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Big Ole Squeezy Basketball

The Big Ole Squeezy Basketball is a ball designed for use by people with disabilities and limited upper body mobility. Users can squish, catch, bounce, squeeze, and shoot baskets with this textured basketball. It can be used for finger strengthening and 2-handed fidgeting fun. Can be used as a stress ball and desktop office toy.

13" Flame Retardant Oven Mitt

The 13" Flame Retardant Oven Mitt is a product to be used during food preparation while using the oven. It is designed for individuals with neurological disabilities who can't control their muscle movements or for those more likely to burn themselves. It is fire retardant and protects up to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.

Accessible Zipper Pull

The Accessible Zipper Pull is designed for those individuals with arthritis and upper extremity disabilities to help them get dressed.

AliMed AliRail Bed Rail

The AliMed AliRail Bed Rail is designed for individuals with mobility and balance disabilities who need assistance getting in and out of the bed. Its M-shaped design allows for two-handed gripping. Provides protection without enclosing the user completely. No-slip, ergonomically shaped foam-covered grip makes holding the bed rail handle easier. Double cross brace for maximum support. Strong nylon straps wrap around box springs to provide more counter weight and extra-secure installation. Three-p

Animal Cracker Oral Motor Exercise with Shape Identification

Anti-Cut and -Slash Sleeve

The Anti-Cut and -Slash Sleeve is a cut resistant sleeve designed for users with lack of strength or lack of mobility. The device provides protection for the whole arm when handling sharp objects. The device is made with 100% Kevlar twill and a 5 inch cuff with an adjustable closure for added safety while working. Additionally, the device is elastic across the back and chest.  Grommets are located on the sleeve to provide breathability and help prevent heat buildup. 

Anti-Slash Shin Guard

The Anti-Slash Shin Guard is a cut resistant shin guard designed for users with lack of strength or lack of mobility. The shin guard is made with a double layer of 100% Kevlar twill to help prevent cuts and abrasions when working with sharp materials. The guard pad provides extra protection for the delicate shin area. It is intended for use when heat is involved, or while grinding or welding. The 3 elastic straps and hook-and-loop closure make the shin guard easy to don and remove. 

Bellavita Auto Bath Lifter

The Bellavita Auto Bath Lifter is a light and low bath lift designed for people with severe physical disabilities to use. The adaptive bath equipment is innovative, easy to use and makes getting in and out of any size tub safe. Completely tool free set up makes it easy to install and operate. The Bellavita weighs 20.5 pounds and can lower to 2.3 inches. It is easy to transport or stow away with a folding back and completely tool free set-up making it ideal for home use or when away. Good for dee

Bi-Color Teaching Shoelaces

Big Grips Slim Frame For iPad

The Big Grips Slim Frame for iPad is a soft, tactile protective frame that is slim enough to fit into a charging station with the Big Grips Slim Frame for iPad. It is designed for individuals with special needs or for people with ataxia and other limited mobility disabilities to give them full control of their iPad. The Big Grips Slim Frame is designed for charging and storage carts and features a thinner profile to accommodate many iPad charging carts.

Birds Friends Hand Strengthening Play Dough Mat

Birds Friends Hand Strengthening Play Dough Mat is a free printable designed for use by children with fine motor and grasping disabilities to improve fine motor skills with a bird theme. Adding a motor component to a leaning theme can be a strategy to help children learn through play while boosting the fine motor skills they need for tasks like holding a pencil grasp, having endurance while coloring and writing. This activity improves dexterity in pencil control, which plays a big part in fluid

Black On Yellow BigKeys LX

The Black on Yellow Big Keys LX is a keyboard designed for use by those individuals with low vision to allow for easier typing. Large letters and contrasting colors (black on yellow) can be ordered in Standard QWERTY or ABC format. The keyboard has 1-inch square keys features all special character key on a regular keyboard with the exception of the numeric pad. The large keys makes this usable with Window-Eyes. Full-featured keyboard, with all punctuation, functions keys, etc. Includes AT and PS

Bubble Illusion

The Bubble Illusion is a therapeutic activity for children ages 5 to 10 with ataxia or a lack of eye hand coordination that demands bilateral coordination. This therapeutic product requires a patient to stabilize the octagon shape piece (like stabilizing a piece of paper for writing) and with the other hand, twist the other end so the iridescent mylar strands create an optical illusion of an ever-changing bubble. Patients may then twirl it faster to create the illusion of 2 small bubbles. 

CanDo Balance Board Combo

The CanDo® Balance Board Combo™ is a heavy-duty balance board designed for people with balance disabilities to use to improve balance, body awareness and ankle range-of-motion. Each board includes two MVP® Instability Balls: use one for a wobble board, use two for a rocker board. Each board can later be adjusted to change instability level or change board from wobble to rocker or rocker to wobble by purchasing additional MVP® instability balls and replacing them into the balance board insets. No

CanDo Board-On-Stone Balance Trainer

The CanDo® Board-On-Stone™ Balance Trainer is a balance training device designed for children with lower extremity and balance disabilities to challenge their balance skills by combining the MVP® platform topper with an inflatable product such as a balance stone. Available in 6 size combinations. Platform is non-slip. Stone is inflatable for varied difficulty.

Carex Detach-N-Go Pillbox

The Carex Detach-N-Go Pillbox is a week long AM-PM daily medication and vitamin organizer with detachable daily pill boxes designed to be a medication reminder system for the elderly or those with memory problems. Each AM-PM compartment easily holds twenty-five aspirin-sized pills. Seven AM-PM interlocking compartments are self contained with snap on lids that form a tight seal to protect medications and vitamins, but are easy to open. Curved sides help make sliding the pills out of the compartm

Carex MediChest Curved Weekly Pill Organizer

The Carex MediChest Curved Weekly Pill Organizer is a pill box made for people with arthritis, with a contoured design that helps make removing pills easier, or for individuals with a memory disorder. The box features labels that indicate the time of day that can serve as reminders. The weekly medication planning system organizes morning, noon, evening and bedtime medication doses. The Carex MediChest Weekly Pill Organizer Includes seven portable compartments that are labeled with the day of the

Child Full Support Swing Seat

The Child Full Support Swing Seat is a hanging apparatus made for children with upper and lower disabilities to swing on. The high-backed swing seats provide a supported ride. The seat incorporates a pommel and safety harness. The rope hardware allows the seat to be adjusted to height and rake. Seats are made from a strong but soft plastic. Weight limit is 100 pounds; also available in Teen and Adult sizes.

Children's Chaise Child Seat

The Children’s Chaise Child Seat is a bath seat designed for children to bathe themselves. Features a handgrip to make transporting easy, a notch for a hand held shower, and an indented pad to hold a bar of soap. A double belt fits around the thighs to ensure safety while in the bathtub. A softer plastic height adjustable headrest holds the head in a comfortable but secure position, a necessity when head control is limited. Originally designed for the bathtub, the Children's Chaise Child Seat is

CIMGO Tandem Downhill Wheelchair

The CIMGO Tandem Downhill Wheelchair is a tandem mountain bike for wheelchair users to be able to access places normally unaccessible. At the rear of the Cimgo, standing into skates, the pilot steers the front wheels using the inclinable handlebar. On the front, the passenger is comfortably installed in a bucket seat. The pilot is linked to a safety brake that will be automatically initiated in case of fall. This system is also used as parking brake for safety. Usable on chairlifts and gondolas.

Core-Training Vestibular Dome

Core-Training Vestibular Dome can be used as a vestibular board or as a vestibular ball. In either case, the ball can be inflated or deflated to adjust the difficulty level. Includes Resistance Handles.


The Create-A-Beam is a product designed for children with lower extremity and balance disabilities to create dozens of balance challenges with easy-to-connect DuraTuff Foam beam sections. Sections join easily by inserting the 6-inch plastic rids into various pre-set holes. Beam designs can be created in less than a minute, and when disassembled it all fits easily into a box for neat, compact storage. Curve-A-Beam adds radius turns to the set. Activity Guide includes over 20 create and practical

Cut Resistant Ambidextrous Glove Large (Size 10)-RED COLLAR

The Cut Resistant Ambidextrous Glove Large (Size 10)-RED COLLAR is a flexible steel-mesh glove designed for people with ataxia, low vision and fine motor disabilities to use. A knife will not penetrate this glove. One glove that fits either the right or left hand.

Cutting Food Box

The Cutting Food Box is a play set that encourages young children to use their fine motor skills to prepare for using a knife correctly. The child places their index finger on the spine of this wood knife and slices the many foods. The children will hear a realistic "crunch" as they cut. The set includes 1 cutting board, 1 knife, and 8 food item with over 30 pieces. Items can be stored neatly in the wooden storage case.

Dirt King Big Kid Dually Tricycle

The Dirt King Big Kid Dually Tricycle is designed for children ages 7 and up with mobility disabilities to pedal toward better health and leg strength. Some assembly required. Instructions for assembly are included. 

DIY OT Playing Cards Holder

The DIY Playing Card Holders are homemade playing card holders for a 7-card game of Uno. Playing card games can be challenging for people with upper extremity disabilities such as people with limited dexterity, ataxia, and one hand. These DIY Playing Card Holders are solutions to the inability for these people to see all 7 of their cards at once. These DIY Playing Card Holders allow people with disabilities and small hands to hold their Uno cards with ease. There are 6 options suggested.

DIY Pumpkin Twister Game

The DIY Pumpkin Twister Game is designed for children with balance disabilities to play during the Fall, Halloween, or Thanksgiving time.

DIY Travel Games: Tic Tac Toe

DIY Travel Games: Tic Tac Toe is an activity for activities designed for fidgety children with fine motor and learning disabilities to do. DIY Travel Games: Tic Tac Toe works on pincher grip, turn taking and motor planning. It is part of a set that includes Maze Fun, Triangle Peg Solitaire, and Alphabet Learning. Each DIY activity is made with washi tape.

Eye Play the Piano

Eye Play the Piano is a system designed for the physically challenged to experience music. It is a system that allows a the user to play the piano without the use of the hands or arms. An eye-tracking device mounts on the user's head and allows them to select keys to play using eyesight, blinking, and head movements. 

Fall Alphabet Pack

The Fall Alphabet Pack is an alphabet pack set designed for children with learning disabilities to be used in the homeschool setting. This pack has over 30 pages that can be used for either coloring or painting as well as alphabet tracing strips. The user can either choose to cut the strips out or use them the way they are printed. To ensure the tracing pages or strips last longer, the user can laminate them or slip them into a protective sleeve.

Fine Motor Obstacle Course with Wikki Stix

Fine Motor Obstacle Course with Wikki Stix is a do it yourself activity for individuals with neurological impairments, fine motor disabilities, and ataxia to practice manipulation and planning (involved in setting up the obstacle course) and more. Users push and press their fingers into the table, leap and perform to complete all sorts of obstacles. Target finger isolation, thumb opposition, manual dexterity, motor planning, eye-hand coordination, crossing the midline, bilateral coordination, an

Finger Dexterity Exercise Game for Fine Motor Skills

The Finger Dexterity Exercise Game for Fine Motor Skills is a fun exercise for children that increases dexterity and helps them complete self-care tasks. This activity gives the player the ability to manipulate their fingers in a coordinated manner, allowing them to skillfully maneuver buttons, zippers, shoe laces, pencils, and other tools of learning and play. The Finger Dexterity Exercise Game for Fine Motor Skills exercises the little muscles of the hands, isolating fingers, and separating th

FlexEx 0001 Finger, Hand and Forearm Exerciser, Pack of 3

The FlexEx 0001 Finger, Hand and Forearm Exerciser, Pack of 3 is a set of three devices that effectively exercise and strengthen the fingers, hands, and forearms. Users can exercises all fingers at one time, or individual fingers, such as for flexion adduction, abduction and blocking exercises. Helps prevent/heal injury from repetitive keyboard usage, maximizes performance. Features three different resistance options: yellow: light resistance, red: medium resistance, blue: hard resistance.

Foldable Support Rail

The Foldable Support Rail is a grab bar designed for use by individuals with balance and limited mobility to use for transfer. The Foldable Support Rail folds against a wall when not in use. The rail attaches to a plate that is fixed to the wall. Held up when not needed by a spring-loaded cam. Hardware not included. Recommend installation by a qualified professional. Cannot return this product.

Four Finger Isolation Gloves

The Four Finger Isolation Gloves are a do it yourself products designed for people with upper extremity disabilities and Ataxia out of regular gloves to avoid accidental clicks on an accessible iPad. It is helpful to those individuals who have trouble with finger isolation. They can use the iPad normally.

From Rattles to Writing: A Parent's Guide to Hand Skills

Giant Gripper Soccer Ball

The Giant Gripper Soccer Ball is an oversized 36-inch diameter soccer ball designed for children with lower extremity disabilities to play with. It is covered with durable non-slip soft fabric. Ideal for cooperative or individual activities, indoors or out.

Glue Sticks and an Elastic Band

Glue Sticks and an Elastic Band is designed for people with upper extremity disabilities to create an easy T-shaped grip. This helps with penmanship and artistic abilities.

Handwriting/Manuscript Magnetic Dry Erase Board

The Handwriting/Manuscript Magnetic Dry Erase Board is designed for individuals with learning disabilities of all ages practice handwriting skills and to encourage fine motor skills and alphabet memorization. The user grabs a dry-erase marker and starts tracing each of the dotted-line letters printed on either side of this magnetic dry-erase board. One side features upper-case while the other side features lower-case and both feature arrows for helping kids practice handwriting. It can be combin

HealthCraft Bath Board

The HealthCraft® Bath Board is a bathboard designed for use by individuals with spinal cord injury, balance, mobility disabilities and arthritis to provide a secure place to sit on while bathing. The sturdy plastic seat makes washing, along with entering and exiting the bathtub, safer and easier. It features anti-slip friction feet that are easy to adjust for different widths of tubs. This helps to stabilize and secure the bath board without damaging your bathtub surface. It can be removed when

HealthCraft Smart-Rail

The HealthCraft® Smart-Rail is a transfer device designed for individuals with limited mobility and balance disabilities to make sitting up and transferring out of bed easier. Unlike other bed rails, the Smart-Rail has two positions: closed and open. In the closed position (parallel to the side of the bed), the rail provides support for making adjustments while in bed. In the open position, the rail pivots out from the bed and touches down to the ground to assist movement to a standing position.

Height Adjustable Tub Bar

The Height Adjustable Tub Bar is designed for individuals with mobility and balance disabilities to use while bathing. It features a durable, white powder-coated steel construction that is easy to clean. The handle design provides secure hand positions. The stainless steel locking mechanism and non-wearing rubber pads provide scratch-proof security. Fits most tubs (not for use with fiberglass tubs). Tool-free installation.

How To Create A LEGO Duplo Block Painting

How To Create A LEGO Duplo Block Painting is a do it yourself process art activity designed for those individuals with learning disabiliting to express their creativity, use their imagination, explore the world around them and make their own decisions.

I-Silicone Laser Clay Set

The I-Silicone Laser Clay Set is a pack of putty that changes color when exposed to ultraviolet light designed for children ages 4 and up with learning and emotional disabilities to use during therapeutic recreation. Young artists can write on the putty with the included "laser" light or place clay in direct sunlight to change its color.

K'Track Glucose wearable

KE Classic Bendable Tablespoon

The KE Classic Bendable Tablespoon is an adapted stainless steel spoon designed for people with eating and limited hand motion disabilities to improve hand to mouth motion for self-feeding. It can be angled left or right for people with limited hand, wrist or elbow movement. The large, non-slip handle is comfortable and easy for people with poor hand strength to grip.

KE Classic Bendable Weighted Fork

The KE Classic Bendable Weighted Fork is designed to help reduce hand tremors caused by Parkinson's essential tremors, ataxia while eating. It has a stainless steel shaft that can be bent to the left or right, and a heavy weighted handle. The soft, non-slip grip built up handle is easy for people with limited grip, arm or hand movement to hold. Bending the fork to the left or right is helpful for disabled users to more easily move food to their mouth. The KE Classic Bendable Weighted Fork has a

KE Classic Bendable Weighted Soup Spoon

The KE Classic Bendable Weighted Soup Spoon has a soft, built up handle that is weighted for providing additional stability for users who have difficulty eating due to shaking. It can be used by people with limited hand, wrist or elbow movement. The stainless steel spoon with a bendable shaft can be custom angled for left or right handed users. The spoon bowl is deeper and has a raised edge to help make scooping soup easier.

KE Classic Bendable Weighted Tablespoon

The KE Classic Bendable Weighted Tablespoon is an eating utensil designed for persons with ataxia and tremors or limited range of motion to eat with and improve self feeding skills. It features a heavy, non-slip handle that is comfortable to grip and easy for people with poor hand strength to hold. The added weight in the handle helps to stabilize hand tremors. The stainless steel shaft of the spoon can be angled left or right for people with limited hand, wrist or elbow movement.

Kids Doodle

KidsDoodle is a free functional application that gives children a fun way to exercise fine motor skills by drawing, doodling, and writing in visually appealing bright, glowing, neon color.

Knee Adductor Positioning Strap For AmTryke Tricycles

Knee Adductor Positioning Strap For AmTryke Tricycles are designed for individuals with ataxia to keep their legs in proper alignment while cycling. Hook and loop closures secure this strap. Sizing is the circumference of the thigh just above the knee.

Large Clear Plate Guard

The Large Clear Plate Guard is a piece made to sit on a plate designed for people who have tremors, ataxia, and other upper extremity disabilities to prevent food from being pushed off the edge of a plate. This high rim plastic guard helps make scooping food onto a utensil easier. The plate guard has an internal groove that fits around the rim of a plate with a diameter of 8 to 9 inches.

Little Ram Trikes

Little Rsm Trikes are child tricycles designed for younger people with mobility disabilities to encourage coordination, proper posture, balance, exercise and entertainment.

Loc - Dots

Clear Loc-Dots are raised dots designed for people with fine motor disabilities, little dexterity, or ataxia that can be used as tactile reference points on the keyboard, telephones, washing machine settings, stove, or oven knobs.

Mobo Triton Pro – The Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser

The Mobo Triton Pro – The Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser is a tricycle designed for individuals 48 – 75 inches tall with mobility disabilities to ride comfortably. Use the Mobo Triton Pro – The Ultimate Three Wheeled Cruiser for a smooth ride with this durable cycle. Single Speed Gearing. Rear Steering Handlebars. Free-Wheel Mechanism Hub. Hand Caliper. Chainless. Inflatable Rubber Tires. Cushioned. Safety Flag Included.

My Superhero Preschool Pack

The My Superhero Preschool Pack is a pack of arts and crafts tools designed for children with disabilities to encourage pencil control, visual motor planning as well as visual motor integration. Contains fluency patterns to trace and draw, mazes, and pattern. This pack has been designed for preschoolers, however may also be suitable for school age children in younger years.

Nerf Target Prize Game

The Nerf Target Prize Game is a do it yourself activity designed for children with perceptual motor disabilities to practice eye hand coordination.

No Tie Elastic Shoelace with Easy Lock

Otter Bathing System

The Otter Bathing System is an affordable alternative to a tub seat designed for individuals with limited mobility to use. It is with a Seat fabric can be slipped off to bathe a child sitting on the tub floor, supported by the chair back. Seat and back are angles are adjustable with five settings. Folds flat for easy storage. 

Painting Fall...with your feet

Painting Fall...with your feet is a painting activity designed for children with learning disabilities to do in a homeschool setting.

Pair Of Expanding Pedals (9/16 Inches) For AmTryke Tricycles

Pair Of Expanding Pedals (9/16 Inches) For AmTryke Tricycles are adjustable pedals designed for use by individuals with ataxia while cycling. Custom fit. Comes with pre-installed instep and toe straps.  Adjusts from 7-inches to 10-inches in length to accommodate the length of the shoe. The position over the pedal axis is also adjustable. Comes with pre-installed instep and toe strap.

PencilWeight (Weighted Pencil)

The PencilWeight is a weight to wrap around a pencil designed for individuals with lowered coordination and mild tremoring to add input for more controlled penmanship. It is made from stretchy fabric filled with steel that can wrap around not only pencils but also crayons, eating utensils, etc. It secures tightly with Velcro fastener. Hand wash and air dry. Writing utensil not included.

Perfect Pocket Smock

The Perfect Smock is an apron designed for children with chemical sensitivities and ataxia to protect clothing. Pocket can hold ½ cup liquid and food. Pocket unsnaps for quick, easy and thorough cleaning. Waterproof with no off-gassing of toxic chemicals (tested for 24 toxic chemicals). Sleeves and extra body length protect arms and clothing from messes. Adjustable neck ties for a perfect fit. Biodegradable fabric. Keep chewies in pocket and attach chewies to bib. Put distraction items in pocket

Preschool Fold-A-Mat

The Perfect Fold-A-Mat is a good starter folding mat designed for little ones with mobility disabilities to practice gross motor skills. Folds up to store away or stack them up in a closet.

Primary Lacing Beads

Primary Lacing Beads are smooth, chunky wooden beads to lace designed for children to develop fine motor skills. It comes with oversized holes and extra long laces. It is stored in a wooden box with a sliding lid.

Primary Mat

The Primary Mat is a therapeutic product designed for children with disabilities to practice their gross motor skills on. The Primary Mat is a good first mat for simple activities including therapy and gross motor play. The wipe-clean vinyl mats are made of 1-inch thick virgin foam so kids stay safe as they play. Good for school age activities and shielding from non-hygienic surfaces or to play. Not suitable for tumbling or gymnastics. 

Puzzle Mats

The Puzzle Mats are designed for children with disabilities to crawl on. The mats easily wipe clean and are good for school-age activities, shielding from non-hygienic surfaces or serving as a gently soft place for just play.

Rainbow Panel Folding Mat

The Rainbow Panel Folding Mat is a multi-color mat designed for children with disabilities to practice their gross motor skills on. Double folded seams and hems. Hook n loop at both ends fasten mats together. Light, portable mat with sewn 1 foot and 2-foot panels that fold every 2 feet. 

Raised Numbers

Raised numbers is a handwriting training book that contains outlines of raised numbers displayed on writing paper in a landscape format. This can be used by individuals with learning or cognitive disabilities. The raised lines on each number help the user writer stay inside the number. It includes numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 0.

Reversible Slant Bed Rail

The Reversible Slant Bed Rail is two bed rails in one, designed for users with unique mobility needs. The user chooses which direction to place the bed handle. These bed handles provide a wide range of grasping and leveraging positions to help promote better bed mobility and avoid back strain. Two support tubes are placed under the mattress to prevent the bed handle from slipping. Position support tubes and snap Slant Rail into place.

Reversible Toilet Transfer Seat

The Reversible Toilet Transfer Seat is a bathroom safety product designed for individuals with limited mobility disabilities to assist them with getting on and off the toilet. Those individuals do not need an elevation seat or grab bars. Dual use toilet seat. Includes installation bolts. Gripping slots aid in muscle contractions. Dual use toilet seat Includes installation bolts. Gripping slots aid in muscle contractions.

Rifton Small Adaptive Tricycles

Designed for children 4 - 7 years old, the Rifton Small Adaptive Tricycle provides therapeutic, reciprocal exercise with all the fun of riding. This therapeutic trike grows with your child; you adjust it all with the twist of a knob. Ships in two weeks.

Rock Around

Rock Around is a plastic, round toy designed for children ages 2 to 7 with balance and coordination disabilities to sit in and rock it from side to side, or spin around. There is room for two smaller children to sit in it together. Users can hold on to the rim without getting their hands jammed between the rim and the floor. Develops physical coordination skills.

Rotating One Hand Button Aid and Zipper Pull, Model F738860005

The Rotating One Hand Button Aid and Zipper Pull, Model F738860005 is a dressing aid designed for people with the use of only one hand. Allows the user to complete the entire buttoning process with only one hand. The foam handle provides an excellent grip and rotates to provide flexibility in getting a grip on the button and pulling it through the button hole. The brass hook at the other end is useful for pulling zippers.

Sammons Preston Sure Hand Rocker Knife

Self-Opening Scissors

The Self-Opening Scissors are 5-inch right or left-handed scissors designed for people with weak hands to use. A small spring built into the handles allows scissors to open automatically when hand pressure is released.

Shoe Covers (Set of 25)

The Shoe Covers (Set of 25) is a package of reusable shoe covers to be used by children with disabilities during painting activities.

Squeezit Tube Squeezer

The Squeezit Tube Squeezer is for use by people with upper extremity disabilities or ataxia to use with toothpaste, lotion, cream, adhesive and ointment tubes. The tube squeezer helps to keep tubes tidy and neat while ensuring the user gets every last drop of product out of the tube. Includes built-in hanging hole.

Stack It Peg Game With Board Occupational Therapy Autism Fine Motor Skills

The Stack It Peg Game With Board Occupational Therapy Autism Fine Motor Skills by Fun Express is a game for children with developmental disabilities to allow them to work on fine motor skills and hand eye coordination. The game contains thirty 2-inch plastic pegs of assorted colors. Players stack the pegs and see how high they can go.

Standers Bed Rail Advantage

The Standers Bed Rail Advantage is a portable stable handle with a 4 pocket organizer pouch manufactured to serve people with balance disabilities to provide them assistance moving into or sitting up in bed. The Bed Rail Advantage folds down flat and can be stored in a closet or under the bed. The portable bed handle has a safety strap to secure the base to the mattress.  The Bed Rail Advantage requires minimal assembly. Slide the base between the box spring and mattress of any sized bed and sec

Stress Less Drink Holder - 10 Pack

The Stress Less Drink Holder - 10 Pack is a set of drink holders designed for people who are blind or have low vision. It can be used in the home or office. This cup holder was created by a legally blind inventor to help himself and others prevent spilling beverages, and to live life more independently and with less frustrations.

Sushi Slicing Playset

The Sushi Slicing Playset is a fine motor activity designed for imaginative children to strengthen their hands with the use of fake chopsticks and a cleaver. The chopsticks, which have Velcro at the tips, pick up the sushi rolls that also have Velcro located in their center. The child cuts the sushi rolls with the included cleaver and hears realistic chopping sounds. Holding the cleaver with the index finger on the top and the other fingers holding it prepares the hand for holding eating utensil

Tall-Stacker Pegs & Pegboard

Tall-Stacker Pegs & Pegboard is a fun product designed for children ages 2 and up with fine motor and learning disabilities to work on fine motor and math skills. With the Tall-Stacker Pegs & Pegboard children work on counting, sorting, adding, matching, subtracting, and making designs.

The Accessi Book

The Accessi Book is a robot-like invention that was developed for use by people with upper extremity disabilities that turns pages of a book. The Accessi Book allows people with ALS, ataxia, and other upper extremity disabilities to read with ease.

The Emma Pen

The Emma Pen is designed to steady a person with Parkinson's disease's hand and allow them to draw straight lines and write legibly. The Emma intentionally shakes the user’s arm, interrupting the feedback loop that impedes normal movement.

The HealthCraft Dependa-Bar

The HealthCraft Dependa-Bar™ is a safety bar designed for individuals with mobility disabilities to prevent slipping when transferring in and out of the shower and bathtub. For commercial and residential use.

The Pencil Grip Original - 6 Pack

The Pencil Grip Original - 6 Pack are pencil grips designed for individuals with grip weaknesses or arthritis to aid them in writing with hand support for less stress on painful hands. Each package of 6 ergonomic writing grips fits on pencils, pens, crayons, and many drawing and writing tools. They are designed to be used both right- and left-handed and provides proper hand positioning and improves control.

The Soap Gripper

Trace the 8S

Trace the 8S is ac activity crafted in part to enhance occupational therapy patients with Ataxia and other fine motor disabilities’ visual-motor skills, scanning skills, brain integration, oculomotor skills, working memory and attention and focus. Trace the 8s is based on the infinity sign that has been modified to the Lazy 8. There are many other activities that can be incorporated into the exercise such as increasing the number of '8's' and adding shapes, letters, numbers, words and spaces int

Trailmate DeSoto Classic - 20 in Wheel

The Trailmate DeSoto Classic - 20 in Wheel is an adult three-wheel tricycle designed for individuals with mobility disabilities to ride.  Comfortable ride, responsive performance and good value.

Trailmate JoyRider Tricycle

The Trailmate JoyRider Tricycle is designed for people with mobility disabilities to ride.

Tumble Forms Starfish Bath Chair

The Tumble Forms Starfish Bath Chair is an aid for daily living designed for children with severe physical disabities to use while bathing. Make shower time more easy and fun with the adaptive Starfish Bath Chair designed to reach new levels of functionality, adjustability and convenience.

Turn Easy Transfer Disc

The Turn Easy Transfer Disc is a rotating pivot disc designed for individuals with mobility disabilities to transfer from a chair or bed. Suitable for any type of transfer, especially transfers in close spaces. A rubber disc on bottom provides a nonslip surface while the top plastic disk slides against a fabric center. The non-friction carpet center works like ball bearings. The Turn Easy Transfer Disc provides a smooth, controlled motion that makes the user feel secure. Helps make transfers fro

Word Building with LEGOS

Word Building with LEGOS is a do it yourself activity for children learning to write to practice sounding out words, creating an ending and adding different letters to the beginning of words to "build words". Legos are small enough to encourage a tripod grasp, resistive enough to work the intrinsic muscles of the hands, and open-ended enough to encourage problem-solving and creativity in play.

WTX Wide Track Developmental Adult Trike

The WTX Wide Track Developmental Adult Trike is a tricycle designed for people ages 12 years old and up to ride. The wide-tracking wheels offer added stability and exceptional traction.

XX Long Toilet to Tub Sliding Transfer Bench

The XX Long Sliding Transfer Bench is a bench used to make transfers from the toilet to the bathtub easier. Transfer bench includes a safety belt. The backrest can be installed on either side of the transfer bench seat. Adjustable height to fit user and bathtub clearance. Strong suction tipped legs stop movement on wet surfaces. This is a non-returnable hygiene item. 

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