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Child Carrier

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Alvema Pixi Stroller

The Alvema Pixi Stroller is a sturdy transfer device specifically designed for children with disabilities who lead active lifestyle. Pixi is outfitted with features such as a folding footrest, an adjustable-angle push-bar as well as a footbrake so both the user and operator of the stroller have complete control and comfort.

Buggypod Lite

The Buggypod Lite is an attachable baby seat carrier that can be mounted to the side of most wheelchairs. It is designed to enable individuals who use wheelchairs to travel outdoors independently with their child. The Buggypod Lite can be folded against the wheelchair when not in use or detached entirely from the wheelchair for storage or travel. This add-on seat has a soft, padded seat cover; a 5-point safety harness with three adjustable positions; an attachable/detachable wheel; a footrest; a

Columbia Medical Therapedic Chlid Car Seat

The Columbia Medical Special Needs Car Seat is available for children who have outgrown regular car seats. It will fit children from 20-102 pounds and up to 60 inches tall. The seat is designed for those who cannot sit upright unassisted.

Convaid Trekker

The Convaid Trekker is designed for users with mobility disabilities. The wheelchair is intended to be a lightweight, compact-folding, and adaptive-assistive device. The Convaid Trekker meets needs of both families and therapists, and offers the flexibility of 180 degree reversible seating that lets occupants face forward or face their caregivers with a simple adjustment. Additionally, it includes separate base and seating module, reversible seating, variable positioning, transit option, and ada

Firefly Goto Seat 1

The Firefly GoTo Seat is a lightweight, postural support seat that lets children participate in everyday activities such as grocery shopping, going to a park, or being in an area without a stable sitting surface.

Firefly Upsee

The Firefly Upsee is an upright walking device for children with neuromuscular disorders or motor impairments, such as cerebral palsy. The three part kit, allows a child to be attached to their parent, while in a stable, vertical position. The child's feet are also positioned parallel to his or her parent, allowing for smooth movement while walking. The Upsee is suggested for children ages 1 to 8 years of age.

Freeloader Child Carrier

The Freeloader Child Carrier is a child carrier designed with a seat designed specifically for young children to completely rest their legs through the use of stirrups for the child to alleviate stress on their legs while they are riding in the carrier. It can be used for children with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis, Cerebral Palsy, Congenital Heart Defects, Traumatic Brain Injury, or who have limited mobility or physical disabilities. The sturdy child's seat is padded and features an open back t

Jenx Bee Chair

Styled specifically to appeal to very young children and their families, and developed in conjunction with therapists and care-givers, the Bee seating system by Jenx is a playful and gentle introduction to supported seating. Providing a high level of versatility through a comprehensive range of fixed and height adjustable bases, along with a wide variety of head, trunk, leg and foot support options mean each Bee can be exactly tailored to the needs of any individual child. Adjustable back angle

Leckey Waistcoat Support Harness

The Soft Touch Sitter is an adaptive seating product with a contoured head and lateral supports, designed to position and support a child's head and trunk into proper alignment. Made of a latex-free seamless material, Soft-Touch Sitters are peel and tear resistant, impermeable to fluids, and withstand cracking.

New Bug Special Needs Stroller, Deluxe Package (Size Small)

The New Bug Special Needs Stroller, Deluxe Package (Size Small), is an adapted stroller designed for children with lower extremity disabilities. It offers tilt-in-space functionality to provide the child with pressure relief and positional change, as well as numerous other adjustable features. The New Bug Special Needs Stroller has a backrest that can be reclined up to 40 degrees and adjusted in height by 3.9 inches. It has an integrated headrest for improved posture, a footrest that tips up and

Ormesa Clip Stroller (Size 1)

The Ormesa Clip Stroller (Size 1) is a lightweight, foldable stroller designed for children with mild to moderate neurological or mobility disabilities. It is designed to provide the child with additional head and trunk support. Made of an aluminum frame painted with non-toxic epoxy paint, the Clip Stroller features a semi-rigid, reclining backrest that can be adjusted from 0 to 12 degrees from the upright position using the zippers located behind the backrest. It also comes with a leg support b

Piggyback Rider (Model Nomis & Niloc)

The Piggyback Rider, models NOMIS and NILOC, is a standing child carrier designed to aid an adult to carry a child with balance, lower extremity, neurological or walking disabilities. It is worn like a backpack with the child riding on the user's back in a standing position. The Piggyback Rider has adjustable shoulder straps and a chest strap for added support. Each shoulder strap has two hand hold straps that the child can hold while riding, and the NOMIS model has enhanced aerated foam for add

Special Tomato EIO Push Chair

The Special Tomato® EIO Push Chair is a lightweight, adapted stroller and a mild to moderate positioning seating system in one. It is designed for children with mobility or lower extremity disabilities in the age range of Early Intervention to Preadolescent. Made of an aluminum frame, the Special Tomato® EIO Push Chair has an adjustable seat that can recline back from 25 to 75 degrees from the upright position, and four extra-large, airless wheels (the 11-inch rear wheels are removable and the t

Special Tomato MPS Convaid Push Chair Base, Model 79200000

Special Tomato MPS (Multi-Positioning Seat) Convaid Push Chair Base is an umbrella style stroller that offers positioning for children. The MPS push chair is designed for use with standard tie-down systems for bus or van transport. This push chair base accommodates both the small and large size MPS seat. The Special Tomato MPS Convaid Push Chair Base allows your child a safe and comfortable ride to and from school Hip-Flex adjustment provides 30 degrees of pivot. Hip-Flex includes 15 degrees hip


The Stingray is a pediatric wheelchair designed for use by children with limited lower extremity strength and coordination associated with cerebral palsy, stroke, and traumatic brain injury. Its adjustments, comfort, and lightness of steering are keywords for this wheelchair. The Stingray offers an 180 degree turn able seat - even with a child seated. This seat allows the parent or caregiver to make a variety of angle adjustments to support the child needs. 

Trotter Pediatric Mobility Chair

The Trotter Pediatric Mobility Chair is an adapted stroller designed for children with upper extremity disabilities, lower extremity disabilities, or balance disabilities. This chair has a depth-adjustable padded seat and an Adjustable Tension Positioning™ (ATP™) backrest, and a positioning belt and a five-point “H”-style harness with padded straps to help keep the child safely secured to the seat. It also features two eight-inch front casters and two large rear wheels with toggle locks, and a p

Tummy With Mummy

The Tummy With Mummy is a foldaway baby & toddler seat with a built-in angled tummy-time platform. It includes a soft fleece mat and safety harness. An infant can use the seat for tummy-time play or to have more face-to-face interactions without lying on his or her back.

Urban Chamy Stroller

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: Urban Chamy combines transporting children and a helpful station for the babies at home. The concept is a shell equipped with two kinds of cushioning for the different ages of the baby. This shell is a comfortable cradle, before, and then a seat that can adapt on three different supports in relation to the different needs of moving, a base for car, a stroller-bike and a high chair for home. While the baby is sitting in the shell, the parent can ride the bike.

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