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Cane Holder for Walker

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Ableware 703240000 Cane/Crutch Holder

 The Cane/ Crutch Holder is designed for those who use a cane. This holder clips onto the cane so it can hang from the edge of any table, desk, or counter. The user can also stand the cane on the floor next to a table and slide the clip up until it wedges against the underside of the table. A foam rubber pad on each side of the clip keeps it in place. 

Ableware 703250002 Metal Cane Holder for Walkers/Wheelchairs by Maddak

The Metal Cane Holder for Walkers/Wheelchairs is designed to assist cane users carry it everywhere. This double-clip cane holder allows users to keep a cane handy wherever they may need it. The users snaps one side of the clip onto any tubular structure such as a table leg, walker, commode, wheelchair or lawn chair. The opposite side of the clip holds almost any size cane. The gripping surfaces are soft plastic rollers and will not damage canes.  

Ableware 703260000 Cane Hand Loop

The Cane Hand Loop is designed for people with disabilities that use a cane. One end wraps around the cane/walking stick shaft while the larger loop on the opposite end slips around the wrist. Even if the cane falls out of the hand, it won t drop to the ground. Made of  polypropylene webbing.

Ableware 703340010 Quilted Folding Cane Bag w/ Strap

The Quilted Folding Cane Bag w/ Strap is intended for people who have a cane. It is a bag with sufficient space to carry a folded cane. The quilted inside is designed to protect the cane.   

Cane Holder For Walking Frames

---- CUSTOMIZED ADAPTATION --------- PURPOSE: To create a custom adapted walker modification that allows an individual with balance, mobility and walking disabilities to easily carry and store a walking stick or cane to their walker. An elderly gentleman uses his walker with seat for extra support and the chair portion when he needs to rest. When shopping in some of the more crowded shops at the mall, the gentleman realized that being able to park his walker outside the store and use his cane fo

Cane Tube

The Cane Tube is designed for individuals who use a walker or rollator. The Cane Tube is the tool-free cane holder that uses gripper clips to snap onto walkers, rollators.

CaneTUBE® Cane Holder

The CaneTUBE® Cane Holder is designed for cane users and those with mobility impairment. The cane is snap-on design provides a convenient way to bring a cane when using a walker or rollator. It attaches to common mobility devices, even 3 wheelers. It is portable so the user can take it off one walker and put it on another. Also stays on even when the walker or rollator is folded.

CanTUBE® for Scooters

The CanTUBE® for Scooters is designed for cane users and those with mobility impairment. The cane holder attaches to scooters and power chairs without tools. Fits seat backs of all kinds: power chairs, scooters, wheelchairs, golf carts, tractors, and more. Straps on with two buckles and adjusts in seconds. Unlike fabric, this rigid TUBE cane holder makes cane transfer easy.

Mounting System For Walking Stick

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable an individual who uses both a cane and a walker to transport the cane on the walker. A plastic cup was fastened to the lower part of the frame with a screw-tightened hose clamp to hold the tip of the cane. The top of the cane rests in a hook attached to the upper frame with another screw-tightened hose clamp. A hole in the bottom of the plastic cup enables dirt or debris picked up by the cane tip to be cleaned out. TITLE: Walking Stick Carrier. JOURNAL: TAD

Walking Frame Carrying Stick Modification

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a customized adaptation to a four-wheel walker enabling an individual with cerebral palsy and visual and hearing impairments to carry her walking stick and white cane while using her walker. Previous adaptations generally put the carry stick attachments on the outside of the frame; however, there was concern that this would reduce maneuverability of the walker within the individual’s small home. Attachments were added that allow the sticks to be carried wit

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