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Child's Walker

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Able Generation Floor Walker

The Able Generation Floor Walker is a child walker designed for use by children with mobility disabilities who are learning to take their first step. This walker features a stable base for emerging walkers, a cut-away base for full striders, and it can also serve as a cart. This walker features locking front caster that control the direction of travel, enabling a choice of omni-directional, forward or backward motion. For those requiring standing practice or support, the casters can be removed.

Alvema Hopla Gait Trainer

The Hopla Gait Trainer stimulates walking movements and improves opportunities for social interaction for children with motor and balance dysfunctions.

Arrow Walker Advantage

The Arrow Walker Advantage is a child's walker designed for use by children and smaller adults with cerebral palsy or other neuromuscular conditions. It can be used for taking first steps or to develop existing walking and standing abilities as part of a gait training program. The walker's low profile arrow shape allows easier access through doorways and around obstacles, and three directional locking casters allow the user to walk a planned course. The trunk support system includes a chest pad

Baby Walker With Toy Chest (Model H70310)

The Baby Walker with Toy Chest, model H70310, is a child walker designed to assist children with disabilities to walk while pushing a wheeled toy or carriage. The unit functions as a toy, therapeutic aid, and mobile toy box. A parking brake is included that allows the device to be useful for sitting. The walker consists of a plastic box with lid set in an epoxy-coated aluminum tube frame on four wheels with a sloped handle which is height adjustable from 23 to 27 inches. All of the wheels have s

Bronco Walker

The Bronco Walker is a child walker designed for outdoor use. This walker features a wide, stable base with four widely-spaced smooth-running wheels with large outdoor tires. Each wheel has brakes and directional stabilizers for safety. Other features include a removable back support, padded lateral supports, a handrest bar, padded armrests and handles, padded lateral supports, and an attendant handle. The unit disassembles for transport and storage. SIZES: Size 0 for children ages 0 to 3, size

Busy Bee Pediatric Postural Walker (Models 2413, 2423, & 2433)

The Busy Bee Pediatric Postural Walker is an adjustable child's walker designed for use by children with lower extremity, mobility, neurological, or walking disabilities. This lightweight walker encourages active postural control during standing and walking. Its torsional stiffness provides objective and and subjective stability. The walker is equipped with height-adjustable handles and solid rubber wheels for indoor and outdoor use. Noise-free external locks on the rear wheels prevent inadverta

Child's Beach Walker

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: This walker is designed for those who need additional standing and walking support while at the beach or in other recreational play environments. PVC pipe is configured into a walker and large wheels are attached to help push through water and/or sand. COMMENTS: The Child's Beach Walker allows children with walking difficulties, gross motor skills or balance issues walk with stability.

Deluxe Child Wheeled Walker (Model 1763)

The Deluxe Child Wheeled Walker, model 1763, is a multi-purpose designed for use by children two to eight years old with mobility disabilities. This walker can be used in a walking or seated position. Features include a padded body ring that opens in the rear for easy entry and exit. The entire unit disassembles for transport and storage. DIMENSIONS: Height adjustable from 15 to 23 inches. The removable saddle seat adjusts from 10 to 18 inches from the floor. The inside diameter is 9.5 inches, a

Eva Youth Walker

The EVA Youth Walker is child's height- adjustable walker with armrests designed for use by children with lower extremity or walking disabilities. The walker has a welded tubular steel frame with a baked epoxy finish. The height is manually adjustable and the handgrips are round and face forward to provide an ergonomic grip. The large armrest pads can be removed for cleaning. Two casters are equipped with step-on brakes. DIMENSIONS (HxLxW): 23 to 36 x 27.5 x 25.25 inches. The width between armre

Free Standing Junior Walker.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Wooden box type walker for child. Instructions for a child's walker. Wooden sides and front with a tray across the top. Two handles extend straight out from sides. Uses four round ball type wheels. Materials list. Includes drawing and photograph. SKILLS REQUIRED: Woodworking. AUTHOR: Caston, D. TITLE: Easy To Make Aids For Your Handicapped Child. REF: Book: Englewoods Cliffs, NJ: Prentice-Hall Inc: p 80-82. NARIC CALL NUMBER: R1798 1982.

Gator Gait Trainer

The Gator Gait Trainer is a child's adjustable reverse walker designed for use by children 18 months to six years of age with lower extremity, balance, or walking disabilities or cerebral palsy. This walker provides built-in growth capability. The fully accessorized model comes complete with width- and height-adjustable handgrips, arm troughs, forearm supports, pelvic pad, anti-tip bars, sling seat, ankle prompts, swivel front casters, caster pin locks, and a rear frame bumper. The unit has a st

Gb 1 Walker

The GB 1 Walker is a child walker designed for use by children with mobility disabilities. This walker has a sturdy steel frame with a divided square base on four wheels. A central post provides support and anchors positioning belts.The device can be configured for use in a standing or sitting position. The unit includes a padded head support, a padded chest support, and a hip strap. OPTIONS: Hand/ arm rest, removable push handle, a clear tray, and custom adaptations.

Infant Walker (Model Iw-1)

The Infant Walker (IW-1) is a child's adjustable walker designed to aid small infant children with balance and walking disabilities to move around effectively and comfortably. The walker features a square, non-tipping base made of steel with four 3-inch casters, well padded balance ring with a height adjustable saddle seat. DIMENSIONS: Patient approximate height requirements are 27 to 36 inches; frame base (LxW) 20 x 19 inches; balance ring height adjusts from 18 to 24 inches; and the ring open

Kaye Partial Weight-Bearing Walking Frame (Model Sw1)

The Kaye Partial Weight-Bearing Walking Frame, model SW1, is a child's walker or standing frame designed for use by children who have a wide range of disabilities due to neuropathy, including postural control, interlimb coordination, and steady state and reactive balance. The Kaye Walking Frame supports the user in the upright, walking, or partial weight-bearing position using a combination of an overhead suspension frame, a manual winch, a harness, removable handlebars, and swivel casters with

Kaye Posture Control Walker & Kaye Posturerest Walkers

The Posture Control Walker is a child's walker designed for use by children 18 months of age through adolescence with mobility disabilities. Available in six sizes, these reverse walkers are designed to make walking less energy consuming and improve rhythm and timing. The walkers have folding anodized aluminum frames and most models are available with two wheeled front legs and two rear legs with crutch-style tips to create friction with the floor and slow walker speed, or with four wheels. The

Merry Walker Ambulation Device

The Merry Walker Ambulation Device is a folding wheeled walker with a seat designed for use by individuals with balance or walking disabilities. This device is bottom-weighted for stability and has a wide base to prevent tipping. FRAME: Folding black steel frame that completely surrounds the user. The walker is equipped with an easy-open lock bar for transfers. The frame is 29 inches long and is available in a 27-inch wide Institutional model or a 23-inch wide Homecare model. SEAT: Washable se

Mjm Adapt A Walker (Model Aw-Lg)

The MJM Adapt A Walker, model AW-LG, is a pediatric walker designed for use by children who have mobility, balance or neurological disabilities. This walker can accommodate a child 60 to 72 inches tall and has a cradle- style mesh seat with safety straps on all four sides. A padded backrest is included. DIMENSIONS(HxWxD): 44 x 22 x 30 inches. The arm height can be adjusted from 31 to 34 inches. The seat height is 21 inches. The casters are 3 inches in diameter.

Prone Support Walker - Toddler

The Prone Support Walker - Toddler is a prone stander and walker for children with 9.5 to 14 inch crotch height, 6 inch chest width or 20.5 inch chest circumference. Frame has steel legs, cushioned handlebars, machine washable nylon slip covers, and 4 8-inch indoor-outdoor casters. It promotes walking by stabilization of proximal joints, bilateral control of extremities, maintenance of hip abduction and dynamic weight bearing on arms and legs. It includes two positioning belts. The handlebar, ch

Prone Support Walkers (Models 3A To 3E)

The Prone Support Walkers, models 3A through 3E, are ergonomically designed prone standers and walkers for children and adults. These mobility orthoses are made of institutional grade materials including a sturdy frame with steel legs, an oak tie bar, 4 indoor outdoor enclosed urethane casters, and a Plastazote cushioned upper trunk support. The saddle and chest support adjust to angles from 90 to 45 degrees and are designed to encourage various amounts of independent upright weight bearing acro

Rifton Pacer Gait Trainers

Designed for a wide range of individuals with varying abilities, the Rifton Pacer gait trainers are created to be durable and flexible.

Ring Support Walker (Models 19A & 19B)

The Ring Support Walker, models 19A and 19B, is a child adjustable walkers ergonomically designed for use by children with mild to moderate central nervous system involvement. Features include a 0 to 20 degree tilt-in-space ring adjustment for the elimination of toeing, improvement of dynamic balance and development of walking patterns; a wide, H-shaped base; locking swivel casters; Naugahyde covered upholstered seat; built-in height adjustment; hip control positioning belt; and low back support

Strider Tyke (Model 7782)

Child walker for patients 2 feet 2 inches to 3 feet 6 inches. Pushbutton height adjustment. Adjustable height 11 1/2 to 21 inches. Adjustable handles. 5 inch front casters. Options: platform attachment, horizontal or vertical handles, carrying basket, carrying pouch. Folds for storage. No tools required for adjustments. Red. Weight 4 1/2 pounds.

Tyke Wheeled Walker (Model 7751) & Little Tyke (Model 7752)

Walker for child just beginning to walk. Has welded front footpieces and rubber tipped rear foot pieces. Has both standard horizontal handles as well as vertical handles to fit stability and grasping needs of child. Vertical hand position also provides opportunity for posture correction. Nonfolding for increase strength. Noise free silencers for all footpieces. Lightweight aluminum construction. Dimensions: model 7751, 3.7 pounds, 16 to 21 inches in height, 16 inch base width, 19.25 inches base

Walkable (Models Wk75 & Wk100)

The WalkAble, models WK75 and WK100, is a suspension ambulation aid designed for use by children with mobility and walking disabilities. The device consists of an open wheeled base supporting a body suspension harness, enabling the child to be safely supported while walking over ground or on a treadmill. In combination with an appropriate training program, the WalkAble can help improve the user's gait patterns, posture, balance, muscle strength and overall endurance levels. The WalkAble unit is


The Walkabout is an ambulation aid for children who lack trunk stability or balance. Size adjustments include height, width, girth of chest controls and hip controls. The main column is height and angle adjustable. It is constructed of a lightweight aluminum alloy. It has a wheeled base with front casters and folds up for transportability. WEIGHT: 20 pounds.

Walker Modifications

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To enable a child with cerebral palsy to use a reverse walker by pushing it in front of him. The walker was designed to be pulled behind the user. However, because of lack of arm strength and difficulty with balance and hip control, the child was unable to use it. Consequently, it was necessary to allow the wheels to travel in the opposite direction by changing the action of the walker by reversing the position of the clutch which acted as an anti-rollback mechanism.

Weighted Block Trolley

CUSTOM ADAPTATION PURPOSE: To provide a customized weighted block trolley for a child with Rett Syndrome and for children with standing and walking difficulties. The stable, counterweight trolley is made of timber and plywood, with a handlebar which can be adjusted using a tri-nut as the child grows. The device has rear wheels mounted at the side, and castors at the front which make it easy to steer. A counterweight is created by a paving brick installed under the front of the tray. The tray pr

Wider Walker

CUSTOM ADAPTATIONPURPOSE: To widen a walker for a child who was growing out of the walker in width only. The manufacturer of this type of walker did not make a wider model. The adaptation was designed to make it wider, yet retain its strength. With the help of a machinist, three roundbars were turned to fit the ID of the tubes and also the OD. To prevent clothing from getting caught on the extensions or bolts, a curved head bolt and an acorn nut were used and the OD and ID were sized for smoothn

Youth Safe T Walker, Super Rigid (Model 7721)

Aluminum extra braced extra strength childs walker. Has 4 rubber tips. Height adjusts 28 inches to 32 inches.

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