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Down Syndrome

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Basic Skills Checklists

Birds Friends Hand Strengthening Play Dough Mat

Birds Friends Hand Strengthening Play Dough Mat is a free printable designed for use by children with fine motor and grasping disabilities to improve fine motor skills with a bird theme. Adding a motor component to a leaning theme can be a strategy to help children learn through play while boosting the fine motor skills they need for tasks like holding a pencil grasp, having endurance while coloring and writing. This activity improves dexterity in pencil control, which plays a big part in fluid

Bubble Painting

Bubble Painting is a do it yourself activity designed for children with sensory processing disorder and special needs to do. It’s a fun and easy craft and used household items.

Calm Down Breathing for Kids

Calm Down Breathing for Kids is a blog post for children with sensory processing and anxiety disorders to teach them three simple breathing techniques that help them calm down and regulate their breathing.

Create A Morning Chart

Create A Morning Chart is a do it yourself product designed for children with sensory processing disorder to give them visual and written prompts. This helps if a child has trouble with transition and initiation. It improves focus and attention as well as prevents meltdowns.

Dirt King Big Kid Dually Tricycle

The Dirt King Big Kid Dually Tricycle is designed for children ages 7 and up with mobility disabilities to pedal toward better health and leg strength. Some assembly required. Instructions for assembly are included. 

DIY Pumpkin Twister Game

The DIY Pumpkin Twister Game is designed for children with balance disabilities to play during the Fall, Halloween, or Thanksgiving time.

Educational Playtime with Duplo – Sorting, Estimating, and Building

Educational Playtime with Duplo – Sorting, Estimating, and Building is a do it yourself learning activity designed for children with fine motor disabilities to learn matching and sorting skills with estimating and building.

Feed the Penguin (#365 PENGUINS)

#365PENGUINS is a do it yourself activity designed for children with sensory processing disorder to do with their parents at home in the evening, after their bath. #365 Penguins is a children’s book (see product) that goes along with this do it yourself activity. The child hears a knock at the door (from the parent) and goes to the door to find the penguin in a purple box, collects the penguin and places it on the fireplace, next to its brothers and sisters. This activity teaches organization an

Fizzy Dough Pre-Cursive Handwriting

This Fizzy Dough Pre-Cursive Handwriting is a do it yourself activity for children with upper extremity disabilities to learn cursive handwriting in a fun way.

Goldfish Measurement Math Game

The Goldfish Measurement Math Game is a game designed for children or students with learning disabilities to practice early math skills. This game is played with two or more children or students.

How Many Cows on the Farm Counting Game

How To Create A LEGO Duplo Block Painting

How To Create A LEGO Duplo Block Painting is a do it yourself process art activity designed for those individuals with learning disabiliting to express their creativity, use their imagination, explore the world around them and make their own decisions.

My Talk Tools Mobile

My Talk Tools Mobile is an assistive communication device application. It is designed for individuals with cognitive difficulties, autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome, or individuals who have trouble communicating. It offers the user the ability to communicate through pictures, symbols, and audio files. The user must have an internet connection. This program works with many popular switches. This product has the ability to utilize geo-location reminders. 

Nerf Target Prize Game

The Nerf Target Prize Game is a do it yourself activity designed for children with perceptual motor disabilities to practice eye hand coordination.

Quicklift Bath Aid Lifting Devices

Bathing supports are fastened with clamps for secure, stable function. Lateral “wings” fixed to the right and left provide stability and protect arms and hands from being pinched. Big suction cups and rubber feet insure it sits securely in the bathtub.

Sensory Essentials Collection

The Sensory Essentials Collection is a collection of resources designed for children with sensory processing disorder to improve the child’s emotional regulation and behaviors, have smoother transitions, put an end to morning battles, reduce anxiety and see lasting results. The Sensory Essentials Collection has everything necessary to equip you with the skills and knowledge you need to help your child today.

Sensory Star for Light Box

The Sensory Star for Light Box is a gel-filled translucent vinyl pad that can be used on the table, floor or on the light box for hand strengthening. It helps increase finger and hand strength. Helps to increase dexterity. It is touch responsive and encourages manipulation for tactile stimulation, hand/finger strengthening, and dexterity control. The multi-color surface also helps stimulate the visual senses. Movement of the enclosed balls encourages hand activity and also helps reduce boredom. 

Special Needs Mr. Juice Bear Drinking Teaching Cup With 3 Straws

Stretchy Resistance Bands (Set of 2)

The Stretchy Resistance Bands is a set of two bands made of stretchy lycra fabric designed for a group of classmates to provide sensory input and output, and strength building. Use as a classroom break activity to regain focus, expend excessive energy or calm the overactive sensory system.

Teaching Emotions Toolkit

The Teaching Emotions Toolkit is a bundle designed for children with disabilities to learn about emotions as well as regulation. It contains all the resources users need to give children an emotion vocabulary, help them to better understand what they are feeling and what to do with those feelings. This toolkit gives intentional teaching of emotional intelligence. These resources are a non-threatening and fun way to improve their emotional IQ skills in the home or in the classroom. These activiti

Word Building with LEGOS

Word Building with LEGOS is a do it yourself activity for children learning to write to practice sounding out words, creating an ending and adding different letters to the beginning of words to "build words". Legos are small enough to encourage a tripod grasp, resistive enough to work the intrinsic muscles of the hands, and open-ended enough to encourage problem-solving and creativity in play.

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