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46-Piece Veggie Farm Sorting Set

The 46-Piece Veggie Farm Sorting Set is a set of plastic toys designed for children ages three and up with cognitive disabilities to develop sorting, patterning and fine motor skills. Warning, choking hazard for children under age three.

Base Trainer (Model Bt-4)

Base Trainer, model BT-4, is a direct selection communicator and perceptual training activity designed for use by children with communication or speech disabilities. This augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) device has four pockets holding switch plates in an in-line layout. Four audio messages can be recorded (up to 8 seconds per message) and played back by pressing one of the plates. To help users with object discrimination, picture cards and/or objects can be placed on an elevated

Chenille Kraft Gorilla Blocks, Set of 66

The Chenille Kraft Gorilla Blocks, Set of 66 are tactile building blocks designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder to promote creativity, logic, reasoning and fine motor skills. Encourages children to work and communicate together.

Choiceworks Visual Support System

Choiceworks is a personal skills tutorial program designed for use by children with communication, cognitive, or emotional disabilities disabilities or Autism Spectrum Disorder or Attention Deficit Disorder. This system is designed to help children complete daily routines and understand and control their feelings and waiting skills. The companion books (included) help teach children about their daily schedule, dealing with transitions and managing their feelings, making choices and demonstrating

Computer Interactive Reminiscence And Conversation Aid (Circa)

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: Based in an interactive multimedia computer system this prototype aims to stimulate persons with dementia and memory disabilities to have more enjoyable and rewarding conversations between their caregivers. A team of searchers from Scotland has developed a Computer Interactive Reminiscence and Conversation Aid (CIRCA). CIRCA is compromised of a simple touch-screen with easy-to-follow instructions and requires no IT competence. When switched on, CIRCA displays a

Cork-Tabbed Multi-Page Communication Book Secured To Lap Tray

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- DESCRIPTION: A vinyl communication book attached to the wheelchair lap tray with U-bolts. Staggered corkboard strips separate the pages. The user flips each page over the front edge of the lap tray until the desired pages is found. PURPOSE: To stabilize and facilitate easy page selection and page turning of a communication book for individual who have poor arm and hand coordination. The system described here is very durable, to accommodate a particular in

Friendly Facts: Help Challenged Students Learn How To Make Friends

Friendly facts is a program designed to help students with autism develop social skills and social understanding. This program teaches what a true friend is, how to be a friend, making friends, staying friends and more.

Ihear Pecs: Animals

The PECS system is described as an aided augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) system in which individuals exchange pictures of items to obtain tangibles and other needs. I Hear PECS®: Animals™ Activity App is designed for students with communication and autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) who are learning to comment in Phase VI of PECS®. It includes two different sound tracks for 12 familiar animals, a PECS® Activity Board™, 3 Pics for PECS™ Sentence Starter™ images and 12 Pics for PEC

Illuminated Magnifier, Weighted Table Base Model

The Illuminated Magnifier, Weighted Table Base Model is designed for those individuals with low vision to allow them to see. Dazor® magnifiers are good for any task that needs increased magnification and illumination. With this, objects will look 75 percent larger (1.75 power) at a focal length of 13 inches under the lamp. Reduces eye strain. Built-in handle for easy positioning and hands-free viewing. A crown optical lens for clear, distortion-free viewing. Users may order a replacement bulb fo


LAMterm (Language Activity Monitor terminal program) is a communicator program designed for use by individuals with communication disabilities. This software facilitates the uploading of language activity monitor data from an AAC (alternative and augmentative communication) system to a personal computer (PC). SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS: Serial port. For computers with USB ports and no serial port, an adapter may be used.

Learning Resources Snap n’ Learn Rhyming Pups, Set of 20

Learning Resources Snap n’ Learn Rhyming Pups, Set of 20, is a set of puppy friends that snap together to make rhyming words designed for children ages three and up to enhance vocabulary and improve fine motor skills. Set includes ten puppy heads with beginning letters and ten puppy tails with two letter word endings that can be mixed and matched to make a variety of rhyming words. 

Make Social Learning Stick!

Make Social Learning Stick! is a practical book designed for preschoolers with Autism to help them learn appropriate social skills. It can also help children with other cognitive or brain injury further their social skills. It provides teachers with over 185 activities that support social skills for preschool and elementary age students. This book offers a variety of social activities to use throughout the day to increase verbal and nonverbal language, listening skills, understanding hidden rule

NOVA chat 8

NOVA chat 8 is designed for use by individuals who are not able to use their natural voice to communicate as a result of stroke, cerebral palsy and neuro-genetic disorders that impact speech.  It offers the Chat software on an Android platform.  NOVA chat 8 is portable and offers an 8 inch display.  Some of the features include switch scanning, Social Chat, and IVONA speech synthesize.  A variety of vocabulary configurations provides options for each individual that uses our "Chat" systems. NOVA

Pert (Performance Report Tool)

PeRT (Performance Report Tool) is an automated evaluation program designed for use by speech and language therapists to assess the speech performance of individuals who use alternative and augmentative communication (AAC) devices. This software facilitates the generation of an AAC Performance Report from AAC language samples automatically collected using the Language Activity Monitor (LAM) data format. The AAC Performance Report includes seventeen quantitative summary measures of communication p

Quick Start Communication Kit

Quick Start Communication Kit is designed for assistive technology trainers and speech language pathologists working with children and adults with communication disorders associated with cerebral palsy, stroke, and autism.  The kit includes the following:

Quickstart Communication Kit

The Quick Start Comunication Kit is designed to aid trainers in assisting and evaluating children with communication disabilities in learning to use communicators. The kit includes one BIGmack communicator (see separate entry), one LITTLEmack communicator (see separate entry), one LITTLE Step-by Step Communicator with Levels (see separate entry), three Snap Switch Caps (see separate entry), Making Connections resource book, BIGmack travel strap, foam-packed carrying case, and batteries.

Scan To Pictures

Scan To Pictures is a visual symbol training system, a symbolic direct selection communicator program and a communicator training program designed for use by teachers or parents working with children who have cognitive, communication, or speech disabilities or autism. This application (or app) for the Apple iPad provides a library of animations and pictures of real-world consequences, allowing the child to pair his or her switch action with receiving the actual item such as food, toy, activity,

Social Skill Builder Special Needs School Rules Software, Volume 1, Ages 8 to 18 Years

Social Skill Builder Special Needs School Rules Software, Volume 1, Ages 8 to 18 Years is assistive technology designed for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and behavioral issues to learn practice their social cues, understand daily standards and more successfully interact with fellow students. With this product, children learn structured classroom, physical education and unstructured scenarios like locker rooms, lockers, personal hygiene and school hallways. In general, children of all st

Speaking Of Speech Cd

The Speaking of Speech CD is a speech and language training program designed for use by speech and language therapists working with children who have communication or speech disabilities. Included on this CD are extension activities for 25 children's books; phonemic awareness activities and manipulables; One-Minute Drills for phonemic practice in the classroom; Games on the Go and Reading Tips for parents; posters, games, and Spinnerz; a summer speech/language activity packet; year-round activit

Talking Nouns I Intellikeys Bundle, Talking Nouns Ii Bundle, & Talking Verbs Intellikeys Bundle

The Talking Nouns I IntelliKeys Bundle, Talking Nouns II IntelliKeys Bundle, and the Talking Verbs IntelliKeys Bundle are a voice output vocabulary tutorial program and keytop overlay set designed for use by children with cognitive, physical, or communication disabilities. Each set includes the CD-ROM software from Laureate Learning Systems (see separate entry) and the appropriate plastic IntelliKeys (see separate entry) overlay. Each program offers several activities: Interactive communication

Talking Nouns I Sterling Edition

Talking Nouns I Sterling Edition is a voice output language tutorial program designed to encourage expressive language, promote communication and train augmentative communication skills for individuals with learning, developmental, or physical disabilities as well as those who are candidates for augmentative communication. The program encourages students to communicate using 50 nouns. Students practice the expressive use of words and phrases and learn the formation of grammatically correct sente

Tapspeak Sequence

TapSpeak Sequence is a symbolic direct selection communicator program and communicator training program for people with cognitive, communication, or speech disabilities or autism. The program allows the user to tap or touch a series of images on a touchscreen to play a sequence of messages. To develop motor skills needed to use communicators, taps can be configured to require that the user must lift his/her finger off the screen in a specified time or not move his/her finger more than a specifie

Teaching Conversation To Children With Autism, Script And Script Fading

Teaching Conversation to Children With Autism, Script and Script Fading is designed for children with autism or anyone with communication disabilities to teach those individuals how to initiate and sustain conversations using scripting. This proven method or technique works well with ABA or Applied Behavior Analysis, behavior programs, or with a Speech and Language Pathologist. It can be an audiotape or a written word or phrase that prompts the child through a conversation. Next learn to slowly

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