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Crayon Holder

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Crayon Holder

“DO IT YOURSELF” ENTRYPURPOSE: To create an adaptive crayon holder for children with grasping and fine motor skill disabilities. Take a 35-millimeter film canister and cut an "X" in the bottom and top. Insert the crayon through the Xs. Using both top and bottom of canister makes the crayon more stable. MATERIALS: Discarded 35 millimeter film canister (available for free from any store that does film processing) and crayon. TOOLS: Utility Knife. TITLE: Adapted Crayon Holder JOURNAL: Ideas to shar

Grippersnapper & Crayons And Grippersnapper & Paintbrush

The GripperSnapper is a crayon or paintbrush holder designed to enable children with limited grasping ability to color or paint independently. The plastic handles feature a tube-like opening into which the crayon or paintbrush is inserted and two triangular openings which the child's fingers slip into. The user may also wrap his or her hand around the handle. The GripperSnapper & Crayons includes four soy-based crayons and may be used with any standard crayon. The GripperSnapper & Paintb

Kindertools Toolbox

The Kindertools Toolbox is a gift collection of a set of children's toothbrushes, a nail brush, a child's fork and spoon set, a crayon holder, and a paintbrush holder designed to enable children with limited grasping ability to perform hygiene, feeding, and recreational art activities. The set, packaged in a carrying case, includes a Kindertools Baby's First Toothbrush, a Kindertools Toddler's Toothbrush, a GripperScrubber Nailbrush and bubblegum-scented soap, a Kindertools Safety Spoon and Fork

No More Dry Markers

--- "DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY ------- PURPOSE: To provide an opportunity for children who have difficulty with fine motor and upper extremity coordination participate in drawing activities by using a weighted marker holder to select and recap markers.

Pencil Grips

The Pencil Grips are pen and pencil holders designed for use by individuals with arthritis, fine motor disabilities, grasping disabilities, and other disabilities of the fingers and hand. These contoured, soft rubber grips aid in holding pens, pencils, slim crayons, standard paint brushes, etc. COLOR: Assorted.

Soft / Writing Drawing Grips

"DO IT YOURSELF" ENTRY --- PURPOSE: To enable individuals with grasping or fine motor disabilities to hold pens, pencils, crayons, or paint brushes. To make these grips, take a 35-millimeter film canisters and cut an "x" in the bottom. The size of the "x" should correspond to the diameter of the writing or drawing implement. Slide the writing or drawing tool through the "x" to create a large gripping surface. The user can hold the tool in a tripod grasp, modified tripod grasp or in a palmar gras

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