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Electronic Faucet

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Angel Faucet

---- PROTOTYPE --------- PURPOSE: To design a prototype of a hand washing device for individuals who are one handed or had an arm amputated. The Angel Faucet is an electronic faucet with a scrubbing pad designed for use by individuals who have use of only one hand or arm. The sensor-activated tap has a scrubbing pad mounted on top of the spigot that allows the user to scrub and clean the single hand effectively. The pad is made of soft silicon, and it can be removed for cleaning. The flow of wat

Futura Faucet Model 900

Electronic faucet turns on automatically when user's hands enter infrared detection area within bowl perimeter, turns off when hands are removed. Operates at pre-set temperature, either warm or cold water. Heat valve optional. Solenoid has few moving parts. Operation unaffected by most chemicals and minerals frequent in water supplies. Flow constant at all pressures. Self-cleaning diffuser. Chrome-plated, solid cast brass body. Sensor shuts off water after 30 to 45 seconds if something is left i

Innovations Centered Bath Faucet (Models 547 & 547-Nn)

The Innovations Centerset Bath Faucet, models 547 and 547-NN, is an electronic faucet designed for use by individuals with fine motor, grasping, or neurological disabilities. An electronic sensor starts the flow of water when hands are placed under the faucet. The faucet has a temperature control handle with a high-temperature limit stop to prevent rotation into dangerously hot zones. Six interchangeable handles are included in different colors to match the bathroom decor. The faucet fits 3-hole

Kohler Touchless Electronic Faucet (Models K-10950-4 & K-10951-4)

The Kohler Touchless Electronic Faucet, models K-10950-4 and K-10951-4, is an electronic faucet designed for use by people with physical disabilities. This brass faucet for single-hole mounting has a TriPoint electronic infrared sensor that activates the unit when a hand is placed beneath it. A mixer handle allows the user to adjust the water temperature. The flow rate is 0.5 gallons per minute. A flexible hose and stainless steel mounting hardware are included for installation. OPTIONS: Aerator

Magic Basin

The Magic Basin is a an accessible sink with a hands-free electronic faucet designed for use by individuals with fine motor or upper extremity disabilities. Sensors in the basin's tap fittings detect the position of hands in the basin and control the water flow and temperature accordingly. In the factory setting, designed for use in public areas, placing hands in the middle of the basin activates the faucet and produces a warm water flow. The faucet is deactivated by removing hands from the wate

Magic Faucet

The Magic Faucet is an electronic faucet designed for use by individuals with fine motor, grasping, or upper extremity disabilities. This faucet allows an individual with limited use of the hands to control water flow and temperature by touching the tap fitting or by moving the hand into the vicinity of the outlet (a distance of approximately two centimeters). The flow of water is ended by removing hands or by moving the hands or fingers through the flow of water. The faucet comes with 10 progra

Touch-Free Ez Faucet Adapter

Touch-Free EZ Faucet Adapter is a hands-free faucet adapter designed for use by individuals with upper extremity or grasping disabilities, carpal tunnel syndrome, or arthritis. This adapter turns any kitchen or bathroom faucet into a hands-free faucet. The unit features a built-in infrared sensor that automatically turns the water on when hand movement is detected in front of the fixture. The water stays on only as long as the sensor is activated, eliminating unattended running water. This fixtu

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