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Drinking Straw

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ARK's One-Way Straws 10-Pack

ARK's Select-Flow Valves

ARK's Select-Flow Valves™ are drinking assists designed for individuals with oral motor difficulties to make drinking easier for them. It controls the direction of fluid so that liquid flows up into the straw, but does not flow back down, requiring less effort for user. Pack of 3, good for beginners. Decreases the effort to drink by keeping the straw full of liquid. Highly recommended for individuals who tend to aspirate or have difficulties generating and maintaining suction. It is not recommen

ARK'S Sip-Tip with Select-Flow Valve

ARK'S Sip-Tip® with Select-Flow Valve is a drinking aid designed for individuals with swallowing disabilities to maintain suction. Recommended for use with thin liquids such as water or milk, etcetera. Good for decreasing the effort required to drink. It features a special removable valve that keeps the straw full of liquid. FDA compliant. Dishwasher-safe. Trimming the tapered end of the valve opens up the flow, "honey" will work but will be harder to suck through the straw. "Pudding" does not w

Ceramic Neater Drinker

Ceramic Neater Drinker is a ceramic mug with a handle and non-slip base pad designed for use by individuals with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, motor neuron disease, stroke, poor lip closure and those who have difficulty sucking liquid up a straw.  The ceramic mug has a quick release sealing lid.  It is equipped with a 60 centimeter food grade nylon straw with a mouth protector, non- return valve unit at base of straw and a syringe to draw fluid up to prime. There is also a flexible mouthpiece w

Clothespin Straw

The Clothespin Straw is an adapted straw for those individuals with grasping and upper extremity disabilities to make it easier to drink from a cup without holding the cup or the straw. This would be a nice adaptation for children with visual impairments since the straw would not move.  Also suitable for children who have difficulty picking up a cup to drink from it.

Drinking Straws (Model 6791)

Drinking Straws, model 6791, are extra long, flexible polyethylene straws and may be cut to the length desired. DIMENSIONS: 18 inches long.

Extra Long Drinking Straw

This Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straw is designed for those individuals confined to a wheelchair or a bed. With its ability to bend in three places, the user may drink while laying down in bed, or from an upright position when sitting in a wheel chair so that those persons will not have to strain their neck, trying to reach the straw, and with this product the individual will not have to hunch down. OPTIONS: Sold in package of 10 or may buy a set of 50 in bulk. To buy this item in bulk, contac

Extra Long Drinking Straw

The Extra Long Drinking Straw is a drinking straw designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or swallowing disabilities. This straw has four flexible sections, two in the center and one near each end to allow the user to bend it to the position needed for best access. The straw can be cut with standard scissors to shorten it to any length that will work best for the user. DIMENSIONS: 28 inches long with an inside diameter of .35 inch. COLOR: Natural.

Freedom Extra Long Flexible Drinking Straw

Freedom Extra Long Flexible Drinking has three flexible sections, allowing the individual to bend the straw to the perfect angle. Bendable at three points, and can also be cut with scissors easily to gain the desired length. Extra long flexible drinking straws will easily reach the individuals mouth from long distances. Extra length is ideal for wheelchair cup holders, tables at restaurants or even at home. Perfect addition to our Freedom Cupholders and Freedom Wheelchair Cupholders.

Fun Straws Set

The Fun Straws Set is designed for children ages 8 and up with sensory disabilities to allow them to construct a maze of straws that makes drinking their favorite beverage interesting. It comes with 14 pieces that allows the user to construct a maze of straws that makes drinking more fun.

Gnaw Straws

Gnaw Straws are sipping straws for kids (or adults) who need additional oral motor activity. These drinking straws are made from soft, chewy flexible tubing that can be used for drinking, blowing, sipping, chewing, biting or fidgeting. Strengthen blowing skills by placing a cotton ball at the end of the Gnaw Straw and try to blow it across the table. Develop sucking skills and strength by trying to suck the cotton ball towards the straw while inhaling. Gnaw Straws create warm up activity for the

Gravity Feed Cup (Model 16T177A)

The Gravity Feed Cup, model 16T177A, is a gravity assisted cup designed for use by individuals who have difficulty drinking. This eight-ounce cup assists with drinking using gravity. Liquid intake is controlled by adjusting the position of the cup. A caregiver can position the cup to the desired level as the user sips the liquid through L-shaped straws inserted in the connector near the bottom of the cup. Twelve straws are included and replacements are available in supermarkets. This cup is hand

Krazy Drinking Straws

Krazy Drinking Straws are designed for use by children with oral motor disabilities. Available in sets of four heart straws or four happy straws (each set sold separately), these plastic straws are molded with the shape integral to the straw to encourage use and aid in developing oral motor control. OPTIONS: A set of eight connector straws is available.

Last Straw

The Last Straw is a straw holder designed for use by individuals with grasping disabilities, upper extremity disabilities or amputation, spinal cord injury, or cerebral palsy. It includes a modular positioning hose, which attaches to the back of any seating system, using a quick release mini-wedge mounting system, and a removeable tube, which functions as the straw. The tube is fed through the modular hose which positions it in front of the user while the other end (which can be cut to length) i

One-Way Drinking Straws (Model Ha-4266)

One-Way Drinking Straws, model HA-4266, are drinking straws with valves designed for use by individuals with swallowing disabilities. These straws have one-way valves which stay filled with fluid even after the straw is removed from the user's lips. The valves reduce the effort required to drink and the amount of air ingested. The straws have adjustable clips to secure the straw on cups or glasses. DIMENSIONS: Each package contains one 10-inch and one 7-inch straw. WEIGHT: 9 grams.

Plastic Drinking Straws (Model 6049)

Plastic Drinking Straws, model 6049, are straws with a flexible neck which stays in place after bending. Each straw is individually wrapped and disposable.

Polytubing Flexible Straws

Polytubing Flexible Straws are products designed for those individuals with swallowing disabilities to use while drinking. This polytubing is a durable, chewable, reusable alternative to traditional straws. It is the same medical grade tubing included with other ARK products. Sold in lengths of 3 feet - trim to the user's desired length. Dishwasher-safe. Made in the USA. Accessories sold separately.

Replacement Straws for ARK's Drinking Aids

Replacement Straws for ARK's Drinking Aids are products designed for those individuals with swallowing disabilities to be replacement ARK Therapeutic drinking straws. These are the replacement straws for ARK's Sip-Tip, Cip-Kup, and Bear Bottle (see product). Made in the USA. This listing is for a pack of 40 straws.  All other straw accessories sold separately.

Reusable Drinking Straws

The Reusable Drinking Straws are drinking straws designed for use by individuals with swallowing or upper extremity disabilities. These long straws come in two varieties; flexible polyethylene and rigid plexiglass. The rigid straws are .125 and .25 inches in diameter and can be heated with a heat gun and reshaped as desired. The later can be used with soup. The flexible polyethylene straw is designed with a 3/16 inch diameter hole. These straws are reusable and can be cleaned with soap and wate

Reusable Straws

The Reusable Straws are drinking straws designed for use by individuals with upper extremity and swallowing disabilities. Available in rigid plexiglass or flexible polyethylene, the straws come in packages of three. The plexiglass straws can be heated and reshaped as desired. The flexible straws can be cut to the desired length. The plexiglass straw and the flexible straw with the quarter-inch hole are suitable for soups and thick liquids. DIMENSIONS: All straws are 18 inches long. The plexiglas


The SafeStraw™ is a drinking aid designed for individuals with upper extremity and eating disabilities to use for sipping fluids. It can be used to help individuals with dysphagia and/or deficient oropharyngeal or oral motor skills drink safely. It cuts down on manually controlling liquid intake by squeezing a straw or spoon feeding. Assists with prevention of aspiration when drinking fluids. It is an oral training tool. Use Thin SafeStraw (White) for thin liquids and Thick SafeStraw (Blue) for

Whistling Straws

Whistling Straws are drinking straws designed for use by children with oral motor disabilities. These plastic straws (sold in sets of six) can be used for drinking and for whistling to aid in developing oral motor control.

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