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Battery Interface Control for Toy

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Battery Adapter (Model 720)

The Battery Adapter, model 720, is a switch adapter interface for single switch activation of any battery operated toy, tape recorder, or other device. Continuous pressure on the switch keeps the device running until the switch is released. The adapter can be used with the Switch Latch/Timer (see separate entry) to set action for a specified time period or to use switch hits for on and off. The disk end is inserted into the battery compartment; the other end plugs into any switch with a standard

Battery Device Adapter

The Battery Device Adapter is a cable which connects to and adapts battery-operated devices for external switch control. The cable is available in two sizes for use with a wide variety of battery-operated toys and devices powered by AA, C, or D batteries. The Battery Device Adapter consists of a circular, flexible copper disc and thin lead wire. A 1/8-inch switch jack permits connection to AbleNet's Big Red switch or Jelly Bean switches (see separate entries), or other compatible switches. A How

Battery Device Adapter

The Battery Device Adapter is a switch adapter for toys and other battery-operated devices, designed for use by children and adults with fine motor and upper extremity disabilities. This switch adapter is an interface control that can be used to adapt any battery operated toy or other device, such as a radio or CD player, for switch operation. The user inserts the adapter between the end of the battery and the contact, turns the device on, and plugs a switch into the mini-jack port. The toy or d

Battery Device Adapter

"DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To adapt toys and small appliances for switch use. To make the device, separate the leads approximately one-half inch from both ends of the speaker wire using scissors or a knife. Using wire strippers or scissors, strip approximately one-quarter inch of the protective plastic insulator from each wire lead, being careful not to cut any of the wires. Unscrew the plastic case from the inline phone jack to expose two terminals with holes in them. Run the wire thro

Battery Device Adapter

The Battery Device Adapter is a switch designed for individuals with neurological disabilities to turn on any battery operated device.

Battery Device Adapter / Interrupter

"DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To adapt a device or toy for switch use. To make the device, cut the speaker wire to desired length (nine to twelve inches)and prepare the ends by separating and stripping one-forth inch of insulation off of wire. Next, prepare two gold circles/disks. Remove posts and file smooth. Solder the conductors at one end of the wire to the disks, soldering one conductor to each disk. Be sure to bring the plastic insulation right up to the edge of the disk, but not ont

Battery Interrupter

The Battery Interrupter is a battery interface control for toys designed to create switch compatibility for non-adapted toys for individuals with fine motor or physical disabilities. It is a cable that fits between any battery-operated toy or device and a switch, permitting the toy or device to be operated by the switch. It interrupts the power by inserting a disc between on of the batteries and the adjacent anode. There are two models available for battery sizes AA and AAA or C and D batteries.

Battery Interrupter Kit 2

The Battery Interrupter Kit 2 is a control input interface designed to enable individuals to adapt toys and other battery-operated devices for use with capability switches. This kit can be used to adapted battery-powered toys or devices equipped with a simple on/off switch. The kit includes one Jumbo Switch, one Gumball Switch, one Button Click Switch (switches also sold separately; see entries), three double-A battery interrupters, and three C and D battery interrupters. COLOR: The Jumbo Switch

Big Buddy Switch

The Big Buddy Switch is designed for individuals with moderate to severe upper extremity or fine motor disabilities to make an appliance and computing accessible. Made for persons with moderate to severe upper extremity and motor disabilities, this switch features a 4.5 inch target area and can be activated with just 5.3 ounces of force. Auditory and tactile feedback.

Big Red Twist

The Big Red Twist offers an adaptive switch designed for people with neurological disabilities. The Big Red Twist has an activation surface with tactile and auditory feedback, but with a twist.

Blow Switch.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Switch activated by blowing on an index card attached to a battery device, intended to help a child develop breath control and blowing skills. This switch is made with a metal bandaid box, 3/16 inch wood dowel, two large paper clips, 12 inches of 24 gauge stranded wire, four inches of 2 conductor 22 gauge stranded wire and two index cards. Provides instructions and diagrams on cutting slots and holes in the box, soldering wire to the paper clips, and a

Friction Knob Universal Mounting Kit

The Friction Knob Universal Mounting Kit is designed for individuals with upper extremity and fine motor disabilities to allow them to securely place their assistive technology devices quickly and easily.

Jelly Beamer Twist Transmitter With Original Receiver

The Jelly Beamer Twist Transmitter With Original Receiver is designed for those individuals with fine motor and neurological disabilities to provide them the independence to turn on the computer or in cooking activities. A wireless switch that is rugged, reliable and easy to use. The Jelly Beamer wireless switch features a power-saving sleep mode that dramatically extends its battery life yet is virtually undetectable to users. Tactile, visual and audible feedback.

Nine Volt Toy Adapter.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Adapter for use with toys or other devices requiring a 9 volt battery. Adapter is constructed using two volt battery snaps and a subminiature jack. To use adapter, snap battery into one pair of snaps and attach the other side into the toy. Turn the on/off switch on the toy to the on position. Plug any switch into the jack. Switch should activate the toy. SKILLS REQUIRED: Soldering. AUTHOR: Burkhart, L J TITLE: More Homemade Battery Devices for Severely

Pal Pad Assistive Switches

The Pal Pad Assistive Switches are assistive devices to turn on any switch activated devices by touching them.

PowerLink4 Control Unit

The PowerLink®4 Control Unit is a switch designed to turn on up to two devices. The PowerLink® 4 control unit allows switch users to control up to two electrical appliances with single switches. Six unique modes of control allow the user  to define exactly how, and for how long, appliances will be turned on. PowerLink® will accept any single switch, including the Big or Jelly Beamer wireless switches.

Switch Click USB

The Switch Click USB is designed for individuals with upper extremity and fine motor disabilities to allow them to simulate a range of mouse clicks on their computer and access iDevice apps with the Switch Click USB single switch computer access aid.

Toy Adapter

Toy Adapter is a battery interface control for toys that allows a single switch to control the operation of a battery-powered device such as a toy. A switch is plugged into one end of the adapter, and a small plate at the other end is inserted between the battery and the battery contacts in the toy. The switch will then turn the toy on and off. Toy Adapters come in three sizes, depending on the size of battery in the toy. The Adapter is available with a choice of a mini plug or a submini plug. P

Toy Adapter Cables (Models Ca-9, Ca-12, & Ca-16)

Toy Adapter Cables allow battery operated toys or devices to be turned on using most single switches (switches not included). The device consists of a cable with a jack for a single switch at one end, and a small metal plate at the other. The plate is inserted between two batteries in a battery-operated device, such as a toy, or between a battery and a battery contact. When a switch is plugged into the jack, the switch will turn the toy on and off. Toy Adapter Cables are available for "C," "AA,"

Toy Cables (Models 4378 & 4379)

Toy cables, models 4378 and 4379, are battery interface controls for toys designed to turn battery operated toys and appliances into switch activated toys and appliances for individuals with physical and cognitive disabilities. One end of the cable is placed between the battery and the battery connector in the battery compartment. The other end of the cable has a 1/8 inch miniature jack for single switch. There are two types: Model 4378 is 6 feet long for AA and C size batteries; Model 4379 is 6

Toy Modification Note: Build It Yourself Battery Interrupter: Revised 1986.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Describes the use of battery interrupters for toys for disabled children and provides instructions for building three types of battery interrupters. Information on construction and use of battery interrupters, or switches, for regular cylindrical batteries, for 9 volt transistor radio type batteries and for use with cassette tape recorders and other devices with a "remote" jack. Includes drawings, a list of sources of information on switches, and a lis

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