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Counting Aid

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Number Pebbles

The Number Pebbles is designed for use with children with cognitive or vision disabilities. The pebbles introduces early concepts outdoors, in the sand, or in water play with this tactile set of number rocks. There are two sets of each number from 0-10, this sum-building set is ideal for sorting, matching, number sequencing, and exploring number bonds to 10. Use them with counters, number lines, and other math manipulatives to take the learning further. Each pebble measures 1.5 inches and is eng

Small Parts Counting Aids.

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: Device to help count small metal items for packaging; useful to persons who have trouble counting exactly and for persons who have difficulty manipulating small objects. Describes two part device: a holder and a magnetized lifter. The holder is a block of wood drilled with holes sized to hold one object each. The objects are brushed across the board until the holes are full; then the extras are brushed off. The lifter has magnetized pegs which correspo

Syllable Counting Cards

These Syllable Counting Cards are designed for pre-readers with learning disabilities to build their phonological awareness.

Three Bear Family Counters Basic Set

The Three Bear Family Counters Basic Set is design for use with children with cognitive or vision disabilities. The product can help students learn teach basic math of sorting, counting, and patterning, and can demonstrate and explore more advanced concepts of comparison, estimation, addition, subtraction, memory, and sequencing. The bears are proportionally weighted to use on a balance for measurement discoveries. The 80-piece set contains 20 Papa Bear, 20 Mama Bear, and 40 Baby Bear counters.

Wooden Beads & Laces

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