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Audible Electronic Tools

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Aud A Level (Models 1102 & 1100)

Aud A Level, models 1102 & 1100, are audible recording level indicators designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. The devices connect to the monitor jack of recording equipment. A small speaker produces a tone if the volume level of the recording exceeds the proper level. Pitch of tone is proportional to the degree volume exceeds proper level; varying pitch level allows rapid adjustment of equipment. Time can be read to 2 second accuracy for broadcast and other precis

Aud A Meter (Model 1070) & 4 Chan Aud A Meter (Model 1071)

Audible and tactile meter reader. Connects across the terminals of any electrically driven visual meter movement. Applications include ham radio, broadcast, automotive, analog computer readout, electronic, radio and TV test equipment. 4 channel unit connects to 4 different meters; has selector switch.

Aud A Simpson Model 260 Volt/ohm Meter (Model 1110)

Volt ohm meter.Milliammeter used for testing electronic equipment under repair. Measures DC and AC voltage, DC resistance and current, and AC output of electronic equipment. Braille scale and audio circuit in place of visual meter.

Classroom Or Home Scheduler, Model 3330

Digi-Voice Tool Module (Model 1350)

Their digital read-out instruments plug into this Digi-Voice tool module for voice output. One module may be used with a number of different instruments. Instruments include; micrometers, calipers, thickness indicators, and linear and height gauges (see separate entry). Optional printer ($245.00) may be used. Cable is needed for each instrument category and for connection to the printer ($45 each).

Professional Aud A Level (Models 1102, 1103, & 1104)

Auditory meter reader. Instrument signals when visual meter peaks. Quick scan buttons enable operator to search lower levels without changing basic meter settings. AC powered, accurately calibrated. Switches for zero volume units (VU), and for operation at +4 or +8 volume units (VU). Can be used with balanced or unbalanced input. Built in stereo switch. 1102, Multi Chan Switcher ($75.00), allows multichannel use for 8, 16, 24 channel recorders. Additional channels ( 1104) are $25.00 each.

Siemens Smart Hearing Aids

Siemens Smart Hearing Aids are designed for people with permanent hearing loss to allow them to hear without the disturbance of background noises that most other hearing aids pick up. They can be controlled using an iPhone or Android device. They use easyTek and Bluetooth. They pick up less background noise than other hearing aids, and overall outperform them. This feature improves hearing in noisy settings like public restaurants and cocktail parties where normal hearing aids present a challeng


SpeakFAST is a voice output module designed for use with a torque wrench by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This module provides access to the FAST Technologies Sensor System 1000 torque wrench by capturing data from the wrench and converting it to equivalent speech output. The module is used in conjunction with a modified FAST Technology Series 1000 torque meter and sensor to provide speech output of torque readings. The two units are connected and mated into one portable unit tha

Talking Digital Frequency Counter (Model 1240)

Digital frequency counter is attached to voice output circuit. Button is pressed to activate voice circuit. Digital array is spoken one digit at a time including decimals. Measures frequency of any repetitive AC signal from 50 hz to 50 mhz. Counter also used for setting audio frequency oscillators, checking electric line frequency. 4 by 6 by 4 inches.

Talking Digital Multimeter (Model 1300)

Voltmeter with digital display and voice output of digital display. Measures 0.1 millivolt to 1 kv. Amperes from 0.001 MA to 10A, both AC and DC, ohms from 0.1 ohm to 2 megohms. Power 110 volt.

Turbo 6 Talking Battery Charger

The Turbo 6 Talking Battery Charger is a voice output battery charger designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision. This unit charges up to six batteries at once, with two charging compartments for flat 9-volt batteries and four compartments for cylindrical double-A, triple-A, C, or D cells. Batteries can be charged in any combination. The compartment number and charging status of batteries are announced as batteries are placed in the unit, when charging is complete, or when

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