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Disposable Urinal

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Carebag Men’s Urinal

The CareBag Men’s Urinal is a disposable urinal designed for use by males with mobility, lower extremity or severe physical disabilities or spinal cord injury. Designed to safely collect, transport, and dispose of bodily fluids, this polyethylene bag has a double soldered seams and a pull tie closure, and comes with an absorbent GelMax pad that converts liquid to gel. The pad absorbs up to 16 ounces of organic liquids, eliminating spillage, splashing, odor, and the risk of contact and spread of

Convenience Bag

The Convenience Bag is a disposable urinal and vomit bag. The plastic bag has an extra-wide, rigid collar and an inner valve that automatically seals shut so fluids can be collected without leaking out. The pouch seals without twist ties or strings. The bag is available in several models: White Opaque (##7000), White Opaque with Hand Protection (a plastic sheet covering the hand, ##7000 HP), Clear Graduated (##8000) with fluid measurement lines, and Clear Graduated with Hand Protection (##8000 H

Incontovac Urinary Transfer System Accessory Pack

The Incontovac Urinary Transfer System Accessory Pack is a urinal and urinary disposal system accessory package designed for use by individuals with urinary and functional incontinence who use the Incontovac Urinary Transfer System (see separate entry). The accessory package includes the marked reservoir, custom tubing, and a urinal. This package is intended to be used for each new user and is Medicare approved. It is to be discarded after each user with the Incontovac Vacuum Pump being utilized

Providence URSEC Spill Proof Urinal, Model-URSEC

Providence URSEC Spill Proof Urinal is designed to be anti-reflux system and will not spill its contents, even if rolled completely over. It is intended to use by people with incontinence and other related disabilities. It incorporates best features of traditional urinals and solves the problem of accidental spills. The URSEC has a wide stable base making it easy to position for use.

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