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Curb and Ramp

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Curb And Ramp Training Set (Model 715)

The Curb and Ramp Training Set, model 715, features three curbs with handles that can be nestled and conveniently stored under the ramp platform. The training set has a natural wood finish with anti-slip safety tread on the ramp. DIMENSIONS: Ramp platform is 44 x 84 inches, ramp incline graduates from 3/4 to 8 inches high. Curb sizes: 40 x 40 x 6 inches; 36 x 36 x 4 inches; and 32 x 32 x 2 inches. CAPACITY: 250 pounds.

Ramp And Curb Set (Model Sw18)

Ramp and curb set. Inclined ramp has flat platform at top and is attached at 90 degree angle to 3 section pullout curb with one 2 inch, one 4 inch, one 6 inch high riser. Nonslip tread on all exercise surfaces. Overall dimensions 8 inches high by 44 inches wide by 87 inches long.

TJ Rampit USA Modular Ramp Systems

TJ Ramp Systems are designed for people using a wheelchair or people with mobility disabilities. The ramps are built to order with an emphasis on customizing to fit the needs of each particular case. 

Vector Gait & Safety System

Vector Gait & Safety System is designed for individuals recovering from stroke, amputations, orthopedic injuries and spinal cord injuries. Patient falls are the number one risk during the rehabilitation process and contribute to a loss of confidence, anxiety, activity restriction and injury. The Vector Gait and Safety System® helps to promote patient mobility and independence while reducing the risk of injury to both patients and therapists. Leveraging dynamic body weight support (DBWS),

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