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Desk Accessories

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3M Adjustable Footrest

The 3M Adjustable Footrest helps reduce strain and fatigue on legs, back and neck. The footrest offers an easy foot-controlled platform tilt adjustment and sturdy steel construction. The contoured 18 inch wide, non-skid plastic platform keeps the user's feet in place and it has soft bumps to help soothe their feet. SIZES: One size. DIMENSIONS: 4.3 inches length x 7 inches width x 13.8 inches depth. COLOR: Grey. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

3M Leatherette Mousepad Wristrest

The 3M Leatherette Mousepad Wristrest allows gel to conform to the wrist and neutralize wrist posture. The rest also features anti-microbial product protection, which inhibits growth of microorganisms, such as bacteria, that can cause stains, odors and product degradation. Additionally, the mousing surface improves the tracking of optical mice and extends battery life of wireless mice up to 75 percent.

ADA Leg Inserts

Belkin Waverest Gel Mousepad

The Belkin WaveRest Gel Mousepad offers ergonomic support for a user's wrists with its patented Wave design. The gel cushion creates contours to the natural curvature of a wrist and aids supports movement. Overall, the product helps to reduce hand and wrist stress that can lead to repetitive motion disorders.

Desk Combo And Sorting Rack

Desk top organizers for sorting and storage of paperwork, books, binders. Available with various combinations of horizontal and vertical storage, with 4 to 12 compartments. End panels and all dividers have radius cutouts. Available with or without top, with adjustable shelves, and in letter or legal size. Furniture grade steel.

Egg Ergo Mousepad

The Egg Ergo Mousepad is a mousepad that is designed to prevent physical discomfort and feels warm to the touch. Its egg shape follows the natural mousing pattern so that the user's mouse stays on the mat. Features an antibacterial as well as smooth surface that provides accurate mouse control.

Fellowes Gliding Palm Supports

The Gliding Palm Supports relieve wrist pressure to help prevent carpal tunnel syndrome and general wrist discomfort. Gliding over the mousepad encourages natural wrist movement in a neutral position. Additionally, the compact design works with or without a mouse pad. SIZES: One size fits all. DIMENSIONS: 3/4 inches height x 9 inches width x 11 inches depth. WEIGHT: 0.70 pounds. COLOR: Black. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the manufacturer.

Glide-Well Mouse Mat

The Glide-Well Mouse Mat is a mouse pad designed for use by individuals with carpal tunnel syndrome. It provides a visual reminder of good posture and ensures the ability to allocate the right amount of work space so as to get the most out of your AirO2bic™ (8.5 X 10.75 inches) by encouraging the individual to use, so move, your upper arm that helps maintain your circulation when in a static posture.

Kensington Wrist Pillow Mousepad

The Kensington Wrist Pillow mousepad delivers neutralizing comfort to those with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or general wrist discomfort. A soft gel base conforms to wrists without pressure points or restricted motion.

Space Savers

Desk top organizer. Multicompartment shelf with adjustable dividers. With or without removable top. Several models with storage capacity for ring binder, large books, phone, calculator, etc. Range of compartment sizes. Heavy duty steel construction. Overall size 9 1/2 inches deep, 16 3/4 inches high, available in 30, 44, or 58 inch width. Comes unassembled.

The Webble Ergonomic Footrest

Sitting still places considerable stress on our backs, severely restricts our blood flow and can even change our metabolism. The Webble allows office workers to change these effects. The ergonomic footrest enables a user's lower body to move in four distinct ways while sitting: forward and backward, side to side, in circles and up and down. DIMENSIONS: 19.5 inches length x 11.2 inches width x 4.6 inches height. WEIGHT: 4.5 pounds. COLOR: Red, black or silver. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: As stated by the

Therapro Better Board Slant Board

The Better Board Slant Board aids those with eyesight issues or carpal tunnel syndrome by sloping a user's workspace. The boards can be used at home, work or at school and can be stacked and stored in a classroom. Made of durable corrugated plastic, it has attached plastic clamps that hold paper well and includes non-slip "feet." Use for writing or holding materials to copy from. The low angle surface is approximately 20 degrees. SIZES: Small or large. DIMENSIONS: Small: 12 inches width x 12-12.

Ultimate Executive Footrest

This foot rest is padded with temperature sensitive LIFE-Foam memory material and has a non-slip, “bean bag” underside that moves with users to comfortably adjust their legs and feet to the proper angle. Increase circulation and reduce fatigue by adding this foot rest to a user's office chair. OPTIONS: Leather options. DIMENSIONS: 6 inches height x 17 inches width x 13 inches depth. WEIGHT: 5 pounds. COLOR: Variety. WARRANTY/GUARANTEE: 1 year limited warranty.

Wire Desk Accessories

Wire desk accessories to hold: memos, pens, pencils, cassettes, rubber stamps, and letters. Variety of model and sizes. Electroplated in chrome or nickel brass.

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