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Bathroom Accessories

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Acrylic Shelf Caddy (Model 07700-187)

Mounts in corner or on flat wall in dressing area, closet, bathroom or bedroom. Two shelves. Slots for hanging towels, toothbrush, shaver, belts, etc. Clear acrylic.

Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser

The Automatic Liquid Soap Dispenser, model 8360, is a liquid soap dispenser designed for use by individuals with upper extremity disabilities. As the user places a hand under the unit's plastic dolphin, a photocell detects the hand and the dolphin automatically dispenses a predetermined amount of liquid soap. Red eyes on the dolphin light as soap dispenses. Made from ABS and PP plastic, the unit has a skid-free base and is wall mountable. It holds up to eight ounces of standard liquid soap. POWE

Bath Pillow (Model 72739)

The Bath Pillow, model 72739, is made of plastic foam that is hygienic, oderless, non-absorbant, and cleanable. The pillow has three suction cups to hold it in a fixed position. DIMENSIONS: 12 x 8.5 x 1.25 inches. WEIGHT: 8 ounces.

Bath Pillows

Bath Pillows are pillows designed to be used as a neck and head support for individuals with upper extremity or mobility disabilities while bathing. The pillows are designed in straight and curved shapes and easy to clean. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 7 x 16 x 7 inches.

Bathtub Safety Step

The Bathtub Safety Step is a product designed for those individuals with lower extremity disabilities to help them get in and out of the bathtub. Slip-resistant textured top and rubberized feet. Adds almost 4 inches to your step.

BlueTooth Water Resistant Shower Speakerphone

The BlueTooth Water Resistant Shower Speakerphone is design for users who need aids while attending a bathroom. Intended users can be from those with lack of mobility, spinal injuries, wheelchair users and elderly. The speaker is compatible with any Bluetooth device and includes sleeve to hang in the shower or can be mounted to the wall via included suction cup or screws. Dual pairing function allows you to pair two devices to the speaker simultaneously. Features include: music fades when phone

Buckingham Travel EasyWipe

Buckingham Travel EasyWipe is designed for people with limited mobility and weakness in the upper extremities. This product makes reaching to clean oneself easier when using toilet paper. This product is compact for travel. The EasyWipe features a soft, rounded silicone end for attaching toilet tissue or wipes, and a push button end to release the tissue or wipe after use. This product comes with a hard, compact carrying case.

Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip Foot Rest

The Changing Lifestyles Safe-er-Grip Foot Rest is designed for users with balance or lower extremity disabilities to help them with shaving your legs in the shower. It is designed to be a place for user to rest their foot at the height that they prefer. Additionally, the foot rest provides balance while shaving in the shower full body weight is not to be applied to product. It can be positions at any height, and can be moved or relocated. For placement on tile, tile squares must be at least 4 in

Dual Sided Back Scrubber

The Dual Sided Back Scrubber is designed for individuals with arthritis or limited mobility to user during bathing. The scrubber is a bath brush and body massager in one. The product helps stimulate circulation and massage sore muscles. The dual sided luxury cleans, massages, and exfoliates. The Dual Sided Back Scrubber is made of soft rubberized plastic measuring 34 inch long by 5 inches wide. Over 1500 cleaning bristles and 49 energizing nodules that clean and massage your entire body without


The Extend-A-Razor is a product that allows for individuals with low fine motor skills or Arthritis to shave their legs more effectively. This product is made by attaching a one-foot ruler to a razor with duct tape. To use, attach the razor to the duct tape at two places, right under the razor head and a half an inch from the bottom to keep the razor firmly attached to the ruler. 

Extra Wide Toilet Seat

Extra Wide Toilet Seat is designed with an oversized width to ensure maximum comfort and support. It is designed to be used by individuals who have mobility difficulties. This product is supplied with heavy-duty fixtures that keep the toilet seat firm and secure so it will never shift.

Grand Arc Shower Caddy

The Grand Arc Shower Caddy is designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or mobility disabilities. This clear acrylic caddy is shaped in a bowed curve and features two roomy shelves and three hooks to hold loofas, sponges, or wash cloths. The unit hangs over the showerhead or attaches to the wall with the included large suction cups at a level for those who do not stand to shower. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 27 x 9 x 4.5 inches. COLOR: Clear.

Hafele Hewi Lifesystem Support Shelf

The Hafele Hewi LifeSystem Support Shelf is a bathroom wall shelf with grab bar designed for use by individuals with balance or mobility disabilities. The unit has a non-breakable shelf with raised edge, integrated support handles used for support to stand up independently, and to hold accessories. The support handles are manufactured at an angle of 30 degrees. The unit has an easy-to-clean surface and the mirror can be mounted with the shelf in the center. The shelf has concealed assembly with

Inflatable Bath Pillow (Model 523-1582-0100)

The Inflatable Pillow, model 523-1582-0100, is a mouth-inflatable pillow designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or mobility disabilities. The pillow is designed to support the head and neck while in the bathtub. Four suction cups hold the pillow to the tub. The pillow is made of heavy-duty vinyl with a dual valve system. It is made for compact storing when not in use. SIZE: (HxW) 14.5 x 22 inches wide. COLOR: Light blue.

Inflatable Bath Pillow (Model H72738)

The Inflatable Bath Pillow, model H72738, is a mouth-inflatable contoured pillow designed to provide head support in the tub. Two suction cups hold the pillow to the tub or any smooth surface. The pillow is made of heat-sealed vinyl construction with flush recessing filler tube. DIMENSIONS: 16 x 8 x 5 inches, inflated.

Invisia Corner Shelf

The Invisia Corner Shelf is a corner shelf for shower with wall grab bar designed for use by individuals with balance, lower extremity, or mobility disabilities. This unit comprises a triangular Dupont Corian shelf with a curved stainless steel grab bar in front. This unit has concealed mounting screws and two points of contact with the wall. CAPACITY: 350 pounds. COLOR: Brushed nickel or triple-plated chrome.

Invisia Towel Bar With Integrated Safety Rail / Grab Bar

The Invisia Towel Bar with Integrated Grab Bar/Safety Rail is a towel bar with grab bar designed for use by individuals with balance, lower extremity, or mobility disabilities. Made of stainless steel, this unit comprises a towel bar suspended below a curved grab bar. For maximum support, these bars have three points of contact with the wall. DIMENSIONS: 16 or 24 inches long. CAPACITY: 350 pounds. COLOR: White powdercoat, brushed nickel, or triple-plated chrome.

Mobi Shower Trolley

The Mobi Shower Trolley is a powered height adjustable shower trolley specifically designed to enable safe and easy washing or showering while in a reclined/supine position. It is designed to be mobile and easy to maneuver. The Mobi Shower Trolley can be easily wheeled to and from any wet-room, making it an ideal bathing solution for a wide range of care settings. Four locking castors prevent movement during transfer.? It is suitable for use with a wide number of hoists.

Portascreen Shower Guard

This Portascreen shower guard is designed for caregivers of individuals with limited physical mobility as a result of a stroke, spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury. It is designed to contain the water and keep the caregivers and surrounding environment dry.   The shower guard is designed to fold flat for storage or transport, and comes with a handy carry case. The hinges mean that the screen can be positioned in exactly the right place. It's an excellent solution to a common problem.

Roth Mobeli Bath Tub Shortener (Models 14005206 & 14005207)

The Roth Mobeli Bath Tub Shortener is a bathtub shortener designed for use by individuals with short stature or lower extremity amputation. This unit can be placed at any point in the tub to provide foot support, or it can be turned horizontally to function as a tray. Model 14005206 has two suction plates and can fit all bathtub types. Model 14005207 has three adjustable clip-on suction plates and can only be used in parallel bathtubs. The suction plates arranaged with two plates above, which sw

Safe-er-Grip Brush Bar

The Safe-er-Grip Brush Bar is designed to help the suer keep things organized and and within reach in the bathroom. The brush bar keeps toothbrushes, combs, and hair brushed organized. It includes six slots for comb or toothbrushes and four brush hooks. The bar measure 11 inches and includes 2 suction cups measuring 2.5 inches in diameter. The suction cup design allows it to be easily attached, removed, or relocated.

Safe-er-Grip Denture Bath

The Safe-er-Grip Denture Bath is designed to makes cleaning and storing dentures easier for its users. The denture bath includes a suction cup so that it can be placed where it is convenient for the user. It includes a straining tray for easy rinsing. 

Safe-er-Grip Drip Dry

The Safe-er-Grip Drip Dry is a portable drying rack that features three adjustable prongs to keep items separated while drying to help keep users organized. The suction cup design is easy to attach and detach to let your dry items where it’s most convenient. This can be used in the shower, over the tube, or in front of the dryer. The three-prong swivel design let the user keep damp items separated. The suction cup design makes it easy to attach, remove, or relocate.

Safe-er-Grip Portable Shower Arm

The Safe-er-Grip Portable Shower Arm is designed for users with limited movement or dexterity to help them shower. The shower arm allows the user to adjust the shower head at any height desired and it has a release tab for easy installation. Additionally, it includes a suction cup and is easy to attach and remove.

Safe-er-Grip Shower Hook

The Safe-er-Grip Shower Hook is a bath aid feature a large hook and a suction cup for users to hang towels or robes on. It allows the user to keep items near by. The user can place where they want, and it is easy to attach, remove, or relocate.

Safe-er-Grip Soap Dish

The Safe-er-Grip Soap Dish is designed to make showering easier by keeping their soap within reach. This soap dish features drain slots to allow soap to dry, and two side hooks for holding razors. It can be easily installed, removed, and relocated with a single lever. It includes a suction cup for attachment and two hooks to hold razors.

Safe-er-Grip Swivel

The Safe-er-Grip Swivel is designed for users with balance or upper extremity disabilities to use in and around the tub. The grip bar can be position in different angles as required. To use, press the tab levers to securely attach.

Sammons Preston Clean Easy

Sani Spray

Spray hose attaches to water valve of toilet. Use to clean or rinse items in the bathroom. Made of chrome brass with 3 foot nylon hose. Installs easily by user.

Simplicity Transfer Bench Shower Curtain

The Simplicity Transfer Bench Shower Curtain provides a functional and aesthetically-pleasing solution for privacy and safety for tub transfer bench users. A tub transfer bench prevents a regular shower curtain from closing around the tub and allows water to be sprayed outside the tub. In the lower portion of the Simplicity Transfer Bench Shower Curtain are two vertical slits which allow the curtain to fall down and remain fully inside the tub, keeping the water inside the tub for increased bath

Staydry Shower Curtain System

The StayDry Shower Curtain System is a shower curtain designed for use by individuals with mobility or balance disabilities or seniors. The system creates a reuseable water-tight seal against any shower wall to keep floors dry and reduce slipping risks. The system has a self-adhesive wall channel and a rubber tube. The channel sticks to the shower wall and the tube hangs from the shower rod at one end. The StayDry curtain has special sleeves on either side to hold the tube. The curtain is sealed

Staydry Shower Sealer

The StayDry Shower Sealer is a shower curtain sealer designed for use by individuals with balance, mobility, or walking disabilities. This device seals the shower curtain to the wall to prevent leaks and minimize wet floors. Usable in tubs or shower stalls, system comprises three self-adhesive wall channels and a rubber tube. The channels stick to the shower wall and the tube hangs from the shower rod at one end. To seal the curtain, hold one edge of the curtain over a channel and press the rubb

Suction Tub Grab Bar (Models 1255A, 1255B, & 1255C)

The Suction Tub Grab Bar is a bathtub grab bar designed for use by individuals with balance or mobility disabilities. The adjustable length bar attaches with suction. SIZES: Small (model 1255A), medium (model 1255B), or large (model 1255C). DIMENSIONS: Length is 17.25 to 22.25 inches (small), 22 to 27 inches (medium), or 26 to 30.75 (large). CAPACITY: 250 pounds. COLOR: White. WARRANTY: Three-year warranty on the grab bar, one-year warranty on the suction cups.

Super Grip Perma Handle

The Super Grip Perma Handle is a bathroom safety product designed to help with getting in and out of the bathtub/shower and to help prevent slips or falls. It is a textured handle, opposed to a Chrome, Vinyl, or Enamel Hand Bar. It is made for individuals with balance issues and/or any other disability that makes it difficult to step in or out of the bathtub or shower. It can be used by a person of any age and attaches to most surfaces. It screws in for a permanent hold and can be mounted vertic

Tall-Ette Arthro Left Elongated

Tall-Ette Arthro Left Elongated is designed with a gentle slope on one side for people with hip, leg, or knee injuries who require an extended leg position. It's intended to add a height for the user comfort.  

The Soap Gripper

Tidee Tubb Splash Guard

Tidee Tubb is a corner splash guard designed for use by individuals with balance, lower extremity, or mobility disabilities. Placed in each corner of a bathtub, the guards help prevent falls due to wet and slippery floors. The guards come two per package with caulk for installation. DIMENSIONS (HxL): 11 x 9.25 inches. WEIGHT: 1 pound. COLOR: White, bone, or clear.

Tornado Body Dryer

The Tornado Body Dryer is a body dryer designed for use by individuals with balance, mobility, or upper extremity disabilities, burns, arthritis, or amputation. This in-shower device is intended to dry the shower-taker or bather, head-to-toe, by blowing warm air on him or her instead of using a towel. The body dryer has two speed settings: low keeps the shower or bath area warm and high dries the user when she or he is finished showering or bathing. Because the maintenance-free unit swirls warm

Universal Bather (Model Bcw01)

The Universal Bather, model BCW01, is a bathroom caddy designed to attach to a wall or a bath seat. This caddy enables the user to exchange suction cups (for attachment to walls) for nylon straps (for attachment to bath seats), depending on the user’s needs. It is made of vinyl mesh so water can drain and features several storage pockets of various sizes. DIMENSIONS (DxLxW): 13.5 x 10 x 1 inches. COLOR: Black. WARRANTY: One-year limited warranty.

Valiryo Body Dryer

The Valiryo Body Dryer is designed for users who are in need of bathroom aids for individuals who are mobile, but restricted to some degree in their movements. Recommended users are those with upper extremity amputation, balance disabilities, mobility disabilities, severe physical disabilities, upper extremity disabilities, lower extremity amputation, burns, cerebral palsy, short stature and skin diseases. Valiryo users are able to dry by themselves and, since it is not necessary to squat or ben

Water Glow Color LED Light Shower Head

Water Glow Color LED Light Shower Head is an innovative safety device designed for young children and individuals with multiple sclerosis and the aging population.  It visually alerts users the temperature of their shower. By simply twisting off the existing showerhead and replacing it with this Water Glow LED Shower Head, users can easily judge the best time to enter the shower depending on the color.  With three multi-color transitions, the shower head alerts users that the water is freezing w


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