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Adjustable Easel And Marker Holder

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of an adjustable easel with a tray to hold marker pens for a high school student with cerebral palsy. The girl has severe contractures in her fingers, which made it difficult for her to grasp and release markers when desired. When she needed a new marker, a teacher or aide manually opened her fingers and placed a new marker in her hand. Her range of motion was limited, and she could only access a portion of the drawing surface. Designers cr

Alphabet Coloring Sheets

Alphabet Coloring Sheets are coloring pages with letters on them designed for pre-readers and writers to practice fine motor skills and to learn letter identification, word association, and sound matching. The illustrations are of common objects, large, and simple with a pleasing to the eye blue color raised line. There are a total of 26 sheets in each set, each representing a letter of the alphabet. Color the picture AND the name of the object (below the picture) AND the upper case and lower ca

Halloween Color-by-Number

This Halloween Color-by-Number is a do it yourself spooky worksheet designed for children with learning disabilities to learn early number skills and work on perceptual skills. Each sheet has a spooky hidden picture that can only be recognized when colored correctly. With four Halloween-inspired colors and small spaces for coloring, this Halloween color-by-number is a good exercise for children working on their fine motor skills. Free printable download.

Lyra Triangular Crayon

Lyra Triangular Crayons are writing tools designed for individuals with grasping disabilities that position the hand and fingers in a tripod grasp for an easier grip. The crayons are short and fat making grasping them easier. 

Raised Line Seasonal Mazes

The Raised Line Seasonal Mazes is a set of coloring pages designed for individuals with motor impairment to use. Users color the large maze illustrations from the beginning to the end. Further, the raised lines help to keep user inside the lines. Visually impaired individual can color the path or use a crayon or pencil to follow the wide "road." The mazes are also good activities for promoting motor planning, visual tracking, and visual motor discrimination. Each set includes 4 easy to medium-ea

Stylus Steadier

The Stylus Steadier is a do it yourself adapted stylus holder designed for individuals to hold their pencil, paintbrush writing utensil steady. Instructions below.

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