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Electrode Garment

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BioMedical BioStim PigTail Electrodes, Model-EERC200M

BioMedical BioStim PigTail Electrodes is intended to provide flexibility. These are designed to last two weeks or more, the adhesive is durable while being non-irritating. The pre-wired socket system permits easy lead wire connections when the electrode is applied to those hard to reach areas such as the upper and lower back.

Cordless Neuromuscular Back Pain Reliever

The Cordless Neuromuscular Back Pain Reliever is an electrotherapy system that delivers hours of drug-free pain relief to those suffering from lower back pain. The device employs Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation (TENS), safe, electrical pulses that block pain signals passing through nerves to the brain. The system also increases blood flow to the afflicted area to promote healing and relaxation. A small, three-button remote control initiates a 30-minute treatment session, adjusts the

Selectrode System.

Electrically conductive clothing for chest, waist, hips, legs, and other body parts. Built in conductors from the garments are incorporated at strategic anatomical treatment areas and are to be used in conjunction with TENS, EMS or FES devices. Stimulation is received through the garments without the direct skin contact of the skin from the transducers. Mobility is not restricted.


---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To create a prototype of a product that treats chronic back pain for individuals with arthritis and other conditions causing chronic back pain. Spinovo (spine + new) is a concept smart clothing product that uses modular packs to treat back pain through heating, cooling, and transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapies, as well as incorporating bend sensors to ensure the wearer maintains the correct posture. The designer, Justine Smith, studied at

Transcutaneous Transducer Garments.

Electrode garments constructed from elasticized fabric incorporating highly conductive fibers at strategic anatomical treatment areas. Garments are used for pain management or disuse atrophy with TENS, NMES or FES devices. Stimulation is received throughout the garment without direct skin contact from conductors. Requires no special skin preparation or tapes. Garments provide accessibility to individual or multiple body parts.

Ultimate Body Garment Total Back Vest (Model Ucg-Tb)

The Ultimate Body Garment Total Back Vest is an electrode garment designed for use by individuals needing electrotherapy stimulation as indicated by their physician, but who are unable to position electrodes independently. The vest is designed to be used with Conductive Garment Pads and can be used with any electrical stimulator.

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