and breathable. There is no paper liner for more economical and efficient use, and the tape is perforated so scissors are not required. U

3M Micropore Paper Tape With Dispenser, Model-1535-0

3M Micropore Paper Tape With Dispensers is intended to be a gentle, general taping paper tape. It is designed for people with mobility disabilities. It is conformable, hypoallergenic and is suitable for repeated applications on sensitive skin, fragile skin, and elderly patients. It is available in a dispenser pack for easy tear and convenience.

3M Safety-Walk Slip-Resistant General Purpose Tape - 600 Series

3M Safety-Walk Slip-Resistant General Purpose Tape – 600 Series is anti-skid tape designed for use to prevent slipping on floors and stairs. The tape has a mineral coated, high traction surface with pressure-sensitive adhesive backing. The adhesive is covered by a removable protective liner. The tape can be applied to flat surfaces, stairs, ramps, or entrances with light to heavy traffic. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 60 feet x 0.75, 1, 2, 4, 6, 12, 18, 24, 36, or 48 inches, or 2 feet x 6 inches. COLOR: Bla

Anti-slip Strips

The Anti-slip Strips is designed for use by individuals with mobility or upper extremity disabilities. This strip of anti-slip silicon can be wrapped around objects, making them safer to hold. The anti-strip can be strip around a pan, cup handle, toothbrushes, pen and more for a better grip. Additionally, the strip ‘sticks’ to itself and is not adhesive so it can be removed whenever required.

Handi-Tread Non Skid Stair Strips

Handi-Tread Non Skid Stair Strips are anti-slip tape designed for use to make ramps, floors, and other surfaces safer for individuals with balance or walking disabilities. This non-skid traction tread can be applied where water, ice, snow or sand can make walking slippery and dangerous, including boat docks, marinas, staircases, ramps, curb cuts, and homes. Strips are made of aluminum with a plain, anodized, or powder coated surface. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 30 x 1.875 inches. COLOR: Black, brown, red,

Master Stop Glow Stripe Step Tread

Master Stop Glow Stripe Step Tread is a non slip step tread designed for use by individuals with low vision or walking disabilies. Installed on the edge of each step, this glow-in-the-dark anti-slip tape provides navigation guidance during power outages and other low-light situations. Its abrasive mineral surface helps prevent slipping regardless of the light conditions. The glow-in-the-dark stripe is rechargeable from any light source. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 6 x 24 or 5.5 x 5.5 inches. Custom sizes

Molnlycke Mepitac Soft Silicone Tape, Model-298300

Molnlycke Mepitac Soft Silicone Tape minimizes pain and trauma at dressing changes. It is ideal fixation for patients with fragile and sensitive skin. The unique Safetac adhesive makes sure that Mepitac can be changed without damaging the skin. Knitted fabric is comfortable and easy to cut. It also conforms well to body contours.

Safety Track

Safety Track is non-slip floor covering and anti-skid tape designed to reduce the risk of falls by individuals with balance or walking disabilities. The material provides traction on interior ramps, ladders and walkways. It adheres to clean, dry surfaces including wood, metal or concrete. The material is applied by peeling off its backing and pressing it onto the surface. The material comes in strips of various widths, which can be cut to the required length. DIMENSIONS (LxW): 60 feet x 4, 6, 1

Tenura Non-Slip Material Rolls And Strips

The Non-Slip Material Rolls and Strips are a grasping aid, non-slip floor covering, and non-slip placemat material designed for use by individuals with neuromuscular, grasping or fine motor disabilities or spasticity. This non-slip material is designed to provide customized solutions for improving a person's ability to grasp an object, reducing the risk of slipping on a floor, and preventing plates, bowls and crockery from sliding on tables, counters and trays. The material for the strips is a f

Wellness Mats

This wellness mat is designed for individuals who have difficulty standing for some period of time. These wellness mats support the body, cushion feet, and reduce muscle fatigue and because of its beveled or slanted edges it does not curl and prevents slipping. It resists bacteria, stains, abrasion, and heat up to 400 degrees. Non-slip bottom. Easy to clean. Made of latex free non-slip polyurethane.

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